Friday, May 31, 2013

Soring Celebrity Scandals

Films & Cricket are two biggest religions in India which can unite the nation and bind them in spite of many other differences in the nation. People involved with these two streams have been worshiped, adored, and followed crazily. Just as I wrote recently about a bratty young hero who has been involved in a public brawl, another who has been arrested for possessing illegal weapons., there are many others who were involved in one or other scandal in spite of having a huge responsibility to maintain a positive image in public. Just like film celebrities, even the cricketers do have major responsibility of carrying a positive image in public as most of them have been followed and liked by the youngsters of the nation. However, with the recent news of betting and spot fixing scandals coming into light, these folks seem like they care more for money and pleasures than for a career that can scale them up to greater heights. Doesn't it seem foolish to crave for something that is so temporary than a long term career that can bring more fame, name and riches in a positive way??
Many celebrities rule out saying that their off screen/ off field image is personal and shouldn't be scrutinized and judged. To those we can only say one thing....that is what you craved for and now you don't want the side effects of it is something like asking a rose without a thorn. What is important is how to maintain oneself in public and control their temporary cravings and emotions especially when so many people idolize them as role models. With the innumerable scandals coming out day by day, it is inevitable that these people will not enjoy the same celebrity status anymore. At the same time, the growing scandals can influence the youth in an other way too. There are people who still foolishly support their favourite people in spite of strong evidences against their involvement. This can have adverse influence on the youth sometimes.
Sachin Tendulkar can be quoted as a biggest example for modesty....he has been worshiped as God of cricket. Endorsements, business people, movie folks, politicians everybody surround him, but he always remained very meek and humble and was never in news for wrong reasons. More than his career, his own self was highly regarded by public.
Same goes with Superstar Rajinikanth, films which showcase him as a super human generated millions of fans across the globe. His humbleness and simplicity made him stand out of those film folks who throw crazy tantrums. If one thinks that films alone have brought him this immense fan base, it is nothing but ignorance. His off screen persona is what made him a bigger star and got most loyal fans across the world.

The movie makers should also bear this in mind while making films. The films these days hardly have any inspiring content...the no.of films which have real good content are very rare. While many film makers argue that feel good films don't work at box office, they have been proved wrong time and again with many films which were blockbusters for sheer reason of being different with the story line and/or narration techniques. The clear examples of such are recent flicks like Barfi, English Vinglish, The Dirty picture, Kahaani, Vicky Donor, Gangs of Bollywood. The so called regular formula films have been tasting mud since long time. Its time that they change and experiment. Like a famous film maker Singeetham Srinivas rao quoted "the chance of success for an experimental film is 50% always, while formula film is just 15-25%". Experimental films again need not be obscene just to lure viewers like some of them were tried so and fumbled in succeeding. 
So its high time that these films makers and in fact whole film fraternity concentrate in delivering films with a bit of social responsibility than concentrating only on commercial aspects. Here after don't argue that films don't influence the society as it is evidently proved that youngsters in India are most influenced by films & cricket.
Similarly cricketers who have been hogging limelight for all wrong reasons, please bear in mind that, there are many aspiring cricket players who have tried their best to get into national team but their fortune wasn't as favouring as yours. Hence, you are so fortunate to get a place among the national team and you have literally crashed some body else's fortune if you are not there for the right reason anymore.
Film celebrities or Cricket celebrities.....If you can't think of the society which has escalated you to such position, you better don't run behind the fame that takes you there as you don't deserve such fame anymore.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

I me myself

I, Me, Myself...please bear with me while I try to flaunt myself here....not so good at.

I say I am 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' though a very complicated word to spell and read, its still is an interesting one. Likewise, I am complicated on the core & shell but quite an interesting person to be with.
I love being with people but never get bored being alone. I am super talkative but never bore my listeners. Always up and active, an energizer indeed. I am fun loving person and I enjoy going out but don't mind staying home with my favourite hobbies or favourite people around. 
I am impulsive and dynamic with a little bit of drama :D I also say I am 'clairvoyant', some experiences of mine allowed me to claim this name :D  I am a compulsive, impulsive shopaholic too. I love shopping, I enjoy it a lot.
Apart from shopping I have varied interests mostly in art, and very rarely in sports. When I say arts, I mean all the major forms, be it painting, music, dance, fashion, design, cooking, writing, crafts...list can go on. I love to try everything that interests me. 
I love travelling, most of us do...right? But I only love those travels that are hassle free, I know, I know I am asking for too much, but fortunately, I hardly faced any such and so I look forward for the same sweet travels. 
I love to be pampered, adored and liked...after all, who doesn't? I demand attention, yes I do...not from every other person but from my loved ones, I want them to make me as their most important priority,...fortunately my family & extended family does that. Thank God I am blessed :)
I enjoy humorous, intelligent & knowledgeable conversations and I detest being with fake people, hypocrites, and mean people.
I love risking if I believe thats gonna be worth my effort, no matter how hard it is. I often go by my gut feeling rather than taking ten different opinions from ten different people. 

I guess I have bragged enough about me :))

In this page, you will see everything like..some opinions, some experiences, some trails, some tips, some drama, & some random lines of mine!!!

Indian Fashion @ Cannes

How many of you are ardent fashion followers, I know every woman loves fashion but how many keep an eye on the trend and fashion updates? Cannes film festival in France has been one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world bringing in all film fraternity across the globe. Stars & Fashion go hand in hand and so we get to see some hottest couture in there.  Cannes has not only been the center stage for world films but also world couture.
Like every year, this year also Aishwarya is going to be at Cannes along with her father in law Amitabh Bachan, her rival Sonam Kapoor, the lovely Vidya Balan( jury member), sexy Mallika Sherawat and Frieda Pinto. Just as every time, this time too the debates have began long time back about whoz wearing what and whoz going to win the fashion battle. 
Vidya as usual chose her trusted ace designer Sabyasachi for all of her appearances, Sonam had mixed choices along with her favourite Anamika Khanna, Frieda usually has gone for western designer dress, Mallika too had gone for the same.
Surprisingly Amitabh Bachan also chose to be a bit more into fashion with a stripy coat and glittering black suit at the Great Gatsby premiere. I like the stripy one better!

Aishwarya is yet to arrive on the red carpet. So far its only the battle between Sonam, Vidya, Frieda & Mallika. Frieda & Mallika have not scored big as their fashion choices weren't too flattering or experimental.

Whereas the fashionista Sonam did try some bold ways, one of which is a Anamika Khanna's saree with a long jacket along with a over sized nose ring. I personally wasn't impressed with that over sized nose ring although many applauded her bold style. I thought make up could have been far far better as the natural complexion of hers seems to be no match. It is clearly visible in that close up shot.

The other appearance of hers is the barbie doll attire with Elie Saab dress and a glittered clutch was a win win. Again I opine she should have chosen some pretty hair accessory along with it to make more appealing. The hair looks too simple.

The previous appearance of hers which was a huemn styled outfit along with funky accessory by suhani pettie which was really perfect for her sleek figure, the ensemble was really fresh and rocking.

Next she tries out this Shehla khans's lehenga and some diamond to top it. To me it appears like the designer has drawn huge inspiration from the Alexander McQueen label. But for Indian style, it seems like not working. Not too bad but not great as well.
The other appearance of this young fashionista is in a floral Dolce & Gabbana dress. Which is a hit obviously given the spring/summer season around the world. The hair style she chose seems too simple for such dramatic dress...she could have added a bit more glam/floral hair accessories to complete the look. But in spite of all she looks pretty!

Vidya goes ethnic, classy and elegant as her usual self. The first appearance of hers was a red lehenga with a clean and simple hair do along with a traditional bindi. This was simply neat and too decent. That was sooo Vidya style. Well, who can say no to this Indian beauty. Tweets say that the westerners were in awe of Vidya's ethnic ensembles, they opine her outfits are fresh and unique as they so much used to see same old western gowns.

Second was a saree of classic shades and a kerala traditional style saree along with brown embroidered blouse, the hairdo and make up are kept simple which is again very very desi.
Thrid appearance seemed to be weird because the dupatta over the head ruined the look, she looked like a vintage princess which seemed out of place and the colours chosen also didn't seem much different from her saree.

For the next appearance Vidya chose a saree and ofcourse simple hair do which suits her much. For many this simple hairdos work far better than twists n curls. I am so happy that Sabyasachi has chose not to flaunt any skin or curves with his designs and kept it very decent, dignified and elegant. Moreover all her ensembles are very Indian, be it the choice of textile or embroidered work or the jewellery. She is like on a mission to represent the country's prestigious artisans.
For this attire, the nose ring was an added attraction..while many disliked the nathi, I felt its quite quintessential part of our vintage attires and works well on her. My only complain was that sapphire neck piece which kinda ruined the colour combo..the pop of blue seemed out of place.
Yet to see Aishwarya's appearance. Of course she has come a long way and learned it in a tougher way getting many fashion faux passes from the fashion police for some of her bizzarre appearances. And last time she carried all her baby weight to the festival with poise and grace. This time it may be her baby herself. Hopefully she doesn't disappoint this time. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

'Crystal' Clear

Women & Jewels are inseparables as we all know. The love for the bling can never fade.
While the price of Gold has been touching the skies, lots of women started looking for alternative metals that can be as good as Gold. Shiny stone studded items can replace yellow metal and still can be most trendy.
One among such shiny stones are crystals and especially well cut and refined crystals from ace jewel makers like Swarovski. 
Swarovski was found by Daniel Swarovski in Austria. Their precious crystals definitely have the luster and luxury too. 
And one of my favourites accessories too. For those who like to keep it simple, modern, and inexpensive, Swarovski is a very good option. Posting few favourites picks.

Ditch the monotonous look and embrace some trend ladies :))



Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers' Day

Wishing my dearest mommy and all other lovely mommies out there a very very Happy Mothers' Day. You people have made this world a loving abode. Thank you for all your unconditional love showers!

I sent a card that I made to my mom, but I couldn't take the pictures of it to post it here. Shall request my mom to get a good picture.

Herez  my mothers' day sketch for blog friends. I don't wanna claim its my own creation, don't remember where I saw this to give out the source but the original is not mine. It was just an inspired sketch.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Follow me on Pinterest

Yes Yes  Yes, I am a social media frenzy of my favourite networks is Pinterest. Not many know about this network I guess, its a virtual pinboard to pin all your favourite items to it, be it a picture, a blog or a video. I was one of the earliest subscribers of this network.
I love it because it is of great use to me as a virtual inspiration board for design help, some times travel, some times DIY and of course for latest fashion updates from all corners of the world. 
Once you are onto it, I bet you can't get out easily....beware girls, you can become an addict pretty soon.

Here is the link to follow my boards on Pinterest.


As part of my profession and staunch interest, I started a page on facebook posting useful tips and news about going green and adapting sustainable living.
Please have a look and like the page if you like the content. Also please do share with your friends and create awareness about the importance of going green.

Here is the link to the page


Sitar Love

Pandit Ravishankar and his beautiful talented daughter Anoushka Shankar needs no introduction.
I personally love their combo and I am proud to say am an ardent fan of Anoushka.
Here is a video of the beautiful combination of father & daughter's exquisite talent.
Get soaked in the musical waters :)



Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brats of Tinsel Town

Hi Folks,

Its been almost a month that I have come back to this space. I have made some changes and intend to add more features too. Hope it will be like by you all.
Coming sunday is Mother's day, I wish my dearest Mom and mom-like ladies in my life a very very happy Mothers' day; Thank you for being the strength of my life :)
Karnataka has chosen Congress over other parties...I am not sure if this party would shape the state's future in a positive way but hope & wish they clean up Bangalore's garbage n bring back the 'garden city' tag.

Post of the day is a simple lighting experiment with a flower vase...have a look
Tinsel town is the most happening place, as well all know the clan of the tinsel town have a larger than life portfolios in an outsiders' perception. These matinee idols are almost worshiped as demi-gods in our country. This status may be craved by many but works only for few and they can be called truly lucky. I can't agree when they say it comes only out of hard work. There are many people who work harder, better, nicer yet may not be so lucky and fortunate to attain that status. Those few lucky chaps who have attained such status have to maintain that with an appropriate public image although it is not always easy to control emotions. 
The 1st generation demi-gods were not arrogant as today's lot. They were pretty aware of their roots. As we know the concept of hierarchy is much seen in films & politics. While the younger lot easily inherit the fame & name, not all of them inherit the positive image that was carefully guarded for ages. 
Just as in the case of Ttown's hero Charan, his rude behaviour in public has been getting some harshest of responses in the social media. He might have inherited his dad's heroic qualities on the screen but off the screen he seemed to be lacking basic civic sense. Holding a status as such, small time emotions shouldn't trigger to get into street fights and silly arguments. Having hottest wheels in the town is not an achievement but making sure it doesn't run over people is most important. And just because he has one of the best cars it doesn't mean public have to make a way to his wheels. The entire episode seems so sleazy on his part. He should and could have behaved in a decent way if things were really wrong on the other side. A traffic police patrol will be just a call away for his status, however he stooped down to behave like any other political goon. Looks like hez in a hangover of filmy scene or got into the political mode..., but hez supposed to be doing other way round in films..may be hez too fired up with the antagonist's character and got into the skin. One has to wait and see what this fiery chap's modest daddy is gonna say...may be he would rule it out as a political conspiracy as he soaked it all now or may be he would unapologetically support his haughty son's domineer. Clean up your image macho otherwise you are sure to lose some 'logical' fans who may not come to your rescue because its quite evident that you were too narcissistic in there.

This is not the first time Ttown witnessed a bratty youngster's fiery public behaviour. Recently in a movie controversy, a community protested at a bigwig's home and some of them were harshly bashed up by the security on a so called 'hero - Vishnu's'(atleast he himself believes so if not the audience)orders. Justifying his mean acts, he had delivered some emotional dialogues about the safety and security of his family much better than in movies. Also gone ahead and warned just as they overdo in movies. The whole saga there wasn't as bad as he projected it to be, but his drama seemed overboard to the onlookers. Dude, better perform that on the screen,it may earn some revenue, but not in public coz it all looked like a cooked up drama.
There were many other small time heroes who have made bigger & better dramas in public and with police but they couldn't make it as big as Charan with respect to the popularity. One Mr.Charan should have realized what it takes to spoil a hard earned name with one nasty incident. The offscreen persona is also important to build an image these days....what you are outside is watched, commented, analysed and criticized. Wish these guys take some lessons from Ktown's hero Ajith Kumar in regards to the public behaviour or the Superstar Rajinikanth.

Looks like he need some serious pacifying lessons...time to rope in a spiritual swamiji :P