Monday, September 21, 2009

Going Green: A simple approach

Let us pledge on doing the following 10 things to Go Green,
* Unplug all unused electronics
* Turn off your computers at work place when you leave
* Turn off unnecessary lights and A/C at offices
* Make a habit to carry Shopping bags
* Use garbage disposal sparingly… food waste can be composted.
* When cleaning the fish-tanks, give the nutrient rich water to your plants
* Try minimizing the use of hot-water, it saves lot of energy.
* When washing hands, cleaning, shaving or brushing, don’t let the water run; it saves 1 gallon of water per minute.
* Reuse the plastic containers (especially the take-out boxes)
* Minimize the use of air conditioning…try natural ways of cooling.
I am concerned about Our Earth being a better place to live, Are you???


  1. very nice and much needed post ! we all need to commit ourselves to all the points you have mentioned.

  2. Yes I am !!!!
    very well said !!!!
    I stole the credit from you!!! i forwared the list to all my friends saying its mine ;-)
    anyways just kidding !!!
    good post !!!!
    waiting for more !!!

  3. @ Antarman: Thanks. Yes it is more than necessary at this point.
    @Sushant: Thanks. not a problem..I wouldn't encourage plagiarism generally but this is okay..because I am not the inventor, I too learned them and the motive is that it needs to be passed to lot of people.

  4. @Joystna: Hmm !!! thatz nice of u !!! as u did not mind ... i am looking forward for more to send them across my frnds ;-)


  5. I also wanna put in some more Green aspects. Will do as soon as I get some time. Its an awareness that we should no probs.