Monday, January 4, 2010

Being Myself

Hi all,

You all know that its time for New Year resolutions....a little late but thats okay. Better late than never. Coming to me, I generally do not keep any resolutions, not because I won’t work them out, but I keep postponing them for ages ;).

Tell me how many of you have come across problems when you try being candid in your attitude?? In fact I came across hurdles in being so. Finally figured out that people like beautiful lies rather than ugly truth. I believe this very strongly. N Of course I myself sometimes prefer this. ;)

I know you have started reading between the lines already. Seriously there is nothing in between the lines. I am an open minded person, so you need not try hard to understand my intentions. They are quite plain and simple. :)

As I said earlier that I postpone my resolutions most of the time, this time I took a resolution not to postpone my resolutions anymore. This itself is the first and foremost resolution.

The second and most important resolution is to continue being myself, although I juggle n struggle many times in my thoughts that should I still be myself when things don’t work properly. Especially when some people come and waste my valuable time in sparing their leisure time by picking up a free dumb advice that is just easily available in air n throw it with a nicely carved dubious smile to say “Try to be smart”. I am not saying I hate them, I understand their compulsion of getting in the shoes of an advisor when they see things/situations that didn’t happen to them or when they think that they can't be like me ;). Do I sound arrogant??? whatever..

Well, I believe being myself is itself being smart ;), then what in the world is this so called “ try to be smart”. I think it is meant “try not to be your self” which is really very hard to me. Being myself in my words means, “do not pretend to be for what I am not in reality, n do not show off for what is not existing in and around me, n do not blabber for what is not going to happen, n do not act like I am innocent n ignorant, n do not claim for which is not mine”. All this sounds quite easy n simple to read, but in reality I think the world around will not let you be this way. In spite of all these, I still resolute to “ be myself”.

n now time for a free advice to my readers "Be Urself" :)