Sunday, August 24, 2008

LaaL SaLaaM

Hi all,

This post in my blog is dedicated 2 my Granpa who is no more.....I wld like 2 wish him A Very Happy Birthday(23rd), b4 i begin 2 write something.

Now what is the relation between my Granpa n the title, its very simple..he was a "true communist". So wat is true communism? I was very young when my granpa used to tell me about his experiences. They all sounded like new stories then, but they had a gr8 impact on me. Its not that I became a communist after then. I jus started to figure out wat exactly communism is.., so that is basic reason i added an adjective "true".

Often lot of people have an opinion that, communism is all of something very much confined to revolutionary people. And v even c people who call u a rebel if u stand by ur word not caring the the majority section of the people's view.

So where do these revolutionary people actually come from???
They emerge from the society thats clunched in the iron fists of discrimination. Communism was actually a revolt against Capitalism, which would hav destroyed the social living. It didn't mean to use harsh phrases that the rebel leaders try 2 use these days. There were days when, people were really very afraid of Communists., n would even stay away from the followers. All that was due to the misconception created by these so called Rebel Leaders who actually are not True communists. The scenario has become in such a way that, the present Communist leaders try to create the actual discrimination instead of eliminating it. While the beginners like Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky... tried hard to struggle against the Classless Society, the present leaders do just the opposite.

The rich class might really got pissed off with these Rebel Leaders, who always argue that they exploit the poor. So why should you bring the difference seperating the classes. While they fought the socioeconomic system, these people termed it different and started fighting only against the rich society. The fight shld be against the problem,not jus a section of people.

True communism is something simply defined as to stand by the suffering. the existed socioeconomic system might bring destruction to the society if it wld hav prevailed the same for long. So socially active people hav come forward to explain the capitalist crushed society, that the system would def'ly bring drastic effect on the future generations. so they started campaigning on behalf of those working class who r suffering. They dreamed of a society where every man has equal right.

Again if u r a communist, and or wanted to be, try help ur neighbour 1st, distribute the property among ur fellowmen who cldnt even make a living, these were the initial resolutions laid by the leaders in the past. So, before freedom, it was like who ever wants to get into Communist party should not keep any lands or properties for them, instead distribute them equally to the needy. Lot of people were inspired to follow these footsteps, though it had many hardships. So finally I like to say a simple thing,...u need not be a communist to help some1, also u need not be a rebel or revolutionist to be a communist, wat all is needed is jus hav the heart to stand by the suffering class, never discriminate by class, and take the side of truth and justice. All these were the words of my Granpa..,whom I miss a lot. I shared this post jus bcoz to remember him n his idealogies.Hope u all wld hav some neat opinion on "Communism"

finally "Laal Salaam" to all those gr8 people who lived n r living as "True Communists"

- Vennela

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