Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In pursuit of my passion

Hi all,

The pursuit of happiness..yes happiness lies in doing our favourite stuff. Photography is one my favourite hobbies. When I see my clicks turning into beautiful pictures, it brings a broad smile on my face and if I ruin them I just simply get dejected. Anyways, I wanted to post some of the recent pictures that I captured while visiting places in London. Hope you all will enjoy.

This was shot @ Buckingham Palace Gardens

These cherry blossoms were also captured @ Buckingham Palace Gardens..they were white cherry blossoms, but I tried using the black n white tint, and I really liked it this more than in colour.

This was clicked @ Kew Gardens..I didn't know it turn this beautiful when I clicked.

These cherry blossoms were also taken @ Kew Gardens, the very sight of this pink painted tree, made me run with my camera to capture its beauty. Girls love pink and so do I..n so it has become my header page display too.

This was taken @ the glasshouse in Kew Gardens.

The Magnolia ..oozes most mild fragrance

This was the painting done by the street painter collaged inside this frame. To me this was more fascinating than the National Gallery Paintings..she did this in 4 weeks..isn't it a master piece?

I hope you all liked my pictures. Let me know your opinions/suggestions/comments.




  1. hey Jo, superb pics.. all are like wall papers.. y cant u make carrier in this??

  2. thanks so much sudha. inka nenu amateur ne..konchem improve ayyaka try chestha

  3. Awesome picsss... looks like professional shotss......

  4. Hey Jyo... All of them are really Awesome.. keep going Jyo.....