Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cut the Crap

Halo Readers,

No matter how many times we address this ugly scam & scandal scenario in our country, I bet we will never run out of material. It just gets busted out every now n then and these days very very often. I am seriously hating to read the news since past 2-3 weeks, pick up any will be tired to count the number of scams, scandals, political break ups & shake ups...the list goes on. I feel very dejected to see so much of mess going on and growing on day by day. Of course, this kind of situation has been there since decades...but does that mean we have managed to live with it? No, unless and until you or I become the victims, we will never wake up and voice out.

I am used to see only bad stuff on headline news and the developments in the country are hidden in the corners. Are we so craving for negative things happening around and started ignoring the positive developments or is it the media that craves for attention? We should agree that we are both mutually responsible for this non sense. But if we just ignore the scams & scandals, will it help to reduce their frequency? I am sure, it will definitely help the scammers enjoy the privacy. Our judiciary system is another big advantage to those who want to commit crimes and escape/delay punishment. The punishment delays can take decades and by then the criminal's next gen is ready with another list. So the new gets the attention while the old gets filed/piled. This has been happening so often that we almost lost trust on our judiciary system. And there is no second thought about politics, since its unanimously voted as the most useless system in the country. Our shameless politicians are happy enough to enjoy this voting rather than enjoying a voting majority for good administrative skills. The one who is worst will only hit the headlines, and its so obvious to see them with a list of scams and scandals in their profile which has become a eligibility credential to enter politics. We always thought that our movies hype the worst and create some drama about the system, but if you keenly notice the recent events, you will never ever think so. In fact, the movies are still way behind ages in portraying the worse thats happening in real political, judicial & governing systems. Indecisive leaders leading major political parties prove their incapability of choosing proper administrators and expelling useless dumb heads which results in most crucial chairs being changed so frequently. Before the new politician gears up to take any new measures, a heap of allegations will pile up at his door against his party/administration. He/she will eventually get busy in revenge dramas or blame games.And we enjoy watching their foul mouthed arguments with so much excitement.

We, the helpless citizens read the news and forget it the next day since we got used to the never changing scenario. But how long can we tolerate the non sense, can't we cut the crappy crops that destroy and pollute the rest? Just as in most of the foreign countries, we can voice out our opinions against this non sense and our strength lies in our billions of people..if atleast 20% of us react and say No, I am pretty sure it makes a huge difference. When we are also technically sophisticated that a common street side internet cafe can create huge mms scandals, why can't we use the same technology to promote common man's opinion. Though the media brings in some discussions about the chaos, most of them are scripted/edited for their own selfish purposes. Lets give out our opinion an importance folks not just once in 5 years but so often as the scams & scandals happen. Lets use it to cut the crap that happens because majority of us don't care.



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fwd Fwd Fwd

Hello Friends,

Do not be perturbed with my title Fwd Fwd, I am not attaching any such mail here, so no worries, you can go on n read.
Forward mail traffic, how many of you are disturbed, annoyed, irked, with some of the non sense mails that are forwarded serving no purpose? Well, I am one of those victims, I should say that I have been flooded with such forward mails n share it messages. 
There are some mails, which disturb you n some times ask you to forward because it brings some predictable luck etc. The contents ends with this line generally "just by forwarding the mail,some one got huge amount of money n those ignored met with an accident". Each one of us know, that's bull**** but we will still send across the mail. This will never stop and sometimes come back to you again and again. By then, the subject has some innumerable "Fwds" in it.  I don't know if it can bring luck or not, but definitely can waste some collective time. 
There are some more mails, asking you to donate some money for some XXX person in some XXX country or hospital. I am really surprised because when I myself forward them I think let it be passed on, someone will have a heart to respond. But I hardly care about those. I might sound rude, but the truth is, when we don't care the suffering people who are right in front of us, how will we trust n send our donations to some forwarded mails? I would say that's an absolute time waste trail, lot of people have the heart to forward the mail like me, but very very few might respond n render a helping hand. Sometimes, the incident or accident victim who is seeking help will also get off the bed, or unfortunately passes away..but the mails never stop to circulate. It happened to me twice, the start date of the mail was in 2007 and by the time it reached me, it was mid 2009 and the mail subject says URGENT...One has to get back to the dictionary n check for it meaning. 
Now apart from those luck mails n help needed mails, there are mails with some pictures of pets, cars, bikes n blah blah blah which make no sense with a routine n never changing title "Just for Fun".ufff the fun part is inspite of knowing the content, we still go through the entire mail, curse the sender n finally trash it. At least I do that. :P
Mails that are actually necessary will hardly be circulated, as none of us are interested in them. 
Okay apart from all the non sense junk, some informative n sensible mails are seriously good and deserve to be shared. I would say my dear friends and friends of friends..please stop sending stupid stuff, its quite annoying or if its a so called URGENT mail, please try to check the start date which would at least make some sense.