Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celebrating 1 Year of Blogging

Hey all,

Its Party Time!!!!! Not because United States celebrates its Independence Day, but because I along with you all have to Celebrate 1 Year of blogging.., I could not believe its been a year that I started Blogging.

It was wonderful to put down all my thoughts like this and it was equally wonderful to receive all your comments and compliments. Thanks to all the readers, who made a stop and spared time to read and leave a note. I will surely come up with more interesting posts, which will entertain all the readers. I hereby want to make a request that, please leave me a note in the comments column, so that I can keep track of your suggestions or comments or compliments. I am glad that I have got some new friends through this blog. Somehow I ventured into Telugu blogging too, which brought more applause. I am Happy that I inspired few other friends to write down their thoughts too like this. All in all it has been a fabulous experience. Now on, I am looking forward to add more features to the blog, make it look much more better. Also, I want to make it versatile, sharing more topics, be it a cuisine, craft, art, music, dance n everything.

Finally, I want to host a small quiz for all the readers.
What do you think is the best post among the published?
Please drop me your answers in the comments column.

Again Thanks for reading!

Cheers :)


  1. My vote is for women in civil engineering,its inspirational.
    Keep ur gud work and exceed as a civil engineer against all odds , hope to see soon in some Indian website as an influential women in civil engineering.

  2. wow..incredible..thanks for all the wishes..i am flattered ;) Thanks for posting the comment too.

  3. Every post of yours have something or the other like interesting topic/ good narration/ feel.. Lottttttt of improvement from your early post & recent ones.. All the best... Not only celebration post.. but also its party time.. Share the venue details in next post.. :D -- Sri..

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I hope to keep up the same enthusiasm in the readers