Friday, September 19, 2008

Yikes IKE


Bak after a while, u might b guessing my blog bcoz i titled it as IKE, well half the way u might b right readers, but there is something else that I wld let ppl know at this point of tym. . By now, many news papers n websites n all kind of media have written lot n lot of news abt the destruction IKE has caused. Many TV channels might also hav broadcasted many victim's voices, their experience while they saw IKE in live. The major issues were power outages n potable water supply.

I know world survived without electricity long ago.,but no longer it will.,but it will hav to if not bothered abt conservation. Don't stop reading after this, thinking same old preaching, yes it is the same old stuff i want 2 write, but after seriously going thru the problem. I was wondering like what if resources are extinct and 1 fyn day ppl don't hav anything 2 rely n build on??? U might think thts a long run u know...may b it is.,but still its a minimum responsiblity of us to take or atleast contribute a little 4m our side.

The important things tht I came across after this IKE were, scarcity of fud, water n power outage. Whenever we waste some fud at home, I am sure n it is obvious we hav no regrets most of the tym. But when u stand for hrs n hrs in a queue to buy a pack of bread will remember u the days u din regret for wht u hav done. It was really very terrible for ppl wid kids who had money but did hav the stuff that their money can't buy. I am not talking abt tht day's situation, but I wanted to let ppl know, tht when u waste or throw away the excess fud, jus think abt it... try not 2 do tht..atleast try not 2 buy in excess.

Next issue was water, this is one element without which there is no mankind tht can survive., we all pretty much know abt the important facts of water resources, supply n disposal. But still many of us waste lot of water for daily usage.., while it goes into the gutter ...plz remember it is us who pay for its treatment. so as long as u save n reduce the consumption, u r contributing a little 4m ur side. Often water flowing out 4m running taps when not in use is equal to the water tht is consumed. This happens with almost all of us while we do our daily activities.So, plz do take care n stop those running taps when not is use. Atleast, let us not pave any new way for our future generations to spend huge amounts just to buy potable water.

Electricity, We all are aware tht most of the place generate electricity with non-conservable/renewable resources, and if tht goes on n on, there is a predicted fact that one day the world will b running out of it. We also forget to turn off the lights n fans, n other electric appliances while we dont use them. But if every1 does the same n this scenario goes on, we r more similar to those fools who cut the stem of the tree while sitting on it. It doesnt cost us much when we opt for a renewable energy connection, atleast not as much as we pay for unconsumed electricity most of the times.
I had 2 write all these bcoz, it was horrible widout power n water those days during the IKE.., n I thought I must let my frns n others know or atleast keep in mind that we shldn't be irresponsible in these aspects jus quoting " long run". Little things that we take up n do 2day will definately help gift gud place to our children.
This experience also made me think abt the strategy "Go Green", and it is not as tuf as we guess. I started implementing little green things too. I wld like to discuss something abt those green aspects in my next blog. Hope the above info wld let u all think once again abt conservation.


  1. Hi Jyostna,

    I would like to add money also in the list, like to share my views(with your permission)organizations are spending 33/- per day to feed an orpahan in India( is not a big amount, absolutely not a big amount(for many of us..). But still 25% of Indian population are suffering below the poverty line..

    Lask week me and my friends(5) went to a restaurant to have a dinner and bill was around 1500/-..means we 6 has eaten a 1 day food of around 40 orpahns, like us(Idiots) you can find millions who spends more..REASON: they have more(we spends though we don't have more :)), wish we(I) will change and make the money to travel for good..

    eating more that we want is sin(gluttony)..wasting of food/water/current/money is more than sin..

    ~)~)~)...HAPpY DiWAli...(~(~(~

  2. thanks, i donno ur name, well i agree wid u..gud idea too

  3. Hey Jyostna,

    Good post, make us think twice while wasting natural resources to survive.
    I would like to know your views about Gujrat & Narendra Modi..... :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Sure, Modi has been on my mind since long, will post one sometime shortly!