Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Separation is not the Solution"

"Telangana" This is the most uttered word by almost all of the Telugus n probably most of the news followers all over the world. Good or bad, positive or negative, support or oppose....everybody have their own voice behind this. Similarly I do have mine.
Whenever I used to come across the news about separate Telangana issue, separation of India and Pakistan came into my mind. Though independent Pakistan wasn't part of the initial objective during Freedom Struggle, later it grew stronger because of few selfish leaders. The final result is Pakistan n India had never been friends n might not be in future. And we are still fighting for Kashmir. Needless to mention about the terror attacks n massive destruction that has been going on for ages.
Well, before supporting or opposing this idea of separation of Telangana, I have some very big questions in my mind:
Why will a state exploit its own regions???
Why only certain regions were developed and not others???
Why a region's resources were used by other region????
When a region has so many resources, why there is no development??? while these are the similar questions asked by many people..I am re-asking the same to them.
I should say something a country why only few cities become cosmopolitan and the others remain as an ordinary place??? Is it because, other cities do not hold such capacity? or is it because some other city has exploited this place?? I hope this makes some sense to above asked questions.
If the separation is all about solving the region's problems..can't these agitations come forward for solving the problem instead separating the state? Instead of working out for the solution, how good it is to fight for separation which might give a solution much later than sooner and which can possibly bring financial crisis to the newly formed state.
To some extent there is truth that the resources weren't properly utilized and developed in Telangana, but this is not the way to achieve development. It is just like throwing ourselves as a prey to the hungry monsters.
If water supply/irrigation was the problem, why there was no serious agitation or a movement as today's, demanding for a water supply/irrigation projects? “Let’s demand irrigations projects for the region, let’s make it more serious until we achieve it.” Why this has not been carried out seriously till date???
What about other regions in the state? Don't they have any problems within? Rayalaseema is an equally poor region in terms of irrigation. So should they seek a similar solution??? If everybody seeks separation as a many states will be formed down the line? If this is the scenario, .eventually each city should form a state by itself to find solutions.
Initial separation of states, had a different objective. The basis of separation of states after Independence was to tie people of same linguistic backgrounds in one place, so there wouldn't be any communication differences. However, presently Telangana supporters are claiming that they have a separate language, which is a mix of urdu n telugu...and so it fall into the similar category. Thereby claiming that separation is valid. I would say its another kind of accent in Telugu which was influenced by the urdu language. As long as the script remains one, the language is also the same, though it has many varieties of regional influences.
Supporters might think, I don't know any background about this while writing, but I should say I have read many articles, watched videos before starting to write this. I feel much depressed to be separated. In fact I never thought we were all separate region people.
From the articles I read it appeared to me that Telangana supporters weren't interested to live together from day 1 as they believed they would be exploited by other regions...but why did they compromise for these many years if there was no interest at all??? The fact is that the poorer communities were the sufferers anywhere in the world and Telangana is not an exception. I read an article which said certain communities in this region exploited the lower class/tribes/illiterate folks which is also the same scenario in many other places. Also there were communities who established themselves very well in spite of so many problems around and some people migrated to other parts leaving the problems behind. Even most of the region's leaders were not capable enough to carry their message. Though they did, at one point there was a break for their activities, in order to cater to their own selfish needs. Even today, the leaders who support this separation are merely doing this for power rather than serving the purpose and they might again exploit the region by looting away the funds allotted to the separate state, as there is no guarantee that they win next election. This is not a new concept in our politics; it is all a routine issue that has been going on.
These selfish leaders always have had a sole objective in mind, and being in a democratic society, the game is played as safe as possible. If the people supporting for Telangana state can understand this simple logic, they would never come forward to support those stupids who lobby for earning big bucks on separation of the state.
Hope the people who are supporting understand this, before its too late. Especially students who started a violent protestation should better know, it is their future that will be ruined in these agitations. Only young minds can be easily influenced and provoked...this influence is generating negative vibes among them. This is going to transform in a very over possessive attitude among them…which in turn will result in more violence.
Personally I don't think a separate state will do any good to the common man but will sure do great magic for selfish wishers of Telangana.
I strongly feel that peace and prosperity prevails only when all the regions of our state function together, it is good if we can strive together to find solutions to the persistent problems instead of fighting for separation now and waiting for solutions for ages.

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