Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy Paparazzi


Belated Happy Engineer's Day!!! Not writing a special post as I have already written one and feel there is no need to write an update as the scenario did not change yet except for the zillion graduates coming out every year and waiting to find work. Can we expect any change??? Fingers crossed!
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The word Paparazzi means candid photographers in Italian. But the celebrities define this term as unacceptable annoyance (source: wiki). When it comes to candid photography, the awesome captures of the candid moments seem as wonderful work of art, but some turn out quite embarrassing, if it stops at that embarrassment door stop, it should be okay. But, the craze and over curiousness over candid pictures have literally erased the boundaries of dignity and composure in the media groups that they barge into private spaces and start shutter'bugging'.
The west has been prone to this kinda journalism since decades, while we are yet to witness such shortly may be! I read some where that the whole process of this paparazzi is sometimes scripted. There are celebrities who gets paid to get married, have babies, get divorced, n allow his/her most private photographs published.This may not effect the outsider/readers except for the curiosity factor about whats happening inside their favourite/short-lived celebrity's private life.
This over curiosity sometimes may cost a person's life. Just as in the case of Princess Diana who was chased by the French Paparazzi. When she try to flee them is when she met with a crazy accident. Though a princess, doesn't she have a right to chose her private moments? She was literally chased to death. Recently, Prince Harry's nude photographs were a rage in the internet for the last two weeks and the royal family had to shun their heads away after this incident. Before, the royals could relax and this news reached all corners of the world, the next set of paparazzi pics were out  with Duchess Kate's hot body on the cover.

Always the shutter bag's favourite Kate has been the most photographed woman, her trendy fashion sense being reason one, her beautiful dimple smile reason two, the added glamour, reason three and ladylove of the Royal Prince being another reason. She was constantly followed, her every dress and accessory was noticed, discussed and analysed, in short she was under the media scrutiny 24x7. But, the crazy paparazzi stepped ahead, banished the ethics and dignity standards and entered her private space. It seemed that she cannot even strip in front of her husband too coz that costed her a paparazzi bomb. Their holiday spot as said by the magazine's editor 'was very open and public to the road beside where the cars drive by and hence they got hold of them in their cozy moments'. Well, why would a Prince and Princess enjoy a vacation by the motorway side guest house and even if they did why would Kate strip in such an open to paparazzi place??
May be she isn't aware that these crazy photographers can zoom her from anywhere and who knows even the satellites can take her nude pictures and publish to google earth though she enjoys a bath in her own open to sky pool.  Or, she could be a wardrobe malfunction victim (a term ab'used' by the media to publish photographs when these celebrity woman ignore to watch their dress flying away or slipping out or what ever it may be).  How ridiculous does all this seem. Therez literally no private moment for these hot celebrities. One can't simply strike this off by saying that's the price of being a top notch celebrity. They are after all human and need a life of their own. Lets see what will the Royal family do about this.
Poor Kate, she should have realised that these paparazzi are like evil spirits who can haunt her in most secured and secluded spaces too. Kate baby, you need to watch out your surroundings unfortunately even while making love to your Prince. "Yes, watch out Kate".




  1. If I am not wrong , you too are an engineer . Right??(but not mechanical m sure)
    Did you do any kinda journalism course... ? Actually you write too good. na na na this is too short...
    actually u write terrific . Wow..
    The reason why I am saying so is I am comparing myself to you. When I start writing ...its more or less like 16 marks answer in our semester exams.... :P :P .

    1. Yes I am an environmental engineer. haha nope I never did any such course, its just the interest to express which brings out such write-ups. Anyways thanks much for the nice words.
      Reading makes u write the better u read the better u write!

  2. Which year? I mean ...m too a mind it "JUST B.TECH", without a job. In your words, among those zillions of graduates. Graduated this year itself. :)

  3. Its been a while I completed my bachelor's,n I completed my master's too 4 years ago! So, I don't fall into your league of 'just graduated'