Friday, November 25, 2011

Vintage Thanks!

Dear folks,

Wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
This Thanksgiving is very different because, I am miles away from the celebration. Not that I am very much used to this celebration. But certainly festivals are unforgettable and always fun no matter how much we are used to it. Celebrate it once with much laughter and fun and we fall in love with it. Thanksgiving was something like that for me. All through my stay in USA, every year of Thanksgiving was super fun. The food, shopping, friends gatherings etc. That fun still lingers in my mind. And that love has pushed me to collect some vintage cards. Have I missed to mentioned that my recent crush is "anything vintage". So here I am celebrating this Thanksgiving by posting some beautiful cards to all friends & foes in USA. Have a look my lovely readers.

Heartful Thanks & Gratitude to all my wonderful friends. Love u all

P.S: My post this time has been delayed as I have come home being pampered, loved and irritated with allergies :( I promise I will get back soon with a beautiful post.