Thursday, December 18, 2008


This blog is actually published to express my strong dislike towards all those people idiots, I came across these days. Hope this 1 would prick them real hard. I never liked this kind of abuse 2wards anyone. I always kept myself away 4m abusing those people who r responsible for whatever bad has happened 2 a good individual. Bcoz I always believed tht the almighty luks over n takes a note of all those sins, n these brutes hav 2 pay back 1day.
I had 2 keep myself in a dilemma sometyms these days , y shld v hav ethics, if all those bad deeds r lauded, wht is the use of being n doing gud???. In most of the cases, esp when I come across an injust act n cldnt do anything 2 stop or atleast help the victim, I feel very bad on my part. I even donno tht this kind of publicity for my anger n hatred will do some gud or bad 2 any. But, yes I am satisfied when I express it like this. I know this defly reminds u all of a hit flick tht potrays the hero as split personality. Before ending up in splitting my personality, let me get a chance 2 slap those jerks.

Call it frustration or hatred, I loose my balance n peace of mind bcoz of these issues. Hindu mythology says, god emerges as savior when people in the world become intolerable, but y shld he be so late??? Shld all the gud ppl suffer to the core n end up in salvation. When he/she cldnt lead a life properly, whts the use n meaning of salvation thts after death???. Does it mean, the good can only b happy after death? n the bad can survive happily here.? If dogs n donkeys can also hav some gud quality of their own, whts wrong with those who were born as humans. Lemme get a chance 2 slap them again n again until it atleast makes them behave like those dogs n donkeys.
Now, b4 I proceed, lemme not confuse u folks anymore with wat had happened behind the screen, which made me violate my terms of being a cool blogger. To be honest, I am depressed to see all the lives n feelings of the sensitive, honest, ethical, lovable, n sweet people getting messed up by the filthy individuals. Who the hell, has given the right 2 play with her/his dreams???. Some might argue it is he/she responsible for his/her own grief. one shld b solid enuf 2 face or 1 shld b rock hearted 2 tolerate these..etc., I strongly disagree with those views, if there’s no one in the world who can really feel it to his/her heart, n if everyone can think of only logic without any feeling of emotion, there will be no place for so called love n affection., except in the dictionary. My point is why are only those people who can be gud n do gud r hurt??? Y not the ruthless. It’s not just those people who r deceived in love or frnship I am talking abt, but all those good souls who r hurt.Lemme get a good chance 2 Slap all those brutes until I get tired.
The most often stupid stuff that happens, n most of us get 2 know is between frns. Some jerks don’t even deserve to be called as frns, as they do not know how shld a frnd be. When u accept some1 as a frnd or when u enter their life as a frnd, make sure ur frnd never gets hurt bcoz of ur stupid n creepy nature. Frns r actually meant 2 make ur gud day gr8, not ur bad days worse. How can one think of being so mean towards his/her own frnd??? .Showbiz, false prestige, overpride, jealousy , unhealthy competetion, bad criticism, superiority r some of the worst qualities of those jerks masked as frnds. What made u rascals 2 exploit the trust??? R u happy when ur frnd feels low bcoz of ur extravaganza??? N u like discussing ur frnd’s prob instead of soothing his/her pain???. Ur frnd’s success means nothing 2 u but another bloody reason 2 bcome jealous of him/her. Wht name shld be given to those Jerks??? I suggest don’t keep them anymore in ur list, jus strike them off. it’s ok even if ur list of frns doesn’t have many names. Avoid them, ignore them, or dare 2 slap them!!!
Next level of brutes’ r those who deceive in the name of love. coming up with a proposal of love, or marriage n finally ending up saying I am helpless coz of my parents/my situation/ some even dare 2 say, my funtym wid u is over n done. This applies 2 all those beasts irrespective of their genders. Who in the world, gave u beasts so many rights 2 misuse some one’s valuable time, n play with his/her dreams??? Wht made u think of doing so???. Cant u understand tht all people r not as thick-skinned as u beasts are.. n cannot 4get relation in just a couple of months? Don’t u hav a heart for those who suffer just bcoz of ur deeds. Some of u beasts r bothered abt their family n some abt finding a better person, n some need change in life.How dare u mess up some1's life for ur funtym or money??? Lemme get a chance to SLAP them all with a newest leather slipper.
n they deserve it!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

My 1st Trail

Hi all
Its been long time that I actually published any post, honestly there r couple of unpublished posts jus waiting 2 show up. I will complete them n publish as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I was fascinated towards an another kind of work. I like to do some kind of craft/art works depending upon the time n necessary availability of the material. So, this time I got a chance 2 try something like tht....painting on a Lampshade n painting with toothpick. These works hardly took an hour 2 complete. I tried the most simplest way of my taste n art work.... n i guess it worked well.

I welcome ur comments n suggestions.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Updating...

Hi all,

I must apolozise to all those who asked me abt my new post in the blog, I somehow pushed this task aside, I have lot of things tht I really want to share with my readers. But, frankly I am very confused how n where 2 start. Stay tuned I am gonna do tht very shortly, may b now itself...anyways I am still interested 2 blog n write so much stuff..., now on I promise I wont take long breaks unless n untill I am away 4m my lappy, which wont happen mostly :).


Friday, September 19, 2008

Yikes IKE


Bak after a while, u might b guessing my blog bcoz i titled it as IKE, well half the way u might b right readers, but there is something else that I wld let ppl know at this point of tym. . By now, many news papers n websites n all kind of media have written lot n lot of news abt the destruction IKE has caused. Many TV channels might also hav broadcasted many victim's voices, their experience while they saw IKE in live. The major issues were power outages n potable water supply.

I know world survived without electricity long ago.,but no longer it will.,but it will hav to if not bothered abt conservation. Don't stop reading after this, thinking same old preaching, yes it is the same old stuff i want 2 write, but after seriously going thru the problem. I was wondering like what if resources are extinct and 1 fyn day ppl don't hav anything 2 rely n build on??? U might think thts a long run u know...may b it is.,but still its a minimum responsiblity of us to take or atleast contribute a little 4m our side.

The important things tht I came across after this IKE were, scarcity of fud, water n power outage. Whenever we waste some fud at home, I am sure n it is obvious we hav no regrets most of the tym. But when u stand for hrs n hrs in a queue to buy a pack of bread will remember u the days u din regret for wht u hav done. It was really very terrible for ppl wid kids who had money but did hav the stuff that their money can't buy. I am not talking abt tht day's situation, but I wanted to let ppl know, tht when u waste or throw away the excess fud, jus think abt it... try not 2 do tht..atleast try not 2 buy in excess.

Next issue was water, this is one element without which there is no mankind tht can survive., we all pretty much know abt the important facts of water resources, supply n disposal. But still many of us waste lot of water for daily usage.., while it goes into the gutter ...plz remember it is us who pay for its treatment. so as long as u save n reduce the consumption, u r contributing a little 4m ur side. Often water flowing out 4m running taps when not in use is equal to the water tht is consumed. This happens with almost all of us while we do our daily activities.So, plz do take care n stop those running taps when not is use. Atleast, let us not pave any new way for our future generations to spend huge amounts just to buy potable water.

Electricity, We all are aware tht most of the place generate electricity with non-conservable/renewable resources, and if tht goes on n on, there is a predicted fact that one day the world will b running out of it. We also forget to turn off the lights n fans, n other electric appliances while we dont use them. But if every1 does the same n this scenario goes on, we r more similar to those fools who cut the stem of the tree while sitting on it. It doesnt cost us much when we opt for a renewable energy connection, atleast not as much as we pay for unconsumed electricity most of the times.
I had 2 write all these bcoz, it was horrible widout power n water those days during the IKE.., n I thought I must let my frns n others know or atleast keep in mind that we shldn't be irresponsible in these aspects jus quoting " long run". Little things that we take up n do 2day will definately help gift gud place to our children.
This experience also made me think abt the strategy "Go Green", and it is not as tuf as we guess. I started implementing little green things too. I wld like to discuss something abt those green aspects in my next blog. Hope the above info wld let u all think once again abt conservation.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

LaaL SaLaaM

Hi all,

This post in my blog is dedicated 2 my Granpa who is no more.....I wld like 2 wish him A Very Happy Birthday(23rd), b4 i begin 2 write something.

Now what is the relation between my Granpa n the title, its very simple..he was a "true communist". So wat is true communism? I was very young when my granpa used to tell me about his experiences. They all sounded like new stories then, but they had a gr8 impact on me. Its not that I became a communist after then. I jus started to figure out wat exactly communism is.., so that is basic reason i added an adjective "true".

Often lot of people have an opinion that, communism is all of something very much confined to revolutionary people. And v even c people who call u a rebel if u stand by ur word not caring the the majority section of the people's view.

So where do these revolutionary people actually come from???
They emerge from the society thats clunched in the iron fists of discrimination. Communism was actually a revolt against Capitalism, which would hav destroyed the social living. It didn't mean to use harsh phrases that the rebel leaders try 2 use these days. There were days when, people were really very afraid of Communists., n would even stay away from the followers. All that was due to the misconception created by these so called Rebel Leaders who actually are not True communists. The scenario has become in such a way that, the present Communist leaders try to create the actual discrimination instead of eliminating it. While the beginners like Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky... tried hard to struggle against the Classless Society, the present leaders do just the opposite.

The rich class might really got pissed off with these Rebel Leaders, who always argue that they exploit the poor. So why should you bring the difference seperating the classes. While they fought the socioeconomic system, these people termed it different and started fighting only against the rich society. The fight shld be against the problem,not jus a section of people.

True communism is something simply defined as to stand by the suffering. the existed socioeconomic system might bring destruction to the society if it wld hav prevailed the same for long. So socially active people hav come forward to explain the capitalist crushed society, that the system would def'ly bring drastic effect on the future generations. so they started campaigning on behalf of those working class who r suffering. They dreamed of a society where every man has equal right.

Again if u r a communist, and or wanted to be, try help ur neighbour 1st, distribute the property among ur fellowmen who cldnt even make a living, these were the initial resolutions laid by the leaders in the past. So, before freedom, it was like who ever wants to get into Communist party should not keep any lands or properties for them, instead distribute them equally to the needy. Lot of people were inspired to follow these footsteps, though it had many hardships. So finally I like to say a simple thing,...u need not be a communist to help some1, also u need not be a rebel or revolutionist to be a communist, wat all is needed is jus hav the heart to stand by the suffering class, never discriminate by class, and take the side of truth and justice. All these were the words of my Granpa..,whom I miss a lot. I shared this post jus bcoz to remember him n his idealogies.Hope u all wld hav some neat opinion on "Communism"

finally "Laal Salaam" to all those gr8 people who lived n r living as "True Communists"

- Vennela

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Donate to bring a "Smile"

Hi guys,

U all know it’s our Independence day 2day, n we cannot celebrate as we do in India. So on the eve of this auspicious day, I would like u all to try do little favors to our needy people in India.
This is 1 way 2 show our patriotism.
Patriotism is nothing but striving for ur people, also I believe philanthrophy and patriotism are kind of inter-related. So helping the needy serves both the purposes, like U r called a Patriot as well as Philanthrophist to some extent.

We can bring little Smile on the face of a needy child. Together V can make a big difference with a small step.
Sponsor the cost of educating a deprived Kid or a group of Kids
“Because education is both the means as well as the end to a better life: means, because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one's awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behavior to understanding one's rights - and in the process evolve as a better citizen." It’s simple and easy way to donate money online through “” , you can pay using credit card.
Though v guys cannot go back at this extent n help, V have organistaions who still believe in humanity and render their services to such activities. So If v can atleast fuel thier spirits by providing funds for their priceless job, It would be gr8.
Mrs Sudha Murthy, a philanthropist, once mentioned "It is not easy job to distribute the huge funds we get, bcoz every donor wants 2 know whether its used for the right cause n it's my responsibility to let them know".
So its really a hard nut to figure out whether the donation reached the right person. And if it happens, the credit also goes to the person who mediated between the donor and reciever.
My heartful appreciations, best wishes n many thanks to all those mediating organisations
Please never think that ur small donation doesn't make any difference, bcoz small or big, its important u have the heart 2 donate.
“ My contribution to the dying destitute is just like a drop in the ocean, but I know the ocean is not full without that little drop ”-Mother Theresa

Hope u all would try bringing smiles!!!

Wish U all a Happy Independence day

Jai Hind

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"akshara akshathulu"

Andariki Namaskaaram,

enta ila begin chesanu anukuntunnara, mari eesari blog anthaa mana telugu rachayatha rachinchina rachana kanuka, mana maathrubasha marchipokoodadhu ani, ila oka chinna prayathnam...,

Sirivennela gaari kalam nundi jaaluvaarina suvarnaaksharaalu, naaku maree maree nachi indulo publish chesthunnaanu.

Naaku kavithvam theliyadhu,kaani kavithvam ante naalaaga theliyani vallani kuda atukesi aakarshinchela undali anukuntaanu. Alanti oka machuthunake idhi….
sirivennela seetharamasastry gariki enni maatala mootalatho sathkarinchina chaalademo, ituvanti rachana chesinanduku …,

kaani manaspoorthi aayanaki abhinandanalu theliyachesthu…...

"Eppudu voppukovadhura Otami,
Eppudu vadulukovadhura Orimi

Visraminchavadhu e kshanam
Vismyainchuvadhu nirnayam
Appude nee jayam nischayam ra …

Ningi entha peddadhi ayina rivvumanna guvvapilla rekka mundhu thakkuvenura
Sandramentha goppadaina eeduthunna chepapilla moppa mundhu chinnadenura

Paschimaana ponchi undi ravi ni mingu asura sandhya okkanaadu neggaledhura
Gutakapadani aggi undu sagaralaneedukuntu thoorupinta theluthundira

nishshavilasamentha sepura ushodayanni evvadaapura
raguluthunna gunde kooda suryagolamantidenura…….eppudu

noppi leni nimishamedhi jananamaina maranamaina jeevithaana adugaduguna

neerasinchi nilichipothe nimishamaina needhi kadhu brathuku ante nitya garshana

dehamundhi, praanamundhi nethuru undhi sathuva undhi inthakanna sainyamunduna
aasa neeku astramaunu swaasa neeku sasthramaunu, aasayammu saaradhaunu ra

nirantharam prayathanm unnadha, niraasake niraasa puttadha..
aayuvantu unnavaraku chaavu kuda neggaleka sevamu paina gelupu chaatura

Eppudu voppukovadhura Otami..
Eppudu vadukovadhura Orimi"

mimmalni andarini nachi untundhi ani aasisthu,...


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Small Tip from My Experience

Hi Folks!!!

This is a small tip I wanted to publish, bcoz this often happens for many of us.

Problem: What if u bite ur tongue while u eat something or, what if ur fud stuff injures ur tongue n it bleeds badly?

Solution: 1st of all, plz don't panic. this was the advice given to me the other day while the same happened to me. Its common thing tht most of us do such while we eat, but it appears to b a problem when it bleeds for long time. I read tht tongue's most sensitive muscles get injured very easily but at the same time heal very quick. So, though it bleeds for several minutes, its not necessary u run n c a doctor. But do some first aid to stop the bleeding., like eat some sugar, or eat an icecream if available which clots the blood. Or else use a clean cloth 2 press over n hold tight for few mins. Also, try pressing a moistened tea bag over the cut. Well, if there r any bleeding disorders, it takes much longer time.
And finally if it takes very long tym, plz do consult ur physician, but i guess this rarely happens.
As I read tht tongue's extensive blood vessel system helps it form new cells very quickly.
Anyways, try this out when u hav such problem.

Hope u never come across!!!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Second n Final Episode

So, i guess my readers r eagerly waiting for my next episode of tht incident.

Well, Thanks for waiting..

Here goes the continuation........

As we both were seriously working .., I successfully completed jolting down list of chemicals in one rack, n i was jus wondering, 4m which row shld i bgin, for the next rack..n so, after a glance, i decide to start 4m the top row, so pulled a stool 2 stand high, not tht i'm short, but the racks r so tall...,hehe. So it went on for the next few mins.., untill I unknowingly stepped onto the rack 4m the stool, believe me, i hav never been 2 any gymnastic classes, neither gemini circus was my was my seriousness in the work tht made me do so...,(hehe) so wht if i step there..???

Now, on step was fine, n the following gaint leap made tht day 2 b noted in the calendar. My next step went on the sliding rack.., n u can guess by now, wht wld hav happnd.., A big "Yes" 2 most of ur guesses. hmm.., now my step on the sliding rack, made it tilt very slightly, n all the chemical bottles made their way down . When my childhood cartoon heros like Spiderman, Batman, Iceman, etc; din turn up on tht moment, I magically managed 2 put them back...infact holding the slightest slided rack...n pushing it back. I guess thts the quickest action I ever took, which really stopped the bottles 4m falling n saved us. So u might b thinking, so this is all the next episode..nope..not all........, while I tried my best to escape 4m the beast's(Manager) clutching fists....meanwhile another big gaint bottle of 20lbs made a narrow escape 4m my clutching fists.

This escape made a loud noise, n white colored fumes blew us away, frightening for tht fraction of moment, my heart said me 'I am sorry', ..I din know I am gonna liv neither did my frn. slowly when the fumes vanished, v cld c eachother alive n fine. Jus dramatically, v felt like hugging each other, n say u r fine right?

But, wht abt the 10lbs chemical....?? tht spilled on the ground, wht if it was a concentrated acid?, wht if its most hazardous fuming chemical.? Thank God, it was none of them....bcoz v r fine. the question was, which was tht chemical tht gav a lifeline, though its home was completely broken? Do u think these were all our thoughts then at tht moment. No way....v moved out the area but v were standing still for the next 10mins. While v then recognised v r completely okay, n wanted 2 b for the future, b4 the monster steps in,.....v went there n tuk a luk. Tht was a disaster. Believe me folks, the grey colored floor turned into black.... Wht 2 do???

Thereafter the action part started...v knew while our chances of working @ the campus were least, say 2%, v don wanna giv up. V jus tuk another resolution for tht day, watever it might b lets bring the original color. My 1st step in the action part was 2 know wht was tht stupid chemical which din like its designated area n slipped out. B4 recognising tht, v came up wid something else. Thts the kind of drowsyness v were by then experiencing.
V went to the spilled spot n tried luking the name of the chemical. Found it was "CHCl3" , its because of tht v were feeling drowsy in tht closed stock room. Chemistry ppl hav got me by now..right,well for othrs, lemme tell u the name,it was "Chloroform". It din matter 4 us even when v saw thts chloroform, wht only was imp then..."watever, lets keep up our jobs" So v made sure no one's on their way 2 tht room., n also the spilled chemical wldnt harm us. Then rolling up our sleeves, wearing gloves, disposing the waste stuff over there, were the next few mins work.
But v then din know, the spilled chemical shld go in the hazardous waste bottles, wat all v did was dump tht in the sink. When, powder kind spillage was removed, the liquid kind was left. Paper napkins, made our work easy...n 4m 1 end myself n 4m the other my frn,...rolled on the floor cleaning untill it tuk its original form. The breaks in between were 2 run out n make sure tht beast doesnt make his way there, anyways v cannot stop him 2 enter, neither cant stop him 2 smell, but its jus a satisfaction. n also 2 make sure his surviellance camera doesn't broadcast our panicing moments, which he wld njoy watching 4 his lifetime. finally it tuk 2 hrs 2 make tht luk grey, but there were black stains very clearly visible. There was nothing else v cld do more than tht. When tht was almost done, the monster entered, v were numb, blank, n pale...i cld say anything 2 describe our situ.., he made his way walking 2wards the deadspot..while v were counting on our fate, surprisingly, he came bak cool n said "gr8 work". Wht???? din he notice tht..or is it bcoz v wiped it so clean tht he said so??? how cld say tht??? it is not even insight of the did he know., if even the odors shut their duty 2 diffuse around. wht shld b our answer? wht hppnd 2 all discussed answers tht jus faded away 4m memory 4 tht second.??Numerous questions came up....
actually he was not interested wid the work but more interested in pattng us for doing gud job, which doesnt exactly mean tht but seems as if it was so.It was again 2 try n try his stupid flirtricks.........., Again we moved away 4m his so called patting n left the place.
Tht was the most memorable n hardest work I ever did. n also the " Accidentally happened Incident"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Accidental Incident

Hii all,

I am back again wid a new one.., its all abt my experience when i started working at the univeristy campus. Actually, I donno wat word shld I use to exactly describe the whole thing that happened. Wld like 2 throw a quiz to the literature specialists to swing into action, n leave an exact description of this in jus 1 word if they think my title is not apt.

Well, to begin with, Me n my frnd got our 1st campus job after 3 months search, one of our frns referred us there. V were very happy that we got 1 after many dayz. And ask me wht work we did..its student assistantship at the Chemistry Lab in the Chemistry Dept of our skool. We had to work under the Lab Manager. The lab manager is a hefty blackman. Heard he is well known to fire students who do not know to answer his junk questions, n Quite fond of gals, so we got the job said our other frns. The day we started, our frn was wid us, helping us learn the new stuff. but 2 days after tht she flew out of the country. It was december 12th 2006, Morning 8:45 am.,stone cold, even in texas. With the job excitement me n my frn ran 2 work(na........!!! the reason was its hard walking in tht cold winter morning breeze, so we ran 2 keep ourselves warm). Soon after walking into the dept, we came 2 know there were very very few ppl working on tht day, n then Mr.Manager was ready n gav us the work for tht day. And the work he gav was not at all a hard nut to crack; hmm...1 cannot even dream such work 4m him. He was always known for his foolishness, which in his literature is termed as intelligence. We were asked to do the inventory of the chemicals available at Solutions room. 'okay lets kick start the work, n get gud appreciations by the end of the day'... This was tht day's initial resolution. so u might b wondering whether there's something more abt this day...u r on the right track. Yes!! there came a lifeline for us tht day.
Now, our work place was very Gud, n it definetly deserves an introduction of 1 line " The room was in the 1st floor of the building, it had a surviellance camera too".Thts Mr.Manager's way of keeping an eye on his crew. So, we stepped in , he showed us the work, n said " I will be out n u gals carry on wid this stuff, not sure when I vl b bak". n the monster left..oops thts the manager. excuse me, thts my inner voice, which forgot 2 shut its mouth. Now did he leave? no frns,he vl not. Until he comes near n tries his gr8, in my words stupid flirt tricks. Well, while he successfully failed using his tricks, he left.
We were relieved. 'uffffff'...tht was a sigh 4m both of us. Okay now it was not as hogwarts skool of witchcraft n wizard arts to welcome us wid a magic wand, but its Lamar skool of Chemistry wid all the Chemical Solutions in the room which invited us with those pungent smells n precipitating gases saying 'welcome young gals on board'. "Ok thanks" was said by us, n tuk some papers, pen went thru the room, n decided then n there tht the seven$ pay was not worth of our abt to begin work. Coz its hard jolting down so many diff odors.., i mean the chemical odors. wht if an odor of them escapes, n if that hound(guess whos tht?) smells tht? we went imagining the phrase" i am pleased 2 inform u, ur services r no more reqd by this dept, thanks"....A big No. V don wanna hear tht in reality. "So b careful gals", said those still standing bottles filled wid odors.
Anyways, we din wanna take a chance, neither giv the monster...i'm sorry the manager a chance. So we clipped our mouths, pulled up our sleeves,except for few questionaire in b/w, gav a jump start 2 our work. btw we din hav hand gloves; thank god the safety dept lady wasnt there then, else the start wld b the end too. While working, I remember even now, tht we then din remember then,to see the clock. Not tht the work is so interesting, but its requiring attention. Finally the tym has come, which made us luk at the clock again n again n panicfor the next few hrs, not becoz we weren't meeting the deadline. But...........................................

Wanna know y???, then wait for the next 1 to come up !!! be continued

"Vl let u know MORE in the Next Episode"

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Morning Raaga

Hi Folks!!!

"Its quite welcoming and most refreshing when the day starts with a warm n bright sun peeping into the window"..its really nice to see the b'ful n colorful rising sun....right?. But, unfortunately I am mising tht. Then u might ask wat abt the Morning Raga???

hmm lemme tell u like this abt my Morning Raga........,
L.K.G nundi 10th varaku school ki vellataniki, madhyalo holidays lo summer coaching ki vellataniki, later intermediate early morning college ki vellataniki, a tharavatha ekkado city outskirts lo unna engg college ki vellataniki, eppudu okate instruction...."6 ayyindhi nidra le". Nijam ga cheppalante USA vachaake nenu late ga levatam practice chesaanu, anthaku mundhu intlo 6 aithe gaana shuru, general ga mom or dad..natural ga sweet sweet bird chirpings, common ga calling bell..poddunne evariki thellarina thellarakapoyina, paper vadiki , paalavadiki thellaripothundi ga,n devotional ga "kausalya supraja rama"M.S.Subbulakshmi gaari voice, kaani poddunne levatam devudiki ok kaani naaku kaadhu. Ala anni raagala madhyalo nidra lechi, appudE thellarindhaaaaaaaaaa anukuntu.., poddunne colorful ga fresh ga tip top ga ready ayyi vachina Mr.Surya rao gariki gud morning chepthu..,atu bayata nundi vache morning cool breeze ni .. n itu mummy chese hot hot green label coffee smell ni njoy start chesedaanni.
Kaani appudu manasulo okate korika...epudanna konnalayina late ga leche tym vasthe bagundu ani. Alaage ikkadiki vachaanu, skool lo unna 1yr9months eppudu late morning e..., Wow!!! entha bagundho naa kalalanni nijamayyayi na kalalanni nijamayyayi ani edo cinema ad lo cheppinattu anipinchindi.., but, konni days undhi aa aanandam, ippudu emo early ga velle job , so malli modhalyyindhi mana Morning Raga but now in Busy Life.

Appudemo mummy, dad, birds, M.S.Subbulakshmi garu, calling bell, ilanti mela thaalalu anni unte kaani surya rao gariki good morning cheppedhi ledhu. Ippudu matuku surya rao garu duty ki vachina raakapoyina, na alarm duty chesthundi. nannu naana kastaalu petti nidralepatame daani okkaroju mogakapothe nee sommemi poyindhe antu daani thittukuntu, okkosaari daanni off chesthu, ledha snooze chesthu, month end ki eeroju manestha cut ayye pay gurinchi benga tho, ledha vellakapothe pending lo unde work gurthocho, adhi kaakapothe boss ki cheppalsina abadham entaa ani gurthocho....lechi, hurry burry ga ready ayyi, office ki parigeduthu day start chesthunna. Okka pakka birds haayiga kilakila mantunna, vine dyaasa kuda lekunda, on tym login authaana ledha ani tension. Okavela, M.S.Subbulakshmi gaari voice tho devudu ki gudmorning cheppidham ani anukunna, laptop lo time choosthe tension. Poni mummy or dad ki call chesthe tym ayipothundi fone petteyyi ani godava, ala on tym start avvakapothe ekkada bus ki late ayyi, adhemo velle route antha signal padinappudalla aaguthunte time choosukuntu, office ki velli koorchune varaku tension e. Ivi kaaka ee tension valla future lo BP laantivi vasthe insurance gurinchi aalochinche inko tension.
Anyways, what i feel is, ee Busy Life lo chinna chinna pleasures annitini ignore cheyyaatame kaakunda, tension tension ga day cheyyalsi vasthondi. Hope I would make some tym for njoying all those little pleasures!!!
I know its more or less the same wid most of us.., lets try not 2 miss them.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hearty Welcome!!!!!

Introducing ME to my readers.....

I am fondly known as Jo, Josh among my frns. As my "about me" in orkut profile reads, I would like 2 simply d'fine me as "Full of Life". I donno n don hav big stratagies in life..I like 2 lead simple yet innovative life, I don't like 2 stick on to the same old routine stuff, though it is sometimes, I would like see the newer phase out of it. I strongly believe in God, which I consider d driving force in everywalk of my life. I like 2 Talk a lot.I'm confident tht I don't bore my audience. I have lot of interests takes a while to list them out, but Music takes d top position. Anyways,I don't wanna write a lot abt them at this point.

Well,I started blogg'g 2 spend my leisure time. Basically I love 2 pen down many things I see daily , coz I feel they can be well expressed in writings rather than a talk. But most of My writings were restricted to my personal buks untill I got this idea of blogging. I guess I won't be confined to any particular issue.

So a Very Welcome to my blog, hope it will help u spend ur time with "no boredom"

- Jyostna