Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Women’s Day

It’s time to celebrate the International Women’s day. Wait, what should be the celebrations like? Gather at some convention hall, meet & greet, n deliver lengthy lectures on how a woman should be/what are the present problems faced by women etc;
A big No-No to this kind of celebrations. Before we spend time and money to do all these, I would say its better we use that money and time for some of those deprived women’s welfare. Wait a minute, now I don’t want to write on do this/do that stuff. All I wanted to do is, convey something.
Following is the link which shows you all a women working on the one of the most difficult challenges of our society. The link gives you the details of her work and what we can do to help her. Time or Money, anything is accepted and appreciated. I want to do my part, all those women reading this, if you wish to give your share of help…please check this.



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