Monday, May 24, 2010

More Pics from my clicks


I am back with more pictures that I clicked recently. Here I am presenting them in collages just to make them look more attractive. Hope you all will enjoy it.

These were the weed flowers that grow on road sides. Loved them when I saw them in cluster. So here it is.

 1Daisy flower from the bouquet I bought. 

Random clicks when I noticed the colours. Especially, I liked the yellow most.

This is another street side shrub that attracted my attention. No idea what it is.

These are the newly sprouted leaves from the bushes along the walkway fence. Most of us might have seen it, but I liked them better in the black background.

Alexander Palace, London. It was surrounded by these trees with maroon coloured leaves, but I wasn't able to capture the whole view. Here I present it in this way. 

Tale of two doves, that's what I should call.  He was running behind her, and finally he could impress her n they kissed finally.

The Beautiful White Swan

All my zoomed in clicks worked out very well. I should admit I only tried them till now, will experiment a new style next time. Let me know your thoughts.