Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Fat Wedding Season

Having a beautiful wedding is almost everybody's dream. But how about a big fat wedding??? Its very much possible if you are ready to spin millions.
Off late I have been receiving wedding invitations from friends and extended family and witnessed some of them when I was in India.  Its always nice to see the alluring invitations and photographs of the weddings shared post ceremony. Especially Indian weddings involve a lot more celebration and events. Having stated that, my thoughts drifted to the recent celebrity weddings which were much more interesting as we all anxiously watched them on the TVs. Not just the celebrities but most of the rich folk are going gaga over spending millions on wedding events.
Beginning with the invitation card, our big spenders make sure that card can send the best possible grandeur vibes to all corners. Sometimes they carry some hidden surprises too. Then comes the wedding dresses of the bride and the groom which were spun on a customised order by numero uno designers followed by the wedding venues which were specially designed and sometimes built so as to show the uniqueness of the families and their taste in exhibition of richness and culture. Wedding has become the best and safe to flaunt enormous wealth. And it offers a million ways to spend the millions. The so called big fat weddings all look fabulous with jaw dropping sets and flabbergasting costumes.  If you would want to go on a treasure hunt, I would say you better to go to a big fat wedding. You would be tired of loading so much treasure to your wagons. 
If you open cash calculator to calculate the amount spent on these big fat weddings, I doubt if the digits would all fit in the little space. Thanks to the media which constantly published news flaunting the millions spent and made us get used to the flamboyance. Tireless broadcasts induced some competition in the rich eligible families to show off their wealth as much as possible. So couple of days were not sufficient for the big events, so they extended the extravaganza to last a week. 
Not to forget that the recent royal wedding which was one of its kind. I read that about 20 million pounds were spent. We have read in history about grand royal weddings and how they all happened with great pomp and show. Let us call that the recent one was a visual feast to the newer generation. 
I have read that the customized wedding dress worn by the bride goes to the museum to stand as an exhibition piece. I wonder what happens to the wedding dress/sarees worn by other rich class brides? Will they ever get a chance to repeat the marvel? Or should we build a museum for wedding wear so that we go n get inspiration before our wedding? This could be a better idea. 
Its actually exciting to watch these wedding happenings. But still somewhere in the corner, I feel this celebration can have limits. I know its completely a personal choice of celebrating a wedding event. I opine that uniqueness is definitely welcome but throwing millions for the wedding can be given a second thought. What say readers?