Friday, March 11, 2011

Living my Dream

Hello People,

Living our dreams, is not easy as it sounds. We have to make it happen if we really want them to happen. Wondering why did I say this...Herez announcing to my blog dosts that I finished my first Interior Design project for an Estate Agent's Office here in my hometown. I feel so elated and excited. Since my childhood, I had strong liking for artistic and aesthetic homes. This developed as I grew up and now I used my time in turning the passion into a profession. Though my education and experience do not completely relate to this industry, my interest does lie here. 
So with this interest, I have got a chance to design interiors for an office space recently. I was very skeptical about myself but my designs did bring in great confidence to me and my client as well.  I will share some pics as soon as it takes a shape on the ground.  Looks like the client needs more time to get it executed. However, I am happy that with no experience and proper professional education, I was able to complete my first project successfully which means it was well liked by the client. 
Hope I get to do more of this in future. 
Btw I am here to help u in your home designs as well. Ask me to transform ur spaces :):)