Thursday, April 2, 2015

Me the Mommy

Its a big announcement to all my readers, I am blessed with a baby girl on 5th January.  Its the biggest blessing I can ask for. A very happy and most cherished moment for a lifetime. Million Thanks to God for showering her to us. What else would keep me so occupied expect my little princess...time flies so fast that its already been 3 months and my maternity leave is also over. But I couldnt sit for few minutes on my page to update this news...I hope the new mommies will relate to what I say while rest may wonder is it really that hard.
Pregnancy as read and told is not an easy phase in a woman's life. The 1st two trimesters were not hard on me and I kept boasting how easy my pregnancy was but as I entered my third, the books and stories and experiences I read turned out to be true. If pregnancy was a phase there wouldnt be a day without any little difficulty, the next phase of being a new mommy is even more tough. However, the excitement of being a new mommy and looking a your little bundle of joy, every mother forgets the difficulty she has gone through and is going through. 
Every mother would have experienced the moment the baby is first seen and many art forms tried to depict the emotion but after experiencing the real moment, I thought everything falls short of expression to express such ecstatic moment. They are moments for lifetime. 
What am living is a phase that I never dreamt of, although I had great love for children, I never really understood the realities behind raising a child until I am blessed with one.
Before having baby I never really sacrificed my sleep for anything not even to study overnight, but my baby put me through the sleep deprivation phase almost for 2 months, I couldnt sleep tight as I  was subconsciously worried if my little darling might need me..I can write pages about the experiences that I have had right from my pregnancy and post delivery,..may be I should write them in a separate section. So, they might be useful to about to be moms.

Here I pause and will get back with new posts, hopefully frequently if my darling permits me to.