Monday, May 26, 2008

Hearty Welcome!!!!!

Introducing ME to my readers.....

I am fondly known as Jo, Josh among my frns. As my "about me" in orkut profile reads, I would like 2 simply d'fine me as "Full of Life". I donno n don hav big stratagies in life..I like 2 lead simple yet innovative life, I don't like 2 stick on to the same old routine stuff, though it is sometimes, I would like see the newer phase out of it. I strongly believe in God, which I consider d driving force in everywalk of my life. I like 2 Talk a lot.I'm confident tht I don't bore my audience. I have lot of interests takes a while to list them out, but Music takes d top position. Anyways,I don't wanna write a lot abt them at this point.

Well,I started blogg'g 2 spend my leisure time. Basically I love 2 pen down many things I see daily , coz I feel they can be well expressed in writings rather than a talk. But most of My writings were restricted to my personal buks untill I got this idea of blogging. I guess I won't be confined to any particular issue.

So a Very Welcome to my blog, hope it will help u spend ur time with "no boredom"

- Jyostna


  1. Hmm looks interesting abt ur past..intaki clock vaipu enduku chusaavoo.. reason cheppu twaraga..waiting for ur updates.. i know ur busy..still update atleast on weekend..I 2 busy.. time chusukuni chadivestaa..

  2. got to read ur blog accidentally, enjoyed it.....ur narration of lab incident was superb....just couldnt stop my self appreciating.
    Made me think of starting a blog of mine.

  3. thanks a lot, I am really happy 2 c the comment.