Monday, July 14, 2008

Accidental Incident

Hii all,

I am back again wid a new one.., its all abt my experience when i started working at the univeristy campus. Actually, I donno wat word shld I use to exactly describe the whole thing that happened. Wld like 2 throw a quiz to the literature specialists to swing into action, n leave an exact description of this in jus 1 word if they think my title is not apt.

Well, to begin with, Me n my frnd got our 1st campus job after 3 months search, one of our frns referred us there. V were very happy that we got 1 after many dayz. And ask me wht work we did..its student assistantship at the Chemistry Lab in the Chemistry Dept of our skool. We had to work under the Lab Manager. The lab manager is a hefty blackman. Heard he is well known to fire students who do not know to answer his junk questions, n Quite fond of gals, so we got the job said our other frns. The day we started, our frn was wid us, helping us learn the new stuff. but 2 days after tht she flew out of the country. It was december 12th 2006, Morning 8:45 am.,stone cold, even in texas. With the job excitement me n my frn ran 2 work(na........!!! the reason was its hard walking in tht cold winter morning breeze, so we ran 2 keep ourselves warm). Soon after walking into the dept, we came 2 know there were very very few ppl working on tht day, n then Mr.Manager was ready n gav us the work for tht day. And the work he gav was not at all a hard nut to crack; hmm...1 cannot even dream such work 4m him. He was always known for his foolishness, which in his literature is termed as intelligence. We were asked to do the inventory of the chemicals available at Solutions room. 'okay lets kick start the work, n get gud appreciations by the end of the day'... This was tht day's initial resolution. so u might b wondering whether there's something more abt this day...u r on the right track. Yes!! there came a lifeline for us tht day.
Now, our work place was very Gud, n it definetly deserves an introduction of 1 line " The room was in the 1st floor of the building, it had a surviellance camera too".Thts Mr.Manager's way of keeping an eye on his crew. So, we stepped in , he showed us the work, n said " I will be out n u gals carry on wid this stuff, not sure when I vl b bak". n the monster left..oops thts the manager. excuse me, thts my inner voice, which forgot 2 shut its mouth. Now did he leave? no frns,he vl not. Until he comes near n tries his gr8, in my words stupid flirt tricks. Well, while he successfully failed using his tricks, he left.
We were relieved. 'uffffff'...tht was a sigh 4m both of us. Okay now it was not as hogwarts skool of witchcraft n wizard arts to welcome us wid a magic wand, but its Lamar skool of Chemistry wid all the Chemical Solutions in the room which invited us with those pungent smells n precipitating gases saying 'welcome young gals on board'. "Ok thanks" was said by us, n tuk some papers, pen went thru the room, n decided then n there tht the seven$ pay was not worth of our abt to begin work. Coz its hard jolting down so many diff odors.., i mean the chemical odors. wht if an odor of them escapes, n if that hound(guess whos tht?) smells tht? we went imagining the phrase" i am pleased 2 inform u, ur services r no more reqd by this dept, thanks"....A big No. V don wanna hear tht in reality. "So b careful gals", said those still standing bottles filled wid odors.
Anyways, we din wanna take a chance, neither giv the monster...i'm sorry the manager a chance. So we clipped our mouths, pulled up our sleeves,except for few questionaire in b/w, gav a jump start 2 our work. btw we din hav hand gloves; thank god the safety dept lady wasnt there then, else the start wld b the end too. While working, I remember even now, tht we then din remember then,to see the clock. Not tht the work is so interesting, but its requiring attention. Finally the tym has come, which made us luk at the clock again n again n panicfor the next few hrs, not becoz we weren't meeting the deadline. But...........................................

Wanna know y???, then wait for the next 1 to come up !!! be continued

"Vl let u know MORE in the Next Episode"

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  1. Thank you for your comments in my Blog....I dont have your email/contact info to clarify the things you asked me about.....if i remember you correct...You are my classmate in NALANDA too..I guess we are familiar enough to know each other...

    regarding your reflects your pleasant thoughts and your love for Music and life!

  2. ur welcome tarun, gud 2 c ur response, my email is
    To b honest, i don exactly remember u in Nalanda.
    Anyways thanks 4 ur comment.