Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cut the Carbs

Hey All,

As promised, I am back with an interesting post. Did I say that Ghar kha Khaana has gifted me some oodles  ?..I happily admit that am not planning to shed them down, they will automatically leave me once I return, you know why. Don't worry, I am not gonna pen down some dietary tips and charts here.

 The Carbs I meant are something else. These Carbs are even more harmful than the other. Before you realize what has happened it can destroy the pleasantness around you. Their origins are villains by birth and dangers they pose to the nature sustain for ages. Out of many man made disasters, this is regarded as most dangerous. If u already guessed this 'this', no wonder and if you did not this is PLASTIC. Plastic production and disposal are both a mishap since there is so much threat to the living beings. All of us are aware of these facts, but why has it become so hard to say no this material? If we can go the gyms and yoga classes to shed extra carbs from our body, what about the carbs that these plastic materials emit? Don't we need special classes to Cut the Crap Carbons? We forget that they also harm us...may not show any bulge proofs such as the other but they definitely have their large share of bulky emissions. Alright, now there are folks who think, what is so new about this? I can strongly say that this will remain new until the % of CO emissions reduce and usage of plastic is avoided to its best. 

Apart from the know information stated above, I am so glad to declare that my city(vijayawada) has been putting serious efforts to Say NO to PLASTIC  The interesting fact is that the vegetable vendors have a commendable share in this Green Venture, since they are strictly not letting out any plastic bags and they insist on buying jute and paper bags. When asked why should I buy a paper bag, one of the vendor replied it is not good for our own health since they carry poisonous essence. Got a bite from Vendor ka Gyan :):) If laymen have so much awareness what about us? Are we ready to Cut the Carbs? 

In the current scenario, ReUse and NoUse are only best solutions to reduce Plastic emissions. 



Hello from Homeland


Apologies to all my readers, I know I have been crazily lazy to update my blog. The most important New Year wishes have been missing. Thats not fair on my part. Anyways I will try to post regularly hereafter. 

Alrighty confessions apart, please accept my Wishes for the Bright and Beautiful rest of the Year 2011. Live it out with Love guys!!!

As titled, I am writing this from Homeland...I should day I missed this place so much. Whenever am back home, its so painful to leave home and return. This time, its even worse. Being a girl, I know I have to leave mommy's home sometime soon, but this is so different. There are many better things abroad, however therez definitely no essence of motherland. I am not sure if this feeling will pull me back and who knows my next posts also will be from here.

Every time, I came I always spotted differences between the countries and the living. This time, I am bored of the routine and started enjoying and appreciating all of which goes on here. And realized that it makes me enjoy my time even better. 

Okay check back for interesting posts coming soon in this space.

Till then, Haffun