Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy Paparazzi


Belated Happy Engineer's Day!!! Not writing a special post as I have already written one and feel there is no need to write an update as the scenario did not change yet except for the zillion graduates coming out every year and waiting to find work. Can we expect any change??? Fingers crossed!
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The word Paparazzi means candid photographers in Italian. But the celebrities define this term as unacceptable annoyance (source: wiki). When it comes to candid photography, the awesome captures of the candid moments seem as wonderful work of art, but some turn out quite embarrassing, if it stops at that embarrassment door stop, it should be okay. But, the craze and over curiousness over candid pictures have literally erased the boundaries of dignity and composure in the media groups that they barge into private spaces and start shutter'bugging'.
The west has been prone to this kinda journalism since decades, while we are yet to witness such shortly may be! I read some where that the whole process of this paparazzi is sometimes scripted. There are celebrities who gets paid to get married, have babies, get divorced, n allow his/her most private photographs published.This may not effect the outsider/readers except for the curiosity factor about whats happening inside their favourite/short-lived celebrity's private life.
This over curiosity sometimes may cost a person's life. Just as in the case of Princess Diana who was chased by the French Paparazzi. When she try to flee them is when she met with a crazy accident. Though a princess, doesn't she have a right to chose her private moments? She was literally chased to death. Recently, Prince Harry's nude photographs were a rage in the internet for the last two weeks and the royal family had to shun their heads away after this incident. Before, the royals could relax and this news reached all corners of the world, the next set of paparazzi pics were out  with Duchess Kate's hot body on the cover.

Always the shutter bag's favourite Kate has been the most photographed woman, her trendy fashion sense being reason one, her beautiful dimple smile reason two, the added glamour, reason three and ladylove of the Royal Prince being another reason. She was constantly followed, her every dress and accessory was noticed, discussed and analysed, in short she was under the media scrutiny 24x7. But, the crazy paparazzi stepped ahead, banished the ethics and dignity standards and entered her private space. It seemed that she cannot even strip in front of her husband too coz that costed her a paparazzi bomb. Their holiday spot as said by the magazine's editor 'was very open and public to the road beside where the cars drive by and hence they got hold of them in their cozy moments'. Well, why would a Prince and Princess enjoy a vacation by the motorway side guest house and even if they did why would Kate strip in such an open to paparazzi place??
May be she isn't aware that these crazy photographers can zoom her from anywhere and who knows even the satellites can take her nude pictures and publish to google earth though she enjoys a bath in her own open to sky pool.  Or, she could be a wardrobe malfunction victim (a term ab'used' by the media to publish photographs when these celebrity woman ignore to watch their dress flying away or slipping out or what ever it may be).  How ridiculous does all this seem. Therez literally no private moment for these hot celebrities. One can't simply strike this off by saying that's the price of being a top notch celebrity. They are after all human and need a life of their own. Lets see what will the Royal family do about this.
Poor Kate, she should have realised that these paparazzi are like evil spirits who can haunt her in most secured and secluded spaces too. Kate baby, you need to watch out your surroundings unfortunately even while making love to your Prince. "Yes, watch out Kate".



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Freedom Exploited


How many you like the Amul ads with the latest updates?? Don't you find them sensible and interesting...I never find one controversial ad from them till date. The founder of Amul India, Padmabushan Varghese Kurien, famously known as father of white revolution has passed away last week who steered the country to be largest milk producer in the world. Salutes to this stalwart and may his soul rest in peace. For the first time Amul baby sheds tears in the ad.

Above I mentioned that Amul India ads have always been sensible and sometimes satirical illustratives on the current affairs. But do we encourage if they step out of the line and go on a rampage doing negative satirical ads???
If you noticed the cartoons which were done by Aseem Trivedi, in verge of protesting corruption in the country, one thing is evident that they are definitely derogatory to a country's solidarity symbols. I don't see a point in doing such cartoons. If you are an anti-corruption crusader in the country, it means that you are concerned about the country and indeed you are a patriot. No patriot would ever depict his own country's national emblems and monuments in a derogatory way and say that is a way of protest and claims that shouldn't be opposed or stopped. How come they shouldn't be opposed when it is encouraging the rampage of exploiting freedom. If not stopped at this point, will this not be an example for those who are already involved/involving in similar acts. 

I personally detest this sort of so called freedom of speech, there is certainly a limit to exercise freedom be it involving an individual or an emblem.It seems very hypocritical to me. 
When a fatwa was issued on Vandemataram, we protested saying that national songs can't be attributed to a particular religion/caste based allegations. So how come we can attribute current political scenario to it.
During the freedom struggle, when British insulted our national flag, we fought against them. When our own fellow Indian insults our national emblem to criticize the country's political systems, we protest that he should not be charged any sedition charges?? 
I opine he is definitely entitled to charges based what he cartoonized....(he may not be a national threat as the ruling party said, which I think was blown out of proportion statement). While the anti corruption crusaders say when the most corrupt leaders/bureaucrats can escape punishment and use law & order to their advantage, why should a political critic be arrested and be charged on sedition. So this indirectly means...those crusaders are very hypocritical. If you crusaders can exploit the freedom and should still be allowed to, why not those in power who will exercise and exploit their freedom to a larger extent. So where is the difference between the two? And what is meaning of the anti corruption agitation??
Does the national emblem or the parliament building represent only those illegitimate people??? What about  the great history and solidarity of the emblem, what about those great leaders who also were part of this country and what about those current crusaders who are still part of the country fighting against many odds and working for the welfare. So insulting the emblem indirectly insults all those true leaders too. 

 Be it small or big, limitless freedom of speech or writing is a mistake, let it come from a common man or chief minister. We cannot support that sort of activity. 



Friday, September 7, 2012

Recipe Trails & Random lines


My title might be confusing to the regular visitors of my blog, wondering whether I changed the genre of my blog??? Honestly, my blog is genreless according to me. I never specialized or focussed on one area in my writings. Everything was random. To not have a genre is good or bad???, I don't know but one has to pay the price of not having many followers. Does it bother me??? I never really thought of ! Anyways I can say that my blog is kinda jack of all trades n master of none. So I keep writing whatever inspires me, sometimes my own experiences and sometimes my expressions that I want to vent out. 

Coming to today's post...well I am never a great cook nor a worst cook. I can say I am just a good cook. What inspires me to cook???...the same that which inspires me to eat!!! Cooking is definitely an art. Arts generally are stress busters to me. Cooking is one of them that all of us can practise. My cooking experiments have begun at a very early age, but were fruitful only when I was out of country. Being away from home taught me real cooking.

What/Who helped me??? Cook books...not had one, Mom's instructions over the phone..hmm not really, Blogs...not exactly. But yeah videos done by some cooking enthusiasts and some chefs of course. I always thought food bloggers are mostly housewives with ample of time in hand and hence they spend their time in making tasty recipes and take time to post them on their web pages. My assumptions were put to shame by a food blogger named Sala Kannan., who is a working women, an avid traveller, a photographer and a foodie. Her page veggie belly was just introduced to me today and am already inspired very much by her recipes. Me having some time in hand, thought to serve my foodie hubby a yummy lunch and tried one of her recipe called...Paella style spiced tomato rice. Was it just that??? Well, I added my bit to it by serving a hot cream of veg soup alongside the rice dish. How did it turn out??? ...dig in to know

 I am not posting the details of the recipe here but you can find the original recipe details at Veggie Belly page. I can't take the credits expect for the photographs.

 The process of the recipe is so simple that even amateur cooks can attempt and make it a success. I wouldn't say that its very new but I find it quite refreshing as I was also taking few photographs of the process.

What I did as a side is, the Knorr veg soup with bread crumbs. I always keep a stock of Knorr soup packets in my pantry and fresh bread of course. To make bread crumbs I tried a rustic way of grilling them in oven and breaking them with free hand. But, I guess you can cut them into proper cubes and then toast/girll which will give an even shape.

Finally the Paella style spiced Tomato rice and Veg soup topped with some oregano is ready.
My husband and I enjoyed the lunch. Thanks to Sala Kannan for inspiring!!!
Are you inspired??? Why don't you try one.