Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fire, water and government know nothing of mercy.

Hello All,

After the Slapster post in my blog, many enquired me whether something went wrong with me, or someone hurt me personally. I already mentioned it clear that, its not a personal problem that I discussed, but the problems of the people around me which moved me and made me write it that way.

Anyways My intention behind typing down this post is slightly different., but more or less related to my previous post. Again, please don't ask what went wrong with u these days. Just read, u will get to know.

On my way 2 the Office yesterday, I saw an old guy who was hit by a car which gallopped soon after the red signal turned green. The car was driven by a lady and it is not her mistake too coz she accelarated only after the signal changed and may be she couldnt break so quick. Not the mistake of the Old guy too in my opinion, since he seemed very old and may be he did not know, how long the signals take to change nor he couldn't catch a glimpse of the signs.
As the signal was showing red and I had to break n wait on the other side of the road while I saw him getting hit by this car. I couldn't stop myself to get out of the car to help him...but by the time I ran there he fell on the ground.....n luckily he wasn't badly injured, but was in kind of accidental shock..... after a little while he tried to get up and was looking for some support, me rushing there somehow helped him move slowly.... holding him, I supported him to walk on to the curb side and rest.

When I looked around, long lines of traffic were standing, n some of them got out of their car staring at me and the old guy, but none of them came to help., even the lady who hit the guy didn't step forward to support him. Everyone were waiting for the cop to show up. After few mins the cop came there, and he made the old guy sit in his car and said he will take him to the doctor.
Well, we also made a move slowly...but still I was kind of disturbed by the people's reaction around me there. Why didnt they come to help him???
While this question started pondering in my mind, my colleague who sat beside me said, U shldnt have gone there to do that kind of help, we are just supposed to call the cops at that time. I was shocked to hear that, she went on... "because there are incidents in some accidents where in people who made a move to help and got sued for improperly handling the person when the person's leg, rib or hand fractures by not moving him properly.....So we are supposed to wait for the paramedic...". I said "what if the person needs some water or some other kind of attention before that?. I was taught to go and do little firstaid,call ambulance simultaneously. So my reaction was that, and I dint know that people have to wait and watch him/her untill the paramedic shows up".
Even now I feel the same...What if the injured victim needs some water immediately ??, or some little first aid or some kind of moral support...becuase doctors say that in such situations, person feels like having some1 attending his/her probelm so he/she feels better mentally.
Is it becuase this country is very sophisticated n the EMS arrives quick, people were taught not to be merciful in such situations, but just call the ambulance n wait.??
Its true that the medical assistance is very quick here, but not always and sometimes not as quick as the internal organs of a person stops functioning too. Some might argue instead of ignorant assistance ruining his/her organs, its far better to wait untill the ambulance shows up, Yes I agree that. But, my arguement is why were we taught the basic first aid lessons which r done before the doctor arrives....if that has bad effects eventually.....why should we learn them????
Its a proven fact that people are more better cured with confidence that they r going to be okay than merely taking a medicine without any belief. So times like that, need someone beside u saying that will be taken care of soon and will be okay......Isn't it???. So whats wrong if U go n take care of him/her until the paramedic arrives.
Just think, if the same situations happens on a deserted Highway and it takes a while for the EMS to arrive, do we need to call and run away from the place???
Whatever it is, Laws/Rules shouldn't make people forget mercy and compassion atleast in these kind of incidents., thats what I strongly feel.

- Vennela