Friday, September 7, 2012

Recipe Trails & Random lines


My title might be confusing to the regular visitors of my blog, wondering whether I changed the genre of my blog??? Honestly, my blog is genreless according to me. I never specialized or focussed on one area in my writings. Everything was random. To not have a genre is good or bad???, I don't know but one has to pay the price of not having many followers. Does it bother me??? I never really thought of ! Anyways I can say that my blog is kinda jack of all trades n master of none. So I keep writing whatever inspires me, sometimes my own experiences and sometimes my expressions that I want to vent out. 

Coming to today's post...well I am never a great cook nor a worst cook. I can say I am just a good cook. What inspires me to cook???...the same that which inspires me to eat!!! Cooking is definitely an art. Arts generally are stress busters to me. Cooking is one of them that all of us can practise. My cooking experiments have begun at a very early age, but were fruitful only when I was out of country. Being away from home taught me real cooking.

What/Who helped me??? Cook books...not had one, Mom's instructions over the phone..hmm not really, Blogs...not exactly. But yeah videos done by some cooking enthusiasts and some chefs of course. I always thought food bloggers are mostly housewives with ample of time in hand and hence they spend their time in making tasty recipes and take time to post them on their web pages. My assumptions were put to shame by a food blogger named Sala Kannan., who is a working women, an avid traveller, a photographer and a foodie. Her page veggie belly was just introduced to me today and am already inspired very much by her recipes. Me having some time in hand, thought to serve my foodie hubby a yummy lunch and tried one of her recipe called...Paella style spiced tomato rice. Was it just that??? Well, I added my bit to it by serving a hot cream of veg soup alongside the rice dish. How did it turn out??? ...dig in to know

 I am not posting the details of the recipe here but you can find the original recipe details at Veggie Belly page. I can't take the credits expect for the photographs.

 The process of the recipe is so simple that even amateur cooks can attempt and make it a success. I wouldn't say that its very new but I find it quite refreshing as I was also taking few photographs of the process.

What I did as a side is, the Knorr veg soup with bread crumbs. I always keep a stock of Knorr soup packets in my pantry and fresh bread of course. To make bread crumbs I tried a rustic way of grilling them in oven and breaking them with free hand. But, I guess you can cut them into proper cubes and then toast/girll which will give an even shape.

Finally the Paella style spiced Tomato rice and Veg soup topped with some oregano is ready.
My husband and I enjoyed the lunch. Thanks to Sala Kannan for inspiring!!!
Are you inspired??? Why don't you try one.



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