Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brats of Tinsel Town

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Its been almost a month that I have come back to this space. I have made some changes and intend to add more features too. Hope it will be like by you all.
Coming sunday is Mother's day, I wish my dearest Mom and mom-like ladies in my life a very very happy Mothers' day; Thank you for being the strength of my life :)
Karnataka has chosen Congress over other parties...I am not sure if this party would shape the state's future in a positive way but hope & wish they clean up Bangalore's garbage n bring back the 'garden city' tag.

Post of the day is a simple lighting experiment with a flower vase...have a look
Tinsel town is the most happening place, as well all know the clan of the tinsel town have a larger than life portfolios in an outsiders' perception. These matinee idols are almost worshiped as demi-gods in our country. This status may be craved by many but works only for few and they can be called truly lucky. I can't agree when they say it comes only out of hard work. There are many people who work harder, better, nicer yet may not be so lucky and fortunate to attain that status. Those few lucky chaps who have attained such status have to maintain that with an appropriate public image although it is not always easy to control emotions. 
The 1st generation demi-gods were not arrogant as today's lot. They were pretty aware of their roots. As we know the concept of hierarchy is much seen in films & politics. While the younger lot easily inherit the fame & name, not all of them inherit the positive image that was carefully guarded for ages. 
Just as in the case of Ttown's hero Charan, his rude behaviour in public has been getting some harshest of responses in the social media. He might have inherited his dad's heroic qualities on the screen but off the screen he seemed to be lacking basic civic sense. Holding a status as such, small time emotions shouldn't trigger to get into street fights and silly arguments. Having hottest wheels in the town is not an achievement but making sure it doesn't run over people is most important. And just because he has one of the best cars it doesn't mean public have to make a way to his wheels. The entire episode seems so sleazy on his part. He should and could have behaved in a decent way if things were really wrong on the other side. A traffic police patrol will be just a call away for his status, however he stooped down to behave like any other political goon. Looks like hez in a hangover of filmy scene or got into the political mode..., but hez supposed to be doing other way round in films..may be hez too fired up with the antagonist's character and got into the skin. One has to wait and see what this fiery chap's modest daddy is gonna say...may be he would rule it out as a political conspiracy as he soaked it all now or may be he would unapologetically support his haughty son's domineer. Clean up your image macho otherwise you are sure to lose some 'logical' fans who may not come to your rescue because its quite evident that you were too narcissistic in there.

This is not the first time Ttown witnessed a bratty youngster's fiery public behaviour. Recently in a movie controversy, a community protested at a bigwig's home and some of them were harshly bashed up by the security on a so called 'hero - Vishnu's'(atleast he himself believes so if not the audience)orders. Justifying his mean acts, he had delivered some emotional dialogues about the safety and security of his family much better than in movies. Also gone ahead and warned just as they overdo in movies. The whole saga there wasn't as bad as he projected it to be, but his drama seemed overboard to the onlookers. Dude, better perform that on the screen,it may earn some revenue, but not in public coz it all looked like a cooked up drama.
There were many other small time heroes who have made bigger & better dramas in public and with police but they couldn't make it as big as Charan with respect to the popularity. One Mr.Charan should have realized what it takes to spoil a hard earned name with one nasty incident. The offscreen persona is also important to build an image these days....what you are outside is watched, commented, analysed and criticized. Wish these guys take some lessons from Ktown's hero Ajith Kumar in regards to the public behaviour or the Superstar Rajinikanth.

Looks like he need some serious pacifying lessons...time to rope in a spiritual swamiji :P



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