Friday, May 31, 2013

Soring Celebrity Scandals

Films & Cricket are two biggest religions in India which can unite the nation and bind them in spite of many other differences in the nation. People involved with these two streams have been worshiped, adored, and followed crazily. Just as I wrote recently about a bratty young hero who has been involved in a public brawl, another who has been arrested for possessing illegal weapons., there are many others who were involved in one or other scandal in spite of having a huge responsibility to maintain a positive image in public. Just like film celebrities, even the cricketers do have major responsibility of carrying a positive image in public as most of them have been followed and liked by the youngsters of the nation. However, with the recent news of betting and spot fixing scandals coming into light, these folks seem like they care more for money and pleasures than for a career that can scale them up to greater heights. Doesn't it seem foolish to crave for something that is so temporary than a long term career that can bring more fame, name and riches in a positive way??
Many celebrities rule out saying that their off screen/ off field image is personal and shouldn't be scrutinized and judged. To those we can only say one thing....that is what you craved for and now you don't want the side effects of it is something like asking a rose without a thorn. What is important is how to maintain oneself in public and control their temporary cravings and emotions especially when so many people idolize them as role models. With the innumerable scandals coming out day by day, it is inevitable that these people will not enjoy the same celebrity status anymore. At the same time, the growing scandals can influence the youth in an other way too. There are people who still foolishly support their favourite people in spite of strong evidences against their involvement. This can have adverse influence on the youth sometimes.
Sachin Tendulkar can be quoted as a biggest example for modesty....he has been worshiped as God of cricket. Endorsements, business people, movie folks, politicians everybody surround him, but he always remained very meek and humble and was never in news for wrong reasons. More than his career, his own self was highly regarded by public.
Same goes with Superstar Rajinikanth, films which showcase him as a super human generated millions of fans across the globe. His humbleness and simplicity made him stand out of those film folks who throw crazy tantrums. If one thinks that films alone have brought him this immense fan base, it is nothing but ignorance. His off screen persona is what made him a bigger star and got most loyal fans across the world.

The movie makers should also bear this in mind while making films. The films these days hardly have any inspiring content...the no.of films which have real good content are very rare. While many film makers argue that feel good films don't work at box office, they have been proved wrong time and again with many films which were blockbusters for sheer reason of being different with the story line and/or narration techniques. The clear examples of such are recent flicks like Barfi, English Vinglish, The Dirty picture, Kahaani, Vicky Donor, Gangs of Bollywood. The so called regular formula films have been tasting mud since long time. Its time that they change and experiment. Like a famous film maker Singeetham Srinivas rao quoted "the chance of success for an experimental film is 50% always, while formula film is just 15-25%". Experimental films again need not be obscene just to lure viewers like some of them were tried so and fumbled in succeeding. 
So its high time that these films makers and in fact whole film fraternity concentrate in delivering films with a bit of social responsibility than concentrating only on commercial aspects. Here after don't argue that films don't influence the society as it is evidently proved that youngsters in India are most influenced by films & cricket.
Similarly cricketers who have been hogging limelight for all wrong reasons, please bear in mind that, there are many aspiring cricket players who have tried their best to get into national team but their fortune wasn't as favouring as yours. Hence, you are so fortunate to get a place among the national team and you have literally crashed some body else's fortune if you are not there for the right reason anymore.
Film celebrities or Cricket celebrities.....If you can't think of the society which has escalated you to such position, you better don't run behind the fame that takes you there as you don't deserve such fame anymore.


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