Saturday, March 27, 2010

Departing from yet another dear place

Hello Alllllllll,

When I just think of the feeling that I am gonna experience while I take my flight to leave USA, not sure of the return date in my future calendars, it is just a bizarre. I have got accustomed here so much that I started feeling it as my second home after India which is my first home.
When I was bound to USA for my graduate studies, initially I was so excited and when the day of departure neared, I felt that as if I am being thrown out somewhere in a lonely world. The most miserable time I had spent was during my flight from Frankfurt to Houston. I was sobbing in silence all the way. It was not at all exciting for me then. It took me about a month to like the place.
After about 4 yrs of my stay here, what I realised is that when you have good people around you, no matter where you stay in the world, its gonna be absolute fun. So the people I acquainted with in this country made my stay the most memorbale and comfortable as well. Thanks to all those near & dear who made me to cherish my time here. Not that, all my 4 year stay bundled only beautiful memories, but it has definately taught me how life treats you and how I should treat life.
If I have to jot down what I learnt its gonna take too many pages. However, I wanna breif up some key things that made me feel that I have accomplished something by coming here. Most importantly my graduation, which was what I planned for. Although it began as a routine education, it slowly grabbed me to put my interest and made me determine there should be feather in my cap before I step out of this place. I guess I was able to achieve that.

Working in core Civil Engineering which was what I dreamt since my undergraduation has come true. I was able to secure a job soon after my graduation. I am quite lucky that I din't have to wait long for a job after I finished my graduation.

I should admit that almost everything had gone well except for few hiccups in between. Well, it happens everywhere. Most importantly, this place has taught me responsibility in life. And dealing with different kinds of people. As I said earlier, any place turns out be wonderful, if you have good people around you. Similary, any place in the world can turn out to be miserable if you have odd people around you. Frankly, though I had to deal with such odd people, it was only hard at that moment. Once I come out of that, I thought I learned something from that. My Dad keeps saying that our own Life is the best Teacher. That obviously very true. All those days which I thought were bad had taught me something or the other. Personally I am not very cool..., I should confess that I lost my cool in just couple of cases, otherwise I think I maintained my integrity and dignity even in worst cases. I guess that should definately be called an accomplishment. Its not easy to stay cool in such hard times folks.
Now this is my last weekend here in USA, I am not so very excited at present because I just sold my Lovely Bimmer. I almost had tears when I gave out the keys. It was so embarrassing when I had to give/sell out all those things that I really bought with so much interest. Hope the shipping costs were not so freaking expensive.
Alright I will have to come out with another post to pen down more experiences of mine here in USA. Lemme make a stop for now and enjoy this weekend. I know you might be curious to know where I am bound to.
Another dream destination...London.

Wish me luck folks!
Miss u America....Goodbye!!!!!



  1. Hi,

    I wish you luck in your future endeavors. I hope that you will like London even better than USA.

    We will miss you too

  2. The feeling will be there for some time.
    All the best in your future adventure.

  3. Hi Jyostna don't feel bad to go back to ur people, ur place....i am sailing in the same boat leaving US for good soon with my family!