Saturday, July 26, 2008

Small Tip from My Experience

Hi Folks!!!

This is a small tip I wanted to publish, bcoz this often happens for many of us.

Problem: What if u bite ur tongue while u eat something or, what if ur fud stuff injures ur tongue n it bleeds badly?

Solution: 1st of all, plz don't panic. this was the advice given to me the other day while the same happened to me. Its common thing tht most of us do such while we eat, but it appears to b a problem when it bleeds for long time. I read tht tongue's most sensitive muscles get injured very easily but at the same time heal very quick. So, though it bleeds for several minutes, its not necessary u run n c a doctor. But do some first aid to stop the bleeding., like eat some sugar, or eat an icecream if available which clots the blood. Or else use a clean cloth 2 press over n hold tight for few mins. Also, try pressing a moistened tea bag over the cut. Well, if there r any bleeding disorders, it takes much longer time.
And finally if it takes very long tym, plz do consult ur physician, but i guess this rarely happens.
As I read tht tongue's extensive blood vessel system helps it form new cells very quickly.
Anyways, try this out when u hav such problem.

Hope u never come across!!!


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