Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quest for the perfect job

It’s been almost 4 months since I was out of this space…I have been on a roller coaster ride that life keeps giving us all once in a while. I am not sure if I am off this ride yet or there are more miles to go. As of now the ride is not bumpy… that’s all I can say and that should explain why I have been out of this space.

Off late I have been spending time reading and writing on this question and answer forum called (of course, whenever am free at work). There is a lot to learn there and a lot more to explore. Check it out readers.

Alright, diving into the post, the title should have conveyed what I am going to write about. Did you know if there is a perfect job that exists at all in this world? How many times have you heard people saying ‘Ohh I am doing the perfect job in the world’? Or how many times have you said that to yourself? I am sure that is not very common.
What defines a perfect job? A big fat pay check, or flabbergasting work environment or a very supportive team, or a very friendly boss, or mind blowing benefits or working on your passion? A mixture of all these may be the recipe for an ideal job. However, how often do we find a concoction of all these elements? If not all, at least couple of them?

We have been said and read that a person is very fortunate to find a job that is his/her passion and get paid for the same. Well, I may have to rephrase that to suit to our current scenario...because it depends on the individual on what he/she chooses. What you chose is what you get. Working in an IT company and mourning about a media career that you missed is mere waste. In today’s age, you have to choose what you really want. But does it end there? Choosing is not merely enough according to me. Keeping up what you chose in spite of all the odds is the real challenge. Well, there will be instances when we start thinking if it is worth all the pain? That is something one has to decide as soon as possible. As one keeps pondering over that thought, the time invested on that job would go useless. A recent survey in the BBC magazine said that the companies prefer those uninterested people quitting as soon as possible if they think they or the company requirements are a misfit. The sooner you decide, the more you save for yourself and the company.
Another BBC article says, it’s not fat pay check or great work that keeps an employee hooked to any particular company but the treatment one gets. Employees prefer to leave those places which ill-treat/ do not give the respect they deserve than those who do not pay them well. Surprisingly most percentage of surveyed people have agreed to the same.
Consider those places, where you hardly do any productive work or work that is not so competent in nature. Have you ever experienced or imagined such situations? They can make your career miserable. Any career oriented person would not enjoy such work environment where there won’t be enough food for soul.

Not to forget, perseverance is what is required in overcoming monotony and routine that springs out of any job that you have been doing for a while. Otherwise it is easy to lose out in the competition. The hare and rabbit race is the best relevant story that comes to my mind. It may not be important how quick learner you are and how ambitious you are but it is very important that how consistent you are. The young clan is too impatient to hold on to one job for a lifetime. They seek change and challenge more often. It takes incredible amount of patience to sustain the lows in order to excel in any field. I always think the perseverance and endurance levels have been diminishing with time. The patience to endure difficult times was far better in our older generations. They always craved for excellence while given the rat race we have to run today, we are unable to get beyond mediocrity.

Let me quote my own experience here. Ever since I started working, I  always looked for challenging work, not the sort of challenging work that we mention for namesake in the CVs, but real work that requires a brain drain and at the end of the day that which would give me ultimate job satisfaction. I honestly believe this term ‘job satisfaction’ is the key to any ‘perfect job’. My mom always quoted this. Over 35 years of service, she had innumerable moments of job satisfaction, which I think is quite fulfilling. Her job was to teach. Whenever she had her students excel in exams or in life and come back to acknowledge how prominent her role was, she felt extremely gratified. When she wasn’t able to deliver her best, I could notice the disappointment on her face. I never thought it would be so bothering. I ruled her out that she was taking things way too seriously until I got to the point where I experience the similar feelings and couldn’t get it out of my head. Fortunately, I worked with an excellent team at my first job in USA. Little did I know then, all jobs wouldn’t be same. When I moved back to India, it was quite feat for me to find the right place. The work culture is certainly far behind ages than that of the West. Transparency lacks in most situations. Managers seem to be overdosed with egos. One cannot help but sometimes give up to the whims of an arrogant manager or quit the place. Most of the times, even though you have a better solution to a problem, you shouldn’t dare to express your thoughts against the manager’s. Either you have to wait on him to give the solution or zip your lips. The hierarchy is strictly adhered in terms of authority more than responsibility. I heard from my friends working in IT that it is more liberal and has adapted the global work culture whereas in core fields unfortunately, it is not yet there. Fingers crossed and anticipating a positive change.

Concluding the saga of a perfect job, all I can say is perfect job is to work on your passion, no matter you are earning millions or not you will enjoy an invaluable pleasure doing it. May be I should quote this Telugu movie here where the protagonist doesn’t find the challenge in any of the jobs he does, and so goes on robbing the rich like a Robin hood and gives away to the sick kids seeking medical aid which he says is satisfying. Am not suggesting you to find illegal ways but opt for something that satisfies your soul which indeed would become a ‘perfect job’