Sunday, October 11, 2009

When I look through my window

Hi Fellas,

When I look through my window, I actually like to recollect some of my sweetest memories.

Yes, I don't intend to look for something what's actually there now but for something what's actually was there. I don't mean, that something was here, it was not here but there.. but I look for that something in here too... So that something there, which was so wonderful to experience wasn't seen here. But my habit of looking for that something here never faded. Hope is what makes us ..look.

Well, I know it is quite confusing about this "" right?

Let me give a vivid reason for my habit of looking through the window hoping to find some of sweetest memories happen again.

While I was at my home in India, I always felt that I should be independent, make up my own home....and etc etc; I know most of the girls do dream like this. I too did. But when you actually live by yourself, you will get to know the pain apart from the pleasure you experience.You might wonder the memory I was talking about is something about missing home...Of course 'Yes' n Also 'No'. Another confusing expression comes onto your face...and you might feel what is she writing about. Let me not drag the introduction goes the topic...

9 years ago when we moved to our new apartment from our old nuclear house, the best thing I liked was our bedroom (me n my brother shared one) because it has a big window which has a beautiful view of lush green field with thickly grown green crop waving to the breeze if "it is dancing to tunes of the slow blowing breeze"....I couldn't stop to say WoW!

Don't imagine the apartment is somewhere outside the city limits..nooo it wasn't. Its along the City's busiest routes and close to the national highway.

Then where did this lush green field come from in between the urban dwellings??? this is your next question....Its because we had a school behind our apartment.....a Christian missionary school which offered free education to the economically poor children. The school owners had owned this field to grow some crop to feed their cattle.

So our bedroom had a beautiful green background throughout the year. I always enjoyed watching this green beauty and the slow breeze which kisses these green fields before bringing the freshness to our bedroom. The night view had very brightly lit if "the stars came down to shine". That was because we had a power supply house close by our apartment...not very close though. But as close as their lights could brighten the bedroom after all the lights in the house were turned off! Another beautiful and my favourite view through the window was, The Moon...full or half or a was so spectacular that I couldn't turn my eyes off from its sight.

The best thing was I always felt like a Princess whenever I slept with the windows open and the moon pouring down its light onto my bed and comforting me to sleep..n the breeze slowly swinging me to was such an amazing feeling.... and another worth mentioning feeling that I enjoyed was the smell of the freshly bloomed nightingales somewhere in the neighbor's backyard...."sending their fragrance to fill my sleep with more pleasantness"............"A night filled with Moonlight; cool breeze; nightingale fragrance; on a cozy bed" now its your turn to say...Wow..right?

The summer mornings started too early as the Sun used to scorch if slept late...but glowing orange Sun looked absolutely wonderful and the mirror in my bedroom reflected this light so much that I felt like wearing sunglasses in the bedroom. :P

The Monsoon season was so watch through the window.....the rain drops pitter-pattering, drenching the green crop as "if it is bathing the crop to turn much cleaner-greener" and "the smell of sun parched mud", along with some "lip smacking hot snacks"...together contribute to an awesome experience. When it gets cloudy and before it pours down..I liked watching the lightening though it scares me little bit, and sometimes scared to close the window panes when the wind gets angrier and blows hard breaking anything that comes its way.

The winter days were so pretty as the invisible snow in the night left some dew on the leaves which were the only witnesses of that invisible snow and it appeared like the leaves were dressed with pearls and most of the mornings were filled with lot of fog covering everything thats behind them..even the Sun which tries hard to escape and show off its beauty...and it looked "as if the dew and fog got jealous of the Orange colored bright Sun, start melting down and make their way out being out shined by the radiant color"!

Apart from enjoying these seasons, my day dreaming habit gave more space to the endless imaginations and hallucinations!

Yes I miss that feeling, I don't see that "something" here when I look through my window. Its totally different, I see more non-living things than liveliness. People hardly sit-in/enjoy their balconies. Except for few trees out in the courtyard which bloom now and then, I hardly get to see the beauty of life and nature here. Sun is silent, winds are we read in books...Summers are hot, Winters are cold and Rains are messy...this is what I find when I look through the window here!

- Vennela


  1. A writer in the making..good one's, though havent had the time to g through all..