Thursday, January 21, 2010

Memoirs contd..

Hi fellas,
This post is an extension to my previous post "Physics Class Memoirs". Slap me with your feedback if you get bored ;)
After writing physics class memoirs, I thought I should write a series of such incidents that took place during my education life. Although I cannot continue this like a soap opera for 13 episodes, I guess I still can manage to write another episode in this series. Well, the incident am going to write has happened during my Bachelor's. As I mentioned already about my diligence to be different, I was so even during those 4 years of Engineering. As there was freedom at engineering college, I could easily avoid lectures that were not interesting to me. Attendance was the hurdle as it was equally important for any student to get promoted. I don't know for good or bad reasons I was given good attendance, though I skipped so many classes. I still remember my Math lecturer who gave me full mark although I made blunders. ??? [Readers should remember the fact that am a Math hater!]
In the 2nd year of college, I came across a lecturer who was again an IIT pass out (I guess it’s the affinity I had with IIT pass outs right from my XI standard) who came to teach us one of the important courses. His very 1st class turned out funny, as he carried a typical accent and mannerisms. But I should admit that he was much better than some other lecturers who lacked minimum knowledge of the subject. None of us knew he was a tough task master in the beginning. Slowly when we got to know the fact, his class became a compulsive lecture for us. All was going well, until he got overboard and started monarchy. His monarchy made him set some rules especially against females in the class. All of us concluded that he hated girls.
We the females of the class planned to take this issue to the higher authority. We did but we did not succeed. Though many promised to support this complaint, eventually very few remained in the list. Everybody had their own fear. Meanwhile, a friend of mine had disobeyed one of his stupid rules unknowingly and was thrown out of the class. I felt bad for her, and when I got a chance to talk to him I took her side...I requested to excuse her. He defended his side and I defended her. The result as all of you can guess, his target was changed. When all he can do was only taking me to task and chastising me, he got a chance during our practical exams. Here the history repeated...but his frantic agony against me made him resort to illegitimate acts.
At end of the semester, during the practical exam, we had to give a computer programming test which included us to submit a back up calculation on paper before executing the output. When we finished, I was confident that I will be scoring good mark and when he gave us our scores back, to my shock I scored the least. . So, I disputed his evaluation and there was no proper answer from him as there was no mistake that he can claim to award me such a score. So I left with distress and planned to take this issue further. One of the best options I had in front was to ask my Dad to come to the college. I know it sounds extremely childish...before you conclude something else let me tell the reason. Our college was looking for some accreditation and credits. So they had to bring in some parents to interact with national committee and collect opinions. My Dad got the invite but never planned to visit…Ultimately he had to on my request.
When there is an opposing group, there will be some pro-group too...right? So there were folks who respected him and flattered him for their benefits. Those folks proved their loyalty by informing him the ongoing situation at my desk. As I already said there was no mistake to claim on my answer sheet, so he banked on a malpractice. He was expecting someone to question his decree. My Dad came to meet the Head of the department and before he met he was invited by this lecturer. He was so guilty himself that he on his own brought the evaluated paper and displayed it to my Dad.
He miserably failed in hiding his flaws on my paper. Yes, friends...his flaws. You read it right. When I was given out my paper, it was absolutely perfect. When my Dad was given my paper to look at, it had repeated mistakes. I don't know if he used his brain or his well wisher's brain to make those blunders, but the negative signs in the calculation part were all changed to positive signs. I was simply shocked to know that he can get down any number of steps to prove me wrong. Until then, I only disliked…from then I hated him.
I should tell you this entire episode was very dramatic. The conversation went on this way: My Dad simply said “I neither can understand these calculations nor I can judge your caliber as I hail from medicine background. There is no use showing me all these stuff, I won’t ask you why my daughter scored so less, I know her worth. If you think she deserves low grade, you can award it. She will retake the exam”. He in response said, “No sir I was not able to give her any mark although I feel sorry for her”. Dad said “why should you feel sorry if I myself n she herself are not sorry for this”. He sensed the necessity of support and so started opinion collection; he called his fans (students) and asked them to flaunt his worth. And then couple of his colleagues came to rescue him. All of them performed very well in this spontaneous drama.
Finally all this melodrama landed him in trouble when the Head of department came to know about the fuss and walked out from his chamber… he changed his stand and started requesting Dad not to take this issue to him as he will lose his job. He started pleading like hell…n our head of the department asked if something was wrong there. Believe me; it was like watching the climax suspense in a Tollywood movie. After few moments, Dad said no, and walked away with the head of the department. Next semester he quit his job by himself.
When some said, at last you took the bold step, some of them said I made a mistake. I don’t know if I was tagged as most arrogant and diligent woman in the college. But I take pride in whatever I did. Thanks to Dad n couple of my friends for standing by me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Physics class memoirs

Hi Friends,
This post of mine has been truly inspired by Chetan Bhagat’s column in TOI and the movie 3 idiots. The idea of penning down this experience shaped up only after reading the column and watching the movie.I honestly wanted to give credit to its origin; otherwise this post would have remained back as a memory in my brain cells. I think its necessary as personally I also don't encourage plagiarism.
When I was a student, I used to think that I was one of those very few persons who hated the prevailing education system, teachers, lecturers, professors who work as mere programmed robots, but I recently came to know there are a bunch of folks who think alike. Thanks to CB n to the movie.
Once I finished schooling, I had to enroll into a junior college which was one of the most sought after colleges by many students then. I was so much influenced by one of my friends, that I ignored My Dad's best advice too. As my high school scores were high I was put in the first section. I always hated math, but I had to opt it as my major. Don't ask me why...I also don't know the reason. Probably I was also a sheep in the herd then ;-).
Right from my schooling, to me, an instructor/teacher/lecturer should be capable enough to capture the attention of even the most distracted student in the class. In fact such instructors are/were very sparse. Most of the lecturers at the junior college who taught us were not so appealing...I mean I felt they never taught the actual essence of the subject. All they taught were the 350-500 page books. In the exams they expect the students to print (not write) the same phrases from the text book/supplied material notes otherwise he/she will not be awarded proper grade.
Among so many lecturers, there was a young physics instructor, an IIT pass out who was looked up as a gem of physics. He came to teach us replacing another oldie for few days. As I had all good qualities of a bad student :-p , I was late to his very first class. It’s quite obvious that I was not allowed and had to stay out of the classroom. After the class, he came out with Hitler's statement in quotes "I don't want to see you late again". When I walked into the classroom all my classmates were so dumbstruck to see me late for his class. Everybody knew he was the most strict lecturer ever. For the next class I had no choice but to be on time. His very first lecture seemed as if some strong physical energy has been transformed into sound energy with some automatic starts and stops.
I was so unlucky that even in my second year of college, this guy had come to teach us. Much to my relief it was the end of the year. But, I had to sit in the class though it didn't instigate any interest to care for what he lectured on. It happened once, during one of his lectures I was so much distracted and completely lost my ears for a conversation that me and my friend shared, until we heard a loud shout....evidently it was from Mr. Physics Instructor. He was so annoyed and abused with fury. Although we apologized, he asked us to leave if we have no interest in his lecture. My friend apologized again and remained in the class. n me.. what will I do if given a golden chance...just grab it right?? I walked out of the class proving him that his class was truly boring to me.
Next day reactions were like this (in language of physics): everybody knew this phenomenon of repelling a so called/believed "strong magnet" in spite of me being ferromagnetic. I guess none of them understood the characteristics of “ferromagnetism". College coordinators warned me of not being able to sustain my properties., my Dad knew and said nothing but helped me render my characteristics (I am not sure if he knew the principals of Physics but knew that I was not foolish)., my friends were shocked (very obvious as none of them knew that phenomenon existed)., Though there were so many reactions, none of them helped me withstand my physical properties and I was again made to sit in his class after some negotiations from the principal. Well, so called/believed "strong magnet was not able to add any more positive ions to his magnetic field and his magnitude did not give him a moment to retaliate for what I did.
Finally, my laboratory records were not signed, and when I approached him the reason he said was “you think I don't know to I will not sign these which won't let you pass the exam". I did not react as I knew that won't happen anyways. The process of signatures took a while but finally, he had to sign my records because lab exams were not a big deal in such colleges. All he could do was to curse that I can never score a pass mark in Physics. On the contrary, I always secured much better score in Physics than in any other subject but was unable to escape many other lecturers who were more or less like Mr. Physics lecturer in later years.
I guess many of you have had the similar experience of running a marathon for securing ranks in such colleges. Well, I am sure that kind of education cannot to be termed as knowledge. Mere learning will not help. Education is a medium to acquire knowledge...and quest for knowledge should not stop at any stage of life.
Whatever the incident is, my love for Physics persists forever.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Being Myself

Hi all,

You all know that its time for New Year resolutions....a little late but thats okay. Better late than never. Coming to me, I generally do not keep any resolutions, not because I won’t work them out, but I keep postponing them for ages ;).

Tell me how many of you have come across problems when you try being candid in your attitude?? In fact I came across hurdles in being so. Finally figured out that people like beautiful lies rather than ugly truth. I believe this very strongly. N Of course I myself sometimes prefer this. ;)

I know you have started reading between the lines already. Seriously there is nothing in between the lines. I am an open minded person, so you need not try hard to understand my intentions. They are quite plain and simple. :)

As I said earlier that I postpone my resolutions most of the time, this time I took a resolution not to postpone my resolutions anymore. This itself is the first and foremost resolution.

The second and most important resolution is to continue being myself, although I juggle n struggle many times in my thoughts that should I still be myself when things don’t work properly. Especially when some people come and waste my valuable time in sparing their leisure time by picking up a free dumb advice that is just easily available in air n throw it with a nicely carved dubious smile to say “Try to be smart”. I am not saying I hate them, I understand their compulsion of getting in the shoes of an advisor when they see things/situations that didn’t happen to them or when they think that they can't be like me ;). Do I sound arrogant??? whatever..

Well, I believe being myself is itself being smart ;), then what in the world is this so called “ try to be smart”. I think it is meant “try not to be your self” which is really very hard to me. Being myself in my words means, “do not pretend to be for what I am not in reality, n do not show off for what is not existing in and around me, n do not blabber for what is not going to happen, n do not act like I am innocent n ignorant, n do not claim for which is not mine”. All this sounds quite easy n simple to read, but in reality I think the world around will not let you be this way. In spite of all these, I still resolute to “ be myself”.

n now time for a free advice to my readers "Be Urself" :)



Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi friends,

Wish U all a Very Happy Happy New Year. Hope this year would bring all happiness to u.

The picture in the display is an e-card made by me which welcomes u all with a green message!!!

Hope U all like it.