Saturday, March 27, 2010

Departing from yet another dear place

Hello Alllllllll,

When I just think of the feeling that I am gonna experience while I take my flight to leave USA, not sure of the return date in my future calendars, it is just a bizarre. I have got accustomed here so much that I started feeling it as my second home after India which is my first home.
When I was bound to USA for my graduate studies, initially I was so excited and when the day of departure neared, I felt that as if I am being thrown out somewhere in a lonely world. The most miserable time I had spent was during my flight from Frankfurt to Houston. I was sobbing in silence all the way. It was not at all exciting for me then. It took me about a month to like the place.
After about 4 yrs of my stay here, what I realised is that when you have good people around you, no matter where you stay in the world, its gonna be absolute fun. So the people I acquainted with in this country made my stay the most memorbale and comfortable as well. Thanks to all those near & dear who made me to cherish my time here. Not that, all my 4 year stay bundled only beautiful memories, but it has definately taught me how life treats you and how I should treat life.
If I have to jot down what I learnt its gonna take too many pages. However, I wanna breif up some key things that made me feel that I have accomplished something by coming here. Most importantly my graduation, which was what I planned for. Although it began as a routine education, it slowly grabbed me to put my interest and made me determine there should be feather in my cap before I step out of this place. I guess I was able to achieve that.

Working in core Civil Engineering which was what I dreamt since my undergraduation has come true. I was able to secure a job soon after my graduation. I am quite lucky that I din't have to wait long for a job after I finished my graduation.

I should admit that almost everything had gone well except for few hiccups in between. Well, it happens everywhere. Most importantly, this place has taught me responsibility in life. And dealing with different kinds of people. As I said earlier, any place turns out be wonderful, if you have good people around you. Similary, any place in the world can turn out to be miserable if you have odd people around you. Frankly, though I had to deal with such odd people, it was only hard at that moment. Once I come out of that, I thought I learned something from that. My Dad keeps saying that our own Life is the best Teacher. That obviously very true. All those days which I thought were bad had taught me something or the other. Personally I am not very cool..., I should confess that I lost my cool in just couple of cases, otherwise I think I maintained my integrity and dignity even in worst cases. I guess that should definately be called an accomplishment. Its not easy to stay cool in such hard times folks.
Now this is my last weekend here in USA, I am not so very excited at present because I just sold my Lovely Bimmer. I almost had tears when I gave out the keys. It was so embarrassing when I had to give/sell out all those things that I really bought with so much interest. Hope the shipping costs were not so freaking expensive.
Alright I will have to come out with another post to pen down more experiences of mine here in USA. Lemme make a stop for now and enjoy this weekend. I know you might be curious to know where I am bound to.
Another dream destination...London.

Wish me luck folks!
Miss u America....Goodbye!!!!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010



One of my most favorite hobbies/interests is Photography. Have not explored so much yet, but am in the process. After many attempts to change to my blog layout, I finally settled with the present look because I wanted to have space for my photographs somewhere.
The header display photo is what I captured using a Canon A520, a basic digital cam. Now that, I have bought my dream SLR camera..I will start uploading all new experimental photographs. Please spare a second and rate them.
Can you please do that for the present photograph. On a scale of 0 to much do u think it deserves???



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boss’s Barbeque

Hi all,

My title Boss’s Barbeque, might have brought some bemuse, which was what I intended when I started to pen this down.
Boss’s Barbeque is not what my Boss prepared with his own hands, I don’t think he ever would lend his hand for that.
Boss’s Barbeque is not what I plan to do to him, I don’t have any grudge ;)
Boss’s Barbeque is not what he asked me to taste, I never wanted to taste one.
But, Barbeque is my Boss’s favorite food.
Whenever I had to dine with him, I have certain choices which obviously include only several different Barbeque Restaurants. Smartly, he asks me to chose among them. I eventually stop my finger at a random place which will be a treat for him and trick for me. ;)
Being a vegetarian, I hardly find a something favorite of mine on the menu but my Boss cheers me up and says “oh u always have a good choice of healthy green foods”. Well I will have to rephrase it “yes a compulsive choice”. If something else slips out of my mouth, I am afraid that will vanish the grin on his face. I don’t wanna see him scowl, so I try my best to show some excitement. Regardless of what my expressions means, he has tons of excitement to veil my grimace.
I sometimes made an effort to say “No” but it never worked out. You should be concluding, am too shy to express my opinion. No am smart enough to not to say “No”. Because he always paid the bill for those Barbeque treats. I pacify my cravings saying “lets shred the calories today”

I should have sensed his hankering in the 1st email to me which came from a friend/ex-colleague of his. Apart from the technical stuff he wrote on top, the P.S lines included a nostalgic experience of theirs. The nostalgia is all about meeting n eating at a Barbeque place.
So many trips to the Barbeque place still did not improve my ability to identify what is what in those varieties of Barbeques. I never really bothered what he ordered as always I used to be busy searching for one green salad/sandwich hidden somewhere in the crooked edges of the menu. And, when I get ready to order, the waiter/waitress skeptically stare at me…probably rumbling ‘u have come to the wrong place’.
But slowly the no. of Barbeque fans grew and he gathered good no. of folks to accompany him for his favorite lunch spots. I also had to accompany the group. Not that he is sentimental about me being beside him while he munches on a freshly smoked Barbeque, but as he definitely needs me at the other meetings he joins me in his group too. For most of the time, I remain as a silent spectator while they converse. I really don’t find a point to discuss about the food or the local habits as I am unaware of those. But, they never really bored me, I somehow enjoyed the time.

Unfortunately, his chain visits to these Barbeque places had to break recently when his fellow folks expressed a seafood interest. The dish they ordered then amused me completely. Until then I had no idea that Oysters are also consumed. I thought all those folks had enjoyed their favorite oyster meal while Mr. Boss tried to enjoy. His expressions reminded mine, but now I am very much used to these visits. In fact I started enjoying the green foods.

P.S: All those Veggie Readers should excuse me for the Non Veggie content of this post ;)



Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Women’s Day

It’s time to celebrate the International Women’s day. Wait, what should be the celebrations like? Gather at some convention hall, meet & greet, n deliver lengthy lectures on how a woman should be/what are the present problems faced by women etc;
A big No-No to this kind of celebrations. Before we spend time and money to do all these, I would say its better we use that money and time for some of those deprived women’s welfare. Wait a minute, now I don’t want to write on do this/do that stuff. All I wanted to do is, convey something.
Following is the link which shows you all a women working on the one of the most difficult challenges of our society. The link gives you the details of her work and what we can do to help her. Time or Money, anything is accepted and appreciated. I want to do my part, all those women reading this, if you wish to give your share of help…please check this.



Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hi Fellas,

I like sketching, though not an expert I keep trying. Here are some of my sketches. They were all sketched days ago, n I never really thought of presenting them here. But, in recent times, when I came across a blogger who exhibited all her sketches, that inspired me to exhibit mine too. Hope u all will like it.

My Favorite Sketch of all. Lord Ganesh

Unfortunately, the photograph has captured the inscriptions of the next page also.

Beautiful Animation Character - Jasmine

I love to sketch birds..this is one of'em

The Mayuri.

I will have to stop here, these took a lot of time to get here, once I get some more time to kill, then I will upload more of my sketches.