Friday, July 18, 2008

Second n Final Episode

So, i guess my readers r eagerly waiting for my next episode of tht incident.

Well, Thanks for waiting..

Here goes the continuation........

As we both were seriously working .., I successfully completed jolting down list of chemicals in one rack, n i was jus wondering, 4m which row shld i bgin, for the next rack..n so, after a glance, i decide to start 4m the top row, so pulled a stool 2 stand high, not tht i'm short, but the racks r so tall...,hehe. So it went on for the next few mins.., untill I unknowingly stepped onto the rack 4m the stool, believe me, i hav never been 2 any gymnastic classes, neither gemini circus was my was my seriousness in the work tht made me do so...,(hehe) so wht if i step there..???

Now, on step was fine, n the following gaint leap made tht day 2 b noted in the calendar. My next step went on the sliding rack.., n u can guess by now, wht wld hav happnd.., A big "Yes" 2 most of ur guesses. hmm.., now my step on the sliding rack, made it tilt very slightly, n all the chemical bottles made their way down . When my childhood cartoon heros like Spiderman, Batman, Iceman, etc; din turn up on tht moment, I magically managed 2 put them back...infact holding the slightest slided rack...n pushing it back. I guess thts the quickest action I ever took, which really stopped the bottles 4m falling n saved us. So u might b thinking, so this is all the next episode..nope..not all........, while I tried my best to escape 4m the beast's(Manager) clutching fists....meanwhile another big gaint bottle of 20lbs made a narrow escape 4m my clutching fists.

This escape made a loud noise, n white colored fumes blew us away, frightening for tht fraction of moment, my heart said me 'I am sorry', ..I din know I am gonna liv neither did my frn. slowly when the fumes vanished, v cld c eachother alive n fine. Jus dramatically, v felt like hugging each other, n say u r fine right?

But, wht abt the 10lbs chemical....?? tht spilled on the ground, wht if it was a concentrated acid?, wht if its most hazardous fuming chemical.? Thank God, it was none of them....bcoz v r fine. the question was, which was tht chemical tht gav a lifeline, though its home was completely broken? Do u think these were all our thoughts then at tht moment. No way....v moved out the area but v were standing still for the next 10mins. While v then recognised v r completely okay, n wanted 2 b for the future, b4 the monster steps in,.....v went there n tuk a luk. Tht was a disaster. Believe me folks, the grey colored floor turned into black.... Wht 2 do???

Thereafter the action part started...v knew while our chances of working @ the campus were least, say 2%, v don wanna giv up. V jus tuk another resolution for tht day, watever it might b lets bring the original color. My 1st step in the action part was 2 know wht was tht stupid chemical which din like its designated area n slipped out. B4 recognising tht, v came up wid something else. Thts the kind of drowsyness v were by then experiencing.
V went to the spilled spot n tried luking the name of the chemical. Found it was "CHCl3" , its because of tht v were feeling drowsy in tht closed stock room. Chemistry ppl hav got me by now..right,well for othrs, lemme tell u the name,it was "Chloroform". It din matter 4 us even when v saw thts chloroform, wht only was imp then..."watever, lets keep up our jobs" So v made sure no one's on their way 2 tht room., n also the spilled chemical wldnt harm us. Then rolling up our sleeves, wearing gloves, disposing the waste stuff over there, were the next few mins work.
But v then din know, the spilled chemical shld go in the hazardous waste bottles, wat all v did was dump tht in the sink. When, powder kind spillage was removed, the liquid kind was left. Paper napkins, made our work easy...n 4m 1 end myself n 4m the other my frn,...rolled on the floor cleaning untill it tuk its original form. The breaks in between were 2 run out n make sure tht beast doesnt make his way there, anyways v cannot stop him 2 enter, neither cant stop him 2 smell, but its jus a satisfaction. n also 2 make sure his surviellance camera doesn't broadcast our panicing moments, which he wld njoy watching 4 his lifetime. finally it tuk 2 hrs 2 make tht luk grey, but there were black stains very clearly visible. There was nothing else v cld do more than tht. When tht was almost done, the monster entered, v were numb, blank, n pale...i cld say anything 2 describe our situ.., he made his way walking 2wards the deadspot..while v were counting on our fate, surprisingly, he came bak cool n said "gr8 work". Wht???? din he notice tht..or is it bcoz v wiped it so clean tht he said so??? how cld say tht??? it is not even insight of the did he know., if even the odors shut their duty 2 diffuse around. wht shld b our answer? wht hppnd 2 all discussed answers tht jus faded away 4m memory 4 tht second.??Numerous questions came up....
actually he was not interested wid the work but more interested in pattng us for doing gud job, which doesnt exactly mean tht but seems as if it was so.It was again 2 try n try his stupid flirtricks.........., Again we moved away 4m his so called patting n left the place.
Tht was the most memorable n hardest work I ever did. n also the " Accidentally happened Incident"


  1. Hey Jyo...nicely put and apt title...was fun reading it..keep rocking!!!

  2. thanks avanthi, very sorry yaar, i din c ur comment