Thursday, May 16, 2013

I me myself

I, Me, Myself...please bear with me while I try to flaunt myself here....not so good at.

I say I am 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' though a very complicated word to spell and read, its still is an interesting one. Likewise, I am complicated on the core & shell but quite an interesting person to be with.
I love being with people but never get bored being alone. I am super talkative but never bore my listeners. Always up and active, an energizer indeed. I am fun loving person and I enjoy going out but don't mind staying home with my favourite hobbies or favourite people around. 
I am impulsive and dynamic with a little bit of drama :D I also say I am 'clairvoyant', some experiences of mine allowed me to claim this name :D  I am a compulsive, impulsive shopaholic too. I love shopping, I enjoy it a lot.
Apart from shopping I have varied interests mostly in art, and very rarely in sports. When I say arts, I mean all the major forms, be it painting, music, dance, fashion, design, cooking, writing, crafts...list can go on. I love to try everything that interests me. 
I love travelling, most of us do...right? But I only love those travels that are hassle free, I know, I know I am asking for too much, but fortunately, I hardly faced any such and so I look forward for the same sweet travels. 
I love to be pampered, adored and liked...after all, who doesn't? I demand attention, yes I do...not from every other person but from my loved ones, I want them to make me as their most important priority,...fortunately my family & extended family does that. Thank God I am blessed :)
I enjoy humorous, intelligent & knowledgeable conversations and I detest being with fake people, hypocrites, and mean people.
I love risking if I believe thats gonna be worth my effort, no matter how hard it is. I often go by my gut feeling rather than taking ten different opinions from ten different people. 

I guess I have bragged enough about me :))

In this page, you will see everything like..some opinions, some experiences, some trails, some tips, some drama, & some random lines of mine!!!

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