Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Photograph

The Photograph in the display was captured at the pond close to the apartment complex I lived while doing my master's.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Separation is not the Solution"

"Telangana" This is the most uttered word by almost all of the Telugus n probably most of the news followers all over the world. Good or bad, positive or negative, support or oppose....everybody have their own voice behind this. Similarly I do have mine.
Whenever I used to come across the news about separate Telangana issue, separation of India and Pakistan came into my mind. Though independent Pakistan wasn't part of the initial objective during Freedom Struggle, later it grew stronger because of few selfish leaders. The final result is Pakistan n India had never been friends n might not be in future. And we are still fighting for Kashmir. Needless to mention about the terror attacks n massive destruction that has been going on for ages.
Well, before supporting or opposing this idea of separation of Telangana, I have some very big questions in my mind:
Why will a state exploit its own regions???
Why only certain regions were developed and not others???
Why a region's resources were used by other region????
When a region has so many resources, why there is no development??? while these are the similar questions asked by many people..I am re-asking the same to them.
I should say something a country why only few cities become cosmopolitan and the others remain as an ordinary place??? Is it because, other cities do not hold such capacity? or is it because some other city has exploited this place?? I hope this makes some sense to above asked questions.
If the separation is all about solving the region's problems..can't these agitations come forward for solving the problem instead separating the state? Instead of working out for the solution, how good it is to fight for separation which might give a solution much later than sooner and which can possibly bring financial crisis to the newly formed state.
To some extent there is truth that the resources weren't properly utilized and developed in Telangana, but this is not the way to achieve development. It is just like throwing ourselves as a prey to the hungry monsters.
If water supply/irrigation was the problem, why there was no serious agitation or a movement as today's, demanding for a water supply/irrigation projects? “Let’s demand irrigations projects for the region, let’s make it more serious until we achieve it.” Why this has not been carried out seriously till date???
What about other regions in the state? Don't they have any problems within? Rayalaseema is an equally poor region in terms of irrigation. So should they seek a similar solution??? If everybody seeks separation as a many states will be formed down the line? If this is the scenario, .eventually each city should form a state by itself to find solutions.
Initial separation of states, had a different objective. The basis of separation of states after Independence was to tie people of same linguistic backgrounds in one place, so there wouldn't be any communication differences. However, presently Telangana supporters are claiming that they have a separate language, which is a mix of urdu n telugu...and so it fall into the similar category. Thereby claiming that separation is valid. I would say its another kind of accent in Telugu which was influenced by the urdu language. As long as the script remains one, the language is also the same, though it has many varieties of regional influences.
Supporters might think, I don't know any background about this while writing, but I should say I have read many articles, watched videos before starting to write this. I feel much depressed to be separated. In fact I never thought we were all separate region people.
From the articles I read it appeared to me that Telangana supporters weren't interested to live together from day 1 as they believed they would be exploited by other regions...but why did they compromise for these many years if there was no interest at all??? The fact is that the poorer communities were the sufferers anywhere in the world and Telangana is not an exception. I read an article which said certain communities in this region exploited the lower class/tribes/illiterate folks which is also the same scenario in many other places. Also there were communities who established themselves very well in spite of so many problems around and some people migrated to other parts leaving the problems behind. Even most of the region's leaders were not capable enough to carry their message. Though they did, at one point there was a break for their activities, in order to cater to their own selfish needs. Even today, the leaders who support this separation are merely doing this for power rather than serving the purpose and they might again exploit the region by looting away the funds allotted to the separate state, as there is no guarantee that they win next election. This is not a new concept in our politics; it is all a routine issue that has been going on.
These selfish leaders always have had a sole objective in mind, and being in a democratic society, the game is played as safe as possible. If the people supporting for Telangana state can understand this simple logic, they would never come forward to support those stupids who lobby for earning big bucks on separation of the state.
Hope the people who are supporting understand this, before its too late. Especially students who started a violent protestation should better know, it is their future that will be ruined in these agitations. Only young minds can be easily influenced and provoked...this influence is generating negative vibes among them. This is going to transform in a very over possessive attitude among them…which in turn will result in more violence.
Personally I don't think a separate state will do any good to the common man but will sure do great magic for selfish wishers of Telangana.
I strongly feel that peace and prosperity prevails only when all the regions of our state function together, it is good if we can strive together to find solutions to the persistent problems instead of fighting for separation now and waiting for solutions for ages.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Andhra Rashtra Avatharana Dinothsavam

Paatakulaku namaskaraalu,

Eeroju mana Andhra Raasthram avatharinchina roju. Mahaneeyudu Sri Potti Sreeramulu gari kashta phalame ee roju manam maa rashtram ani cheppukuntunna ee nela. Ee sandharbham ga aa mahaheeyudini gurthuchesukovatam mana kaneesa badhyatha ani na abhimathamu.

Na chinnappudu telugu patam lo Sriramulu gari gurinchi cheppinapudu chaala ascharyam anipinchina vishayam aayana sumaaru ga 54 rojulu niraahara deeksha chesi maree mana raashtra avatharanaku krushi chesaru ani. Aithe aa nisvaardhamaina krushi vrudha aipothundhemo ani eeroju anipisthunnadhi. Aaa niswardhamain sevaku mana Telugu varandharamu eppatiki runapade untamu.

Mana naayakulu aithene, mana lo unna vipareetha bhavalu aithene veru padalane aalochanalu theppinchayi. Adhi entha varaku samajasamo ituvanti prathipadikalu thechevaare aalochinchi choodali. Telugu varantha okkati ga undali kani ila vidi vidiga pragathi sadhinchali anukovatam lo ardham ledhu. Eeroju rashtram antha okkati ga unnandhu vallane manaku intha peru prakhyathalu unnayi ani naa abhipraayamu. Idhivaraku okasari nenu ituvanti prasthavana naa blog lo raasanu. Malli enduku adhe raasthunnano meeku ardham ayye untundhi. Memu antha Telugu varamu ani entha garvam ga cheppukuntunnamo repu vidipothe Telugu basha lo thegalu erpadathaayemo ani bayam vesthunnadhi. Ippatike leni vibhedhalu srushtinchi maree aanandisthunna raajakeeya nayakulu, swaardhaparulu endharo unnaru. Idhi ila inkaa dooram velli manalo manaku marintha vibedhanni srushtinchaka mundhe manam ituvanti vari vyaakyalanu pedachevina pettatam enthaina manchidhi. Kalasi unte kaladhu sukhamu annadhi nijamu chedhamu.

Alaage eerojuna aina Telugu variga mana kyathini, mana unikini gurthuchesukovatam entho avasaram ani na abhiprayam. Endharo mahanubhavulu, kondharu naayakalu Telugu kyaathini chaatataniki entho payathnam chesaru. prasthutha prabhuthvam kuda kothaga prathi paatasala lo Telugu paata aina"Maa Telugu Thalliki" thappanisariga paadinchamalani nirnayam theesukunnarani vartha. Idhi nijamga manam antha harshinchalsina vishayam. Endukante entho mandhi pillalaku mana Telugu padhaale theliyatam ledhu. Ituvanti oka nirnayam valla variki mana Telugu jathi goppadhanam konthaina thelusthundhi. Media varu kuda Teluguthanam uttipade kaaryakramaalu konnaina chesthe entho baguntundhi. Chitti chilakamma antu, chandhamama raave antu chinnapudu nerpichina paatalu, padhyalu ippudu chaala arudhuga vinipisthunnayi. Ila mana rasthram lo anadhiga vasthunna kalalu, sampradhaayaalu, geyaalu, jaanapadulanu aadarinche karyakramaalu roopondhithe mana mundhu tharaalavariki kaneesam avi ela undevi ani aina thelusthayi. Ippatike avvanni chaala mandhi marchipoyaru. Ilaage saagithe konnallaku avi kuda puraavasthu saakha vari thavvakallo thappa velugu choodavu.

Idantha edo vipareethamaina abhimanam tho raasthunnadhi kadhu. Alagani peruki raasthunnadhi anthakante kaadhu. Elagaithe amma puttinarojunu gurthupettukuni maree subhakankshalu theluputhamo, intha mandhi Telugu variki janmani ichina mana Telugu nelaku kuda subhakankshalu thelipi, mana ghana charithranu gurthu chesukovatam kuda anthe avasaram ani ila idantha raasanu. Alaage nenu videsaaniki vachi Telugu marchipoyanu antoo aatapattinche maa nannagari kosam kuda raasanu. :)

Marokkasari telugu nelapai janminchina mahaneeyulu andhariki vandhanalu theluputhu...selavu.

Jai Telugu thalli!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Photographs!

I have got a very good collection of photos that I captured and hereby wanted to share them in as the header page element of my blog. Now on, the picture you see when you navigate to my page will be the one clicked by me. I might sound selfish with this gesture but I guess there is no wrong in taking credit for my skill. :) (chuckles)

"The present photograph was taken at Dallas Arboretum's Spring Festival season '08"

Keep visiting!

Thanks & Cheers


Slumdog Millionaire

Hi All,

The title tells everything. As in most of my posts which always carry a twist in the tale, this post has no such. It is a straight opinion of mine, not just mine but from many people that I know and a part of public opinion too. Don't think I have carried a survey to write this, but I certainly followed the poll. Don't wonder why after so many days of the movie's release this post has popped up on my blog...the lines below will tell u the reason.

Coming to the actual opinion that I wanted to share,...I was never excited to watch Slumdog Millionaire from the day of its release. I cannot remember any reason for this, it wasn't able to pull me to the theater. But, to kill some 14hrs while flying home in May '09, I tried to watch those movies I skipped watching in theaters. One of them was Slumdog Millionaire. I read the reviewes, heard people talking about it, and was very excited when my favorite ARR won Oscars in February. So, all those might have created a positive impact on me, and again on the flip side, Indian reviewers wrote it was not an exciting flick for Indian audience. With a mixed feeling, I watched the movie. My opinion was (except for some songs and appealing background score) it should be called a documentary. Yes, a documentary on India's poverty, Child Labor, Population, Unemployment, Pollution etc;. The director who won an Oscar projected India and majorly Mumbai just as another world's most polluted city in all most all aspects.

This is being discussed even today at Coffee table meetings, luncheons, n many other times here(abroad). I am writing as I have come through many such discussions where I and my friends have answered many a times that apart from the vast slums that was shown, India is best in many other aspects. When it comes to employment rate and especially recession effect, the studies said India is one of those countries which best survived the recession apart from having such a vast population. Is this one reason not enough to say India is best in other aspects?

The British director could have got an Oscar if he would have chosen his own Country's Crime rate. He knew or not but the BBC survey has revealed that Britain occupies top place in crime rate. Why wasn't this screenplayed? I would be glad if he had chosen the positive side of Mumbai.

Even the 26/11 incident had not created such impact but one movie did on International audience. In abroad, India was always remembered for its rich cultural heritage, the Mt. Everest, the Tajmahal and many more attractions, now the topics are always drawn to the Mumbai slums.

Just before writing this, I have seen a commercial on NDTV for American Touristor Luggage..the ad features Mumbai's crowd packed local trains,...a foreigner struggling to carry his luggage in the local train,...the luggage hitting here n there, it being thrown away by the passengers and finally he reaches the destination with his luggage being safe and tough enough to survive all those hits and the end the caption goes, "Survive Mumbai, Survive World". I don't want to be a pessimistic reviewer but what is the motive of that commercial? The theme was again pulled from Slumdog Millionaire which helps them connect to all kinds of audience which again means, Mumbai has been projected as a place where survival is very hard. If that is the case, I would say there are 'n' number of places in the world where survival is equally and sometimes much more harder than what it is in Mumbai. I have never been to Mumbai but I have great love towards the city. Some of my friends who came from Mumbai have given me very good insight of the City. If the director could see only the slums, what about the Grandeur of Bollywood industry, the Bombay Stock Exchange that rules the market, the fashion waves generated from this City, the jobs that the city offers. Did the director ever think why the local trains were so crowd packed all through the day in Mumbai??? Why the City never sleeps???My dear learned Director it is because the city offers hopes and life to so many people. Even with so many slums as you screened, Mumbai remains the dream destination as well as an international tourist attraction. This has not been mentioned anywhere in the movie. n Thats the 1st reason why you have come to the City too.

I am so disgusted by the impact that movie has created among the international audience. Another Britisher has ruined India's (Mumbai's) glory to an extent. Whenever we face questions like, "OMG so many slums in India? many uneducated people in India? much child labor? much pollution??? we do have answers..but we do feel demeaned to know people have got such opinions on our Country.
To all those questions I have written above I have a better, rather slashing answers, that can pin point their own nations.
To begin with, slums in India??? if so much population is there any other country..would it survive at least like India??? No..but we can as we have a bonding between us, 10 people can live under 1 single roof, but can those who asked the question live like that??? I bet way
So many uneducated people in India?..yes there are many uneducated people in India, but what about those countries which have more no.of educated citizens n yet there is lot of crime rate?

So much child labor?..yes children are forced to work because the family cannot survive if only one person works, it is for mere survival that they come to hard jobs, but what about those nations, which kick their children out once they turn 15/16 years of age,even though they have strong financial stability? If that can be called responsibility, this is also kind of responsibility for that child. They don't want to go to schools, but they want to feed their family. But, will those children who were kicked out to earn their own living at 16years of age will bring back their parents when they turn 60??? No way.

So much pollution, I totally agree, but as mentioned earlier India has lot of uneducated people, and people who have very little awareness about pollution. But what about those nations, which are very well developed and still release much equal and sometimes higher percentage of CFCs into the atmosphere? Technically well sophisticated countries do contribute to the growing pollution equally. At least India is not so technically groomed in that aspect. Such nations have started green revolution today..switching to paper bags,etc;. but we still have those stores which sell groceries in paper folded packs. Don't we???

Above all, I wanted to express one thing here; every nation has its own flaws and faults, even we are one among those. At the same time every nation has its own best aspects too. The director could have shown the positive life in Mumbai at least for couple of minutes in the movie.

Whatever it is we Indians are so open and quite cool to allow a Britisher to project our Mumbai as the worst survived cities in the world. And we are so broadminded, that we welcomed, enjoyed and celebrated the success of such movie.

All this has been written because I along with so many of my friends living abroad have faced many such questions, which made us feel bad. So, I thought I would share this with my readers. Not to offend any.



Sunday, October 11, 2009

When I look through my window

Hi Fellas,

When I look through my window, I actually like to recollect some of my sweetest memories.

Yes, I don't intend to look for something what's actually there now but for something what's actually was there. I don't mean, that something was here, it was not here but there.. but I look for that something in here too... So that something there, which was so wonderful to experience wasn't seen here. But my habit of looking for that something here never faded. Hope is what makes us ..look.

Well, I know it is quite confusing about this "" right?

Let me give a vivid reason for my habit of looking through the window hoping to find some of sweetest memories happen again.

While I was at my home in India, I always felt that I should be independent, make up my own home....and etc etc; I know most of the girls do dream like this. I too did. But when you actually live by yourself, you will get to know the pain apart from the pleasure you experience.You might wonder the memory I was talking about is something about missing home...Of course 'Yes' n Also 'No'. Another confusing expression comes onto your face...and you might feel what is she writing about. Let me not drag the introduction goes the topic...

9 years ago when we moved to our new apartment from our old nuclear house, the best thing I liked was our bedroom (me n my brother shared one) because it has a big window which has a beautiful view of lush green field with thickly grown green crop waving to the breeze if "it is dancing to tunes of the slow blowing breeze"....I couldn't stop to say WoW!

Don't imagine the apartment is somewhere outside the city limits..nooo it wasn't. Its along the City's busiest routes and close to the national highway.

Then where did this lush green field come from in between the urban dwellings??? this is your next question....Its because we had a school behind our apartment.....a Christian missionary school which offered free education to the economically poor children. The school owners had owned this field to grow some crop to feed their cattle.

So our bedroom had a beautiful green background throughout the year. I always enjoyed watching this green beauty and the slow breeze which kisses these green fields before bringing the freshness to our bedroom. The night view had very brightly lit if "the stars came down to shine". That was because we had a power supply house close by our apartment...not very close though. But as close as their lights could brighten the bedroom after all the lights in the house were turned off! Another beautiful and my favourite view through the window was, The Moon...full or half or a was so spectacular that I couldn't turn my eyes off from its sight.

The best thing was I always felt like a Princess whenever I slept with the windows open and the moon pouring down its light onto my bed and comforting me to sleep..n the breeze slowly swinging me to was such an amazing feeling.... and another worth mentioning feeling that I enjoyed was the smell of the freshly bloomed nightingales somewhere in the neighbor's backyard...."sending their fragrance to fill my sleep with more pleasantness"............"A night filled with Moonlight; cool breeze; nightingale fragrance; on a cozy bed" now its your turn to say...Wow..right?

The summer mornings started too early as the Sun used to scorch if slept late...but glowing orange Sun looked absolutely wonderful and the mirror in my bedroom reflected this light so much that I felt like wearing sunglasses in the bedroom. :P

The Monsoon season was so watch through the window.....the rain drops pitter-pattering, drenching the green crop as "if it is bathing the crop to turn much cleaner-greener" and "the smell of sun parched mud", along with some "lip smacking hot snacks"...together contribute to an awesome experience. When it gets cloudy and before it pours down..I liked watching the lightening though it scares me little bit, and sometimes scared to close the window panes when the wind gets angrier and blows hard breaking anything that comes its way.

The winter days were so pretty as the invisible snow in the night left some dew on the leaves which were the only witnesses of that invisible snow and it appeared like the leaves were dressed with pearls and most of the mornings were filled with lot of fog covering everything thats behind them..even the Sun which tries hard to escape and show off its beauty...and it looked "as if the dew and fog got jealous of the Orange colored bright Sun, start melting down and make their way out being out shined by the radiant color"!

Apart from enjoying these seasons, my day dreaming habit gave more space to the endless imaginations and hallucinations!

Yes I miss that feeling, I don't see that "something" here when I look through my window. Its totally different, I see more non-living things than liveliness. People hardly sit-in/enjoy their balconies. Except for few trees out in the courtyard which bloom now and then, I hardly get to see the beauty of life and nature here. Sun is silent, winds are we read in books...Summers are hot, Winters are cold and Rains are messy...this is what I find when I look through the window here!

- Vennela

Monday, September 21, 2009

Going Green: A simple approach

Let us pledge on doing the following 10 things to Go Green,
* Unplug all unused electronics
* Turn off your computers at work place when you leave
* Turn off unnecessary lights and A/C at offices
* Make a habit to carry Shopping bags
* Use garbage disposal sparingly… food waste can be composted.
* When cleaning the fish-tanks, give the nutrient rich water to your plants
* Try minimizing the use of hot-water, it saves lot of energy.
* When washing hands, cleaning, shaving or brushing, don’t let the water run; it saves 1 gallon of water per minute.
* Reuse the plastic containers (especially the take-out boxes)
* Minimize the use of air conditioning…try natural ways of cooling.
I am concerned about Our Earth being a better place to live, Are you???

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Servant Maid

Hi All,
This post of mine is a short story that I penned down. Hope you all will like this.
Once upon a time (this is how a regular story starts, n that is how I also wanted to start) there lived a family which has all the regular 5 characters. Father- Mr. Amar, Mother Mrs. Devi n their two kids, a Daughter - Anita , a Son - Ajay and a Grandfather - Mr. Rao. As all the three elder folks were educated, they equally shared the breadwinner's responsibility. Since the kids were too young to be allowed to stay at home by themselves., Mrs. Devi started looking for a servant maid. She had some requirements that she insisted to see in the servant before she employed any. The requirements were, servant should be a female young girl aging below 14 years, she shlould be energetic enough to play with the kids, trustworthy of course, she also should be willing to study at the school.
While she started looking for a person who can satisfy all those requirements, it became a hard job for her to find a girl like that. So, she called her sister-in-law - Lakshmi, who stays in a village nearby to find any village girl for her. When Mrs. Devi’s sister-in-law came to know about her requirements, she wondered why Devi wanted the servant to study but then, thinking upon this slowly she understood that as Mrs. Devi works for an educational institution, she might have felt bad to employ a young girl and so she wants to provide education to satisfy herself from feeling guilty. So, Lakshmi said that she knows a girl who was very much waiting to go out of the village for work. Immediately after their conversation, she send a word to the girl to come and see her.
The girl came to see Lakshmi, and asked her why she was called to come over. Then Lakshmi informed her about the chance to go out of the village to the nearby town. Hearing this, the girl was almost on cloud nine, then she enquired, what is she supposed to do in the town. Mrs.Rani explained everything to the girl. While she was conversing with the girl, the girl's mother came shouting "Ganga, why have come here leaving all the work..", and as she noticed Lakshmi talking to Ganga, she asked why her daughter was called. When she heard the news, she first asked about the remunaration then wondered why she will be sent to school. After explaining everything about Mrs.Devi's intentions and family, Ganga's mother felt okay about the deal and said that she needs some time to confirm. Having said this, they both left the place. Lakshmi immediately called Mrs.Devi and informed that the girl was willing to come. However, it was her mother who asked some time to confirm this. Then Mrs.Devi said, before they start to come, she herself wanted to come to the village and talk to them.
When Mr and Mrs Amar discussed this issue, they decided to visit the village in the following weekend along with their 2 kids. So they started off to the village on Friday. The kids were told that they are going to bring a new friend to their home to play with them. Kids were very excited.They were told so because Mrs.Devi never wanted her kids to look down a girl like servant though she comes for that purpose. They reached the village, on Friday night. On saturday morning, Lakshmi arranged for a meeting with the girl and her mother. Even the kids finished their breakfast and waited eagerly for their new friend. At 11:00 am the girl and her mother showed up. She looked tidier than any other day. She stared at all four new faces. The girl’s mother said that she liked the pay and she heard good things about Mr.Amar's family and so she was completely willing to send. Mrs.Devi looked at the girl while they were conversing...she noticed that the girl's attention was more on the kids than anything else. Mrs. Devi asked the girl's name and reason why she wanted to come out of the village and asked if she liked to study. The girl replied she liked everyhting that Lakshmi has told her and so she was very interested. Without long conversations, the deal was fixed and the girl was to start off to town the next day along with Mr.Amar's family. The kids asked her name, and when they came to know her name is Ganga, Anita immediately said it’s a river name, Ajay said it was his teacher's name. The girl and her mother left to pack her things.
On sunday evening was their journey back home, So the girl came with her mother accompanied by her younger brother and sister who came to bid farewell to their sister. The girl cried before boarding the bus, seeing her, the two kids were so moved, that rest of the journey they tried their best to make her okay. At 10:00 pm they reached home. The girl wasn't interested in anything there as she was depressed to miss her family and so she went to bed immediately after Mrs.Devi showed her the place to sleep and gave her blankets to cover. Anita and Ajay were slightly dissappointed as the girl fell asleep without talking to them.
Next day it was 8 when Ganga woke up, she never slept so late becuase she has go out to help her mother at work before 6:30 in the morning. Suddenly when she woke up she saw a new place which she never saw in her village but except on the TV. She remembered the homes in TV shows had beautiful furniture and nice draped windows which exactly looked like Mrs.Devi's house. She walked out to the verandah, saw Anita and Ajay dressed up in their school uniforms and getting ready for school. Mrs.Devi walked out from the Kitchen, saw Ganga in the verandah. She said Ganga "Brush your teeth; and take bath, we bought you a new toothbrush, paste, soap, and a new towel. You can go use the bathroom in the room you slept yesterday night. I will leave in an hour, I will serve you breakfast and leave to work. We will bring you some new clothes in the evening" Having said this she went back to the kitchen. Suddenly Ganga felt a jolt in her Spine. She felt as if she came there as a Big Lady (Big Lady in Ganga's view was who will be treated very nice where ever she goes) because she never used toothbrush, she brushed with a neem stick and never used paste. Soap she used was those of cheap quality which melted down as soon as it soaks in water. She never had any breakfast, all she ate was the previous day's leftover food every morning. Clothes she wore were not bought in the market, but used clothes were given by some people in the village for whom she worked.It was all like a fairy tale for her. She couldn’t believe herself coming there as a servant maid but being treated as a guest. Also she never saw such a bathroom too with all the fittings and white glazed wash areas.When she finished taking bath, she came into the Kitchen, looking for Mrs.Devi. The breakfast plate was ready for her, her eating is what awaited. She loved the kitchen and the cabinet so much. The breakfast tasted so good, but she managed to eat very little, feeling little uncomfortable in the new place. While she sat to eat Ajay and Anita waved her and left to school along with their parents. She went and washed her plate along with the utensils lying there. The Old man (Granpa) of the family said her she can watch the TV. She felt so happy for her fortune, also feared if these comforts will stay long. Watching the colored TV images she sat day dreaming. In the afternoon, Granpa called her for lunch. She saw that all the cooked food was stored in clean casseroles which kept the food warm until then. Granpa showed her the refrigator expalined how it should be used and what things can be stored. She was so surprised to see so many things in that house. She knew those things existed, but only in very few homes of the village.
In the evening, all four of the family returned little late than she expected. She was told they will be at home by 5:30 P.M usually, the kids come little early except when their Mr.Amar goes to pick them sometimes if the school bus breaks down. She stood at the entrance door watching them getting out of the car and running inside. After they came, Mrs.Devi took coffee, later she called Ganga, gave her some new stuff which startled Ganga. It was a toilet box which had new talcum powder, a hair brush, colored vermillion box, a cream, an eyebrow pencil, and an eyeliner. It was never ending joy for her. She never dreamt of having except for watching those on TV. She saw everything but not the eyebrow pencil in the box. That seemed pretty new to her. She felt very happy for that and thanked Mrs.Devi. Mrs.Devi explained her, “I just did not bring you to serve all of us, we can manage that. My kids need someone to play with them in the evening, someone who can take good care in our absence, and someone who can help me with some of the household work. And someone who also wants to go to school.” For the first time in life she saw someone who thought that she can be a good friend. Never in life she was treated in such respectful manner. She asked for her daily duties, she was told that she has to help Mrs. Devi prepare and pack lunch boxes, to clean the utensils and kitchen once everyone leaves, then going to the nearby small school until afternoon. and sweep the floor in the evening. Clothes will be washed in the washing machine every weekend, and all she needs to do is to help them spread to dry and fold them. It looked like an easy job. This helped her spend more time with kids. The best thing of the day she liked was sitting in front of the mirror and getting ready for school using all those toiletries that Mrs. Devi gave and playing with Anita & Ajay in the evening. She loved spending hours in front of the mirror and playing.
Ganga's school was a small house, which had one single room for class use. The Teacher was known to Mrs.Devi, so Ganga was sent there. The Teacher was a kind hearted lady towards all the students. Most of her classmates were girls like her who came from very poor backgrounds. At first she was given a slate and chalk to write at school, for which she felt ashamed because she knew slate was something used by very young pre-nursery kids. She borrowed Anita’s rough note book the following day. She did not ask for a pencil as she thought she already got one from Mrs. Devi with the toiletries. It was the eyebrow pencil she used for the first time at her school. Her other schoolmates thought it was a kind of crayon. This went on until Mrs.Devi noticed Ganga writing with this pencil. She laughed and said it should be used for eyebrows not to write. Saying this she gave another pencil from Anita’s pencil box. Besides her ignorance, she felt very elated to know another nice thing to use in her makeup. She went to the school that day with note book in her hand. While she walked on the road with the book in her hand and so called make-up on her face, she felt as if she was a heroine in the film she saw at the touring talkies in the village. The heroine in the film who goes to college carried only one book in her hand. It was all exciting and interesting to Ganga. Ajay and Anita became very good friends. They never complained that they had no company to play with them. Ajay was a very naughty boy and teased Ganga about her love for cosmetics and innocence. It was Anita who was took Ganga's side as she liked Ganga very much.
After couple of months, Ganga had to go to Anita’s school to bring her home everyday as Anita took dance classes after school hours. So Ganga had another chance to put on her make-up and walk outside. Anita always praised Ganga for the way she decorated herself with all those toiletries on face and flowers knotted in the hair. Becoming good friends, Anita shared all her school stories, said her how she liked or disliked girls at school, and how she studied and came first in class always. Anita being bored of the dance classes, skipped them to play games in the ground. This was asked keep a secret by Ganga at home. But, when Mr.Amar came to know about this, Anita had no choice except to attend the class as Mr.Amar himself wanted to pick her at school. This way Ganga also had to stop going to school.
Ganga hardly worried about her family. She liked them so much but she never expressed homesickness. This was because she was happy in the town with all those things she wanted, and she also could support her family with these earnings. Soon the family became very acquainted with Ganga. She was bought nice dresses along with Anita and Ajay on every occasion. After seven months she went home with all those things that Mrs.Devi had given her. These she showed to her siblings who were very excited to know that she had better life than them. Her mother was also happy as she could help her in the family responsibility and she was able to get education as well. After spending a week at her place, she came back to the town. She got used to the town life and days passed by quick. A year passed and Ganga successfully completed nursery classes. She was then able to read and write small words. She was also sent out to bring some grocers as she learned to count small amounts of currency notes and coins.
Meanwhile Granpa had to stay home because of his health problems. He worked from home. Ganga supplied him all the stuff and went to her school. Granpa told very nice stories to her in the afternoon. He was very kind to Ganga. After few days, Granpa noticed Ganga coming late from school. she generally used to return by 1:30 in the afternoon. But it became 3:00 P.M by the time she came home every day. When he asked for reason she said, she helped the teacher with her household work. He knew that the teacher never made her students work for her. He informed Mrs. Devi to look into this. Later after this, she was warned by Mrs.Devi not to stay back at school for long time as people here might cheat her with sweet words and take her away. This scared her a little. She became regular with her schedule and came back on time for 2 weeks. Granpa also started going back to work.
It was Pongal season and festive mood was spread everywhere. Even Mr.Amar’s house was filled with joy. As usual, Kids and Ganga were bought new dresses. The frock bought to Ganga was very much liked by Anita. She started making fuss that she wants Ganga's dress. Mrs.Devi tried to convince but she never listened. Anita’s aunt somehow convinced her saying that Anita’s dress is much expensive and worthy than Ganga’s and so she shouldn’t complain. Festival went on very well without any hitch. There were several gatherings at home, and very tasty food was served on those gatherings. Ganga enjoyed the food so much during the festival. Anita's cousins came home and all of them had very good time playing together. Holidays got over and family had to get back to their respective works. Ganga also had to cope up with her routine. This routine went on for about 2 months.
One evening when Mrs. Devi came home from work, she found Granpa and Mr.Amar very much worried. She asked for reason. Before they said anything, Anita ran close to her crying, “Ganga is missing”. Mrs. Devi’s heart stopped beating for a second. She felt very tensed about Ganga's safety. She couldn’t imagine herself being a culprit in front of Ganga’s family.
The family talked how it had happened and they came to know some clues from Anita and Ajay. The clues were Ganga showed some new cosmetic stuff in her toilet box recently. Also she said them that she had got a new friend near the school and she was promised that she will get a new dress soon, like that of Anita’s for the next festival from her friend.
Mr.Amar ran to the school to find out about Ganga’s friend. The school teacher had no answer, but the old lady who used to sit outside the teacher’s house helping the school needs informed that she had seen Ganga many times with the Cochin lady who stays next door. She also said that she was not a good women to trust. Having this clue, Mr.Amar and family totally suspected that lady. They did not know how to approach her for truth. Mrs. Devi collapsed hearing this news. Granpa and Mr.Amar consoled her and went to the Cochin lady’s house. The house was locked, so they waited at the door until she returned. Granpa as a known face to her said that he had come with the Area’s Police Officer to know about their Ganga’s information and pointed towards Mr.Amar. Having not known Mr.Amar, she got scared, though she refused to accept the truth in the beginning, she had no choice except to confess her crime in the last. She had to narrate the whole story how she met Ganga and found her wanting.
According to her, it was before Pongal that she met Ganga who used to come and look at her garden's bee's nest with other girls in the school break. She found Ganga being attracted to all the pomp and show she does every day while she goes out. So she thought Ganga would be an easy choice to convince and take away. She slowly invited Ganga to her place and fed her all non vegetarian food. Though Ganga never carved for food, she went to see all the cosmetics the Cochin lady has. This way she stayed after school with her for a week or so. Only then Mrs. Devi got to know and warned her. So Ganga stopped going to the lady’s house. Though she was invited, she refused to show up. But after Pongal, she sat dull and dejected at the school gate while she was spotted by the Cochin lady. When asked for the reason she said she wasn’t treated equally like Anita. And she got a dress that is not as good as Anita’s. This helped her attract Ganga easily and she enchanted with all the showbiz and made Ganga believe she will get to have beautiful dresses and cosmetics if she works at candle factory. This made Ganga dare to abscond with her. The Cochin lady’s plan was to employ Ganga at the candle factory for a little while and then sell her to the market. Ganga was never aware of this.
After listening the whole story, Mr.Amar threatened the lady that he would send her behind the bars if she doesnt let them know the address where Ganga was sent and found the address. He took a cop with him and went the to address where Ganga was sent. Later,with the cop’s help, Ganga was brought home safely. Mrs. Devi felt so relieved when she saw Ganga and broke her fast. She made a vow that she would fast until Ganga returns. Even the kids were very dejected until Ganga returned. Ganga apolozised to all the family members for her ignorant deeds. She promised that she would never repeat such acts. Everybody relaxed after Ganga’s return.
Next day, Mrs. Devi and Mr.Amar asked Ganga to leave the house and return to her village. Ganga had no words, she pleaded many times saying she would never ever go out of the house again. But Mrs. Devi said the family do not want take any more chances with her safety and so she felt it would be better for her to leave. Anita and Ajay were almost numb when they got to know Ganga will be leaving soon. Anita felt very bad, than when Ganga went missing. Because then she believed Ganga would come back soon and now she will never return from the village. Anita wept while her parents took Ganga to the village. Granpa also felt bad for Ganga.
Ganga was finally brought back to the village. Her mother was already informed about the incident and family apolozised for everything. Ganga’s mother expressed all her anguish on her daughter and thanked them for bringing her daughter safe. They paid some amount to Ganga’s family and left the village.
While they returned, they came to know Anita and Ajay were badly missing Ganga and they did not like their parents sending Ganga back to the village. It took a month for the parents to convince their kids and keep them in track. The kids cooled down only after knowing that they will be taken to the village to see their dear friend in the holidays. Summer holidays fast approached. As soon as the kids finished their exams, they asked their Dad to take them to Ganga. But Mr.Amar refused to do so. He said they planned NewDelhi trip instead. Ajay was happy with this plan, but Anita refused to go. She stubbornly stood on the same want that she had to see Ganga at any cost. She wept and went to her Granpa complaining. Even her granpa consoled her and said no to visit the village. They tried every other way to divert Anita but at the end of the day she came back with same request that she wants to see Ganga.
Her mother, Mrs.Devi made a final attempt and said that Ganga has gone out of the village for a while. So though they would go to see her, they may not see her. Anita never believed this. She continued with the same fuss. So, Mrs.Devi had no choice except to take her to the village.
While they went, they carried some pictures of Ganga to the village. Those pictures were taken when Ganga stayed at their place. When asked for, Mrs.Devi said Anita, that Ganga's sister wants Ganga pictures, so they packed them in their luggage. Anita waited for the moment and she felt so excited to see her friend. They reached the village in the evening. They planned to meet Ganga next day. Ganga was sent a word to come and meet. After an hour, Ganga’s sister Rani came. She asked for Ganga’s pictures from Mrs.Devi. She did not talk to Ajay or Anita. She ran back taking them. She never cared to look at them. The kids thought Ganga was angry on their parents and on them as they never came back to see her until today. The next day they sent a word to Ganga again without their parent’s knowledge. After an hour, Rani came again without Ganga. Anita asked Rani for Ganga. Rani looked at Mrs.Devi in doubt, but replied, “Ganga cannot come as she is dead”. The kids only know that death means they never return from God’s place. Anita knew something more about death, that it only happens when someone stays at a hospital. So, immediately she asked if Ganga was admitted in hospital.Rani the said her, that it was not because of a sickness but because of an accident that Ganga died. She said they usually bring water from a pond with stairwell, when Ganga went to bring water from the well, she accidentally slipped into the well and was not noticed for long time. So, she died. Anita ran to her Mom and wept hugging her.Ajay did not understand much about the accident. He only asked if Ganga will ever come back to see them, but Rani ran home without answering him. Ajay innocently consoled his sister saying Ganga would return soon and not knowing that their dear friend departed forever.
- Vennela

Friday, July 24, 2009

Greeku Veerudu

Hi all,
Greeku Veerudu ani chadavagaane, chaala mandhi telugu cinema abhimanulaki 1st gurthochedhi Akkineni Nagarjuna. So nenu rasedhi kuda Nag gurinche ani decide avadhu. Sare general ga Greeku Veerudu anagane mind loki vachedi viswa vijetha Alexander the Great. So memu chadvaboyedhi Alexander gurincha anukokandi. Rendu kadhu. Marenta moodo secret ani aalochisthunnara…inka curiousity penchanu. Aa title ninna jarigina incident gurthochi pettanu n anduke ee post raasthunna.

Well, to begin with, Houston lo unna vallaki thelsu, ikkada ninna evening rain entha ekkuvaga padindho…so ikkada leni vallaki ippudu thelsi untundhi. Obvious ga antha heavy rains ki Houston Traffic jam avatam common e. Ninna kuda adhe jarigindhi, Office nundi road meedhaki raagane, edo President Convoy laaga na chuttu cars, ala ani nenu feel ayinatte andaru ayyi untaru anukondi. Office nundi naku intiki just 7 minute drive, kani ninna 45 mins pattindhi. So, ardham ayyi undali entha slow ga drive chesi undalsi vachindho. Car venakala nundi nettina, inka konchem mundhara vachedannemo intiki. Mari driving ki title ki relation enta ani kondaru aalochinchesthu undi untaru. Asalu vishyam cheppatanike ee introduction antha.

Anyways, intha gandharagolam lo, special effect enti ante,oka intersection dagara traffic signal pani cheyatam aagipoindhi. Adhi oka mile mundhe ardham aindhi, kani aa cars anniti madhyalo nundi, telugu cinema lo hero laaga drive cheso dive cheso vellalem kadha. So migilina cars tho paatu mundhunna cars ne follow authu, mellaga vellalsi vachindi. Sannaga varsham paduthundhi, elagu late ayyelane undhi, dani gurinchi mundhu car eppudu kaduluthunda ani choosthu unde badhulu, happy ga music njoy cheyyachu ani, volume penchanu, correct ga traffic signal dagariki vachesariki, rakshaka batudu..adhe cop.. “aapandi” ani cinemallo pelli scene madhyalo evaro vachi arichinattuga kakunda casual aagamani sigh chesadu…Mana India lo ante pattinchukomu kani, ikkada pattinchukopothe, vallu manalne pattinchukuntaru kabatti, appatidaaka thokkina brake ne malli thokkanu. Exact ga adhe min lo song start “ Greeku Veerudu”, kani eduruga choosthe, rakshaka veerudu…Nallaga, chaala ethuga, eye visible green raincoat lo, aa “Car”u mabbullo kanipinchi kanipinchakunda okka sigh tho mana telugu hero laaga cars annitini adhupu chesesthunnadu…apudu anukunna, ilanti scene edo chooses, aa director konchem marchi ala hero venakki pommanagane train venakki vellopoyela direct chesi untadani. Also aa song vini, Idhenemo situational song ante anukunna, venakala nundi…lines “lokamantha ekamaina lekka cheyyananna vadu” antu..choosthe alage anipinchindhi..anni Carlu athani maate vintunnayi..etu pommani choopisthe ate.
Idhi ila unte, ee scene ikkada cut chesi paste cheyyakunda…India lo remake chesi choosthe ela untundhi???. Asalu aa Rakshaka Veerudu kadhu, ekanga asalu Greeku Veerudu…Alexander, the Great vachi traffic signal daggara nilabadi…line avathalike kani ivathalaki ravadhani, oka sword pattukuni cheppina, mana vallu vinaru sari kadha, kaneesam aaganu kuda aagaru. Chivariki, anthati Alexander kuda mana “Car”la/”Bus”la/”Scooter/Bike”la mabbullo kalisipovalsindhe. What Say?

Aithe ikkada inkoka fact cheppali, asalu nijamga Alexander India mothanni invade cheyyakapovatniki reason ento thelsa?.... Athaniki, Athani Sainayaniki…Elephants ni edurkune dhairyam lekapoindhata.
So adhi ninnati Greeku Veerudi kadha.
Haffun with Rainy season on!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Small and Sweet Story


As blogging is my favorite hobby, reading is also one of my most favorite hobbies. Just before while I was reading, the following lines struck me deep:

“A man was walking on a shaking bridge. He prayed for help.. he saw God on the other side of the bridge and asked God to come near, but God did’nt come. Man got angry. With great difficulty he crossed to the other side and saw God holding the broken bridge ! Trust HIM. HIS ways are amazing !!” --- From BigB

When I read the above lines, I experienced a very sweet and great feeling. Hope you all enjoy that feeling. After all we are here to watch, enjoy, and appreciate His (GOD) creations.

Stay cool.