Thursday, December 18, 2008


This blog is actually published to express my strong dislike towards all those people idiots, I came across these days. Hope this 1 would prick them real hard. I never liked this kind of abuse 2wards anyone. I always kept myself away 4m abusing those people who r responsible for whatever bad has happened 2 a good individual. Bcoz I always believed tht the almighty luks over n takes a note of all those sins, n these brutes hav 2 pay back 1day.
I had 2 keep myself in a dilemma sometyms these days , y shld v hav ethics, if all those bad deeds r lauded, wht is the use of being n doing gud???. In most of the cases, esp when I come across an injust act n cldnt do anything 2 stop or atleast help the victim, I feel very bad on my part. I even donno tht this kind of publicity for my anger n hatred will do some gud or bad 2 any. But, yes I am satisfied when I express it like this. I know this defly reminds u all of a hit flick tht potrays the hero as split personality. Before ending up in splitting my personality, let me get a chance 2 slap those jerks.

Call it frustration or hatred, I loose my balance n peace of mind bcoz of these issues. Hindu mythology says, god emerges as savior when people in the world become intolerable, but y shld he be so late??? Shld all the gud ppl suffer to the core n end up in salvation. When he/she cldnt lead a life properly, whts the use n meaning of salvation thts after death???. Does it mean, the good can only b happy after death? n the bad can survive happily here.? If dogs n donkeys can also hav some gud quality of their own, whts wrong with those who were born as humans. Lemme get a chance 2 slap them again n again until it atleast makes them behave like those dogs n donkeys.
Now, b4 I proceed, lemme not confuse u folks anymore with wat had happened behind the screen, which made me violate my terms of being a cool blogger. To be honest, I am depressed to see all the lives n feelings of the sensitive, honest, ethical, lovable, n sweet people getting messed up by the filthy individuals. Who the hell, has given the right 2 play with her/his dreams???. Some might argue it is he/she responsible for his/her own grief. one shld b solid enuf 2 face or 1 shld b rock hearted 2 tolerate these..etc., I strongly disagree with those views, if there’s no one in the world who can really feel it to his/her heart, n if everyone can think of only logic without any feeling of emotion, there will be no place for so called love n affection., except in the dictionary. My point is why are only those people who can be gud n do gud r hurt??? Y not the ruthless. It’s not just those people who r deceived in love or frnship I am talking abt, but all those good souls who r hurt.Lemme get a good chance 2 Slap all those brutes until I get tired.
The most often stupid stuff that happens, n most of us get 2 know is between frns. Some jerks don’t even deserve to be called as frns, as they do not know how shld a frnd be. When u accept some1 as a frnd or when u enter their life as a frnd, make sure ur frnd never gets hurt bcoz of ur stupid n creepy nature. Frns r actually meant 2 make ur gud day gr8, not ur bad days worse. How can one think of being so mean towards his/her own frnd??? .Showbiz, false prestige, overpride, jealousy , unhealthy competetion, bad criticism, superiority r some of the worst qualities of those jerks masked as frnds. What made u rascals 2 exploit the trust??? R u happy when ur frnd feels low bcoz of ur extravaganza??? N u like discussing ur frnd’s prob instead of soothing his/her pain???. Ur frnd’s success means nothing 2 u but another bloody reason 2 bcome jealous of him/her. Wht name shld be given to those Jerks??? I suggest don’t keep them anymore in ur list, jus strike them off. it’s ok even if ur list of frns doesn’t have many names. Avoid them, ignore them, or dare 2 slap them!!!
Next level of brutes’ r those who deceive in the name of love. coming up with a proposal of love, or marriage n finally ending up saying I am helpless coz of my parents/my situation/ some even dare 2 say, my funtym wid u is over n done. This applies 2 all those beasts irrespective of their genders. Who in the world, gave u beasts so many rights 2 misuse some one’s valuable time, n play with his/her dreams??? Wht made u think of doing so???. Cant u understand tht all people r not as thick-skinned as u beasts are.. n cannot 4get relation in just a couple of months? Don’t u hav a heart for those who suffer just bcoz of ur deeds. Some of u beasts r bothered abt their family n some abt finding a better person, n some need change in life.How dare u mess up some1's life for ur funtym or money??? Lemme get a chance to SLAP them all with a newest leather slipper.
n they deserve it!