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Travelogue - City of Bath(Part-1)

Hello Friends,

I am going to present my first travelogue episode here. This post is all about my road trip to the City of Bath, England. I know its gonna be a long post but can't help it friends. Anyways you can make two visit to finish reading my one visit..I mean I am gonna publish it in two parts.

Here goes the first one....

Our trip started in London at 8:30 am, it took us about 20min to get on to the motorway and it took another 15min to realize that we were running out of gas. In our excitement about the trip, we almost forgot to fill the fuel tank. Soon after realizing this, we had to search for service exits on the motorway. Unfortunately there were no service exits found until we decided to take a small town exit. The small town is called Farnborough. Even after driving into the town, for a while all we could see was an aerodrome and some office buildings.  But there was no gas station found. So we took advantage of the technology and got on to browse on blackberry for fuel stations. Fortunately we found one close, and drove off to the fuel station. Once the car was ready to hit the roads, we decided to drive around the town to have a glance. It was small town but a beautiful town. Just because I said its a small town don't jump into conclusions that it wasn't sophisticated as a city. In fact it was much better than a city, clean and green.

Lush green fields around Stonehenge

Once we took off from this small town, we drove for another 40min to reach our 1st pre-decided destination...STONEHENGE. From about a mile's distance, this monument was visible in between lush green fields. There is nothing but this monument in midst of the green was spectacular site to visit. The climate added more color and pleasantness to the site. Even the parking and services were a built a few feet down the actual elevation so that all you see is the monument.
Distant view of Stonehenge
Many of you might have seen this monument on Microsoft wallpapers, but let me give a brief introduction about this. Stonehenge is an ancient stone circle; an exceptional survival of  prehistoric culture. It was believed that this monument evolved between 3000 B.C and 1600 B.C. The exact purpose of this monument still remains a mystery. This world heritage site stands as the source of fascination and inspiration to many.
The moments we spent there were so wonderful. The chilling wind, greenery all around and silent spectators around added more n more pleasure to the moments. After spending an hour at this exotic location, we moved on to visit Longleat House. The drive from Stonehenge to Longleat house was in between country side fields. The route was a single road with lots of ups and downs and great views on both sides. I can never forget the eye-candy view all along the drive. The attractions were lot of apple trees on either sides with full ripen apples and start of fall colors.
The Drive to Longleat
After an hour drive we reached Longleat house which was another awesome feast for eyes. The house looked amazing like a sepia effect sketch on a green fabric. Visitors slow down on the road to watch this view from 1/2mile's distance.
Longleat from long view
The building is an unique masterpiece of Elizabethan architecture noted for its landscaped parkland. This was built by the Thynnes and took 12 years to complete. Since we were short of time, we spent very little time inside the house. I should specifically mention about the kitchen shop which comprised of all those accessories used during medieval ages. I thought of buying few but they were all very expensive and moreover I couldn't spend time on shopping.
Longleat House
Soon after this we drove to a Safari Park located close-by this House. My first Safari experience excited me so much. I never had that close encounter with animals, I mean to say to watch them so close. I got out of the car for refreshments, since our car was blocking the road we had to park it inside the 1st park. After purchasing the refreshments, I walked inside the park to get into the car. But I am in the baby giraffe land already. Before I started enjoying them around me, I was told to get into the car by the crew. That was a fantastic experience I had. They gave us an audio CD at the ticket purchase which narrated the park's biography and about the animals that were kept there.
The Safari Park Entrance

The big cats park was actually very exciting of all and the deer feeding. The park crew sold deer food, so that visitors can feed the deers at the deer park. The deers happily showed up at the car windows to eat their meal. At the big cat's park, all of the visitors were asked shut the windows all along the drive. Unfortunately the tigers and lions were too lethargic to perform a stunt to the visitors. They were fed a heavy meal and so some of them enjoyed a noon nap. But we drove so close to them that if they were up and active, I wouldn't dare to imagine how our reactions would have been. And finally we bid adieu to all those animals whom we got introduced to and moved on to our next destination Farleigh Hungerford Castle.

Alright folks, keep visiting the page for next part.



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