Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Porn in the Palms

Bangalore has a chameleon kind of climate, it shines bright for sometime, gets darker in the next hour, suddenly pours down heavily in another hour and it can get breezy after another hour...whatever it is you can stop loving it.

Don’t be alarmed by my title…No its not spam post. No its not hacked post

The Indian government deciding to ban Porn has created much furore everywhere. Debates, discussions, protests, memes and of course support have started all over the nation. Our publicity obsessed celebrity Ram Gopal Varma has already tweeted his opinion in several tweets about this new ordinance. He opines banning something like porn is not going to help but worsen the effects of this industry. In fact banning anything in India is like sweeping the dust under the carpet. Anyways the government revoked the decision within hours of announcing complete ban to limiting the ban to child pornography. 
Banning porn has been cited as a measure to control rape by the petitioner who initiated request for this ordinance. I don’t think rapists necessarily watch porn to be inspired. Its just that there is no fear of swift punishment that leading to more and more rapes. In a country that can idolize a porn star, and that can pay a porn star to shake a leg with the celebrities, how can porn be controlled totally?
Given the age of smart phones, everything and anything is available at fingertips. Can an ordinance stop something that’s as powerful as gravity....nothing can defy gravity unless you fly away from it,or you build a space around you that’s immune to gravity completely. The world of smart phones is such, from the oldest to the youngest, everyone is hooked to this device...when something is so easily available and tempting to try, how one would keep it away. If not porn, the adultery in the movies is no less than a erotic film. Everything is available at touch of a tip.
Off late, I noticed children being affected with this advancements. Whether the learning is direct or through other friends, there are kids who have been reported to be effected. In a moms public forum recently, a mom of a young boy vented ouy her frustration that her boy aged 9 has started watching porn on her smart phone...she was shocked and disgusted...before she could act against it, she received complaints from her boy's friends parents that his behavior was so awkward and he will not be entertained anymore in the friends circle. Should we blame her for not monitoring her son’s behavior or was she disguised of it. Our young ones may be smart enough to handle the smart phones better than us. It has become a best reason for many moms to brag about their kids these days...but beware you may have to face one of these ugly consequences of this smartness. Of course, she got similar responses from many other moms about to how to keep an eye on the kids and their usage of internet and of taking a psychiatrist's help to make him understand the problems associated with it etc., but what shouldnt have happened has only already happened.
In another case, at a friend’s place, I noticed a sort of incest amongst two teen cousins which was indeed shocking to me but not to my friend who was a parent of theirs. Had I uttered a word about it, I would have embarrassed myself because it no way seemed awkward to my friend. Either I might have been carried away by the negativity around or my friend might have been too immune to understand the flip side of the so called closeness. 
The other incident that I came across was about one of my extended family boy whose aged 5 started behaving weird at school and his father was called to be told about this weird behaviour. While his father couldnt figure out the reason for it, as the kid is very closely watched every minute at home, he apprehended that he would have learnt it at school from his other classmates. No sensible parent would teach his/her son such nonsense. How could a 5 year old learn something that’s a bit too embarrassing to talk about? The side effects of this industry are certainly polluting young minds to an extent that the damage can permanently scar their lives. 
The more we technologically advance, the less we evolve... once the idiot boxes were blamed for too much of adultery, now the dangerous little device seems even more damaging. If one restricts it from usage, children may find ways to access it otherwise. I remember when I was a kid, video games were considered to be addictive and ruining. Now every other kid is hooked to it. I wish the same doesn’t happen with Porn. If you have young ones at your home, make sure you rightly engage them, do not leave them for their own entertainment for long time. You never know what can creep into their little palms.
The other day I read an article in social network about a father's advice to his son on watching porn and getting addicted to it. Father says 'Son, you may watch porn and enjoy it but dont believe it for real and dont confuse it with is an industry where people are paid to act, it is a fantasy act indeed. If you expect it to happen in your real life, I must say you will never ever be happy with your sexual life. The way you watch a movie and understand its not for real but for some entertainment, the same way you watch porn and forget it. Because the problem with the latter is, it can kill your mind like a bug to try the same....once you start responding to the bug, mark my will start ruining your life, Period.' I cant agree more with the father. Though its a personal prerogative whether to watch it or not, a person with values, or at least a logical thinker would understand the hidden spoilers of it and keep it away.