Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wake up Sid

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Isn't it very nice to be a reason for somebody's happiness by sharing some love, care and warmth? Give it a try, and experience the joy :) I did and I think it makes you feel wonderful.
For all the friends and my extended family members on the east coast of USA, prayers for your safety. May the hurricane subside soon with no big catastrophe.
A good night's sleep is a boon definitely. While sound sleeping is a boon, insomnia is really a curse. Yesterday it was the idiot box which accompanied my insomniac night. While surfing through the channels, I found that the hunt is on. Yes, the host says it so trying to lure the viewers every time a commercial break comes up.
Wondering what it was about? Okay, guys go gaga over this calendar, its like must have in the bachelor dorms. Yeah, you got the hint. Its the Kingfisher calendar. The girls with least covered hot skinny bodies, seducing expressions, bright blue locations...hmm what else does the guys need to drool. The UB emperor Vijay Mallya's one of the crazy extravagances is now passed on as a hierarchy to his young bratty son Siddartha Mallya, popularly known as Sid (he prefers to isolate his first name). As many of you know the calendar is not for public sale, its sent as a special complimentary to close /chosen acquaintances of the Mallya empire. So whats new about this? The reality show which popped up in the name of Kingfisher Calendar girl hunt just kick started yesterday for the year 2013. NDTV good times is airing this show. I heard this is not the first time they are doing this, but I gotto watch it only this time and perhaps I would not watch it again. Not because my sanity or dignity would be tarnished, but it such a grose show I ever saw.
With some 15 girls from different corners of the country and 1 from Serbia too who are desperate to shed their clothes off, and super model Lisa Hayden as one of the host, who literally struggled to put in some style while delivering her lines and the heir of the enormous wealth and huge debt of course, is the  other host. Yes, Sid is the other host. Its well known, that Mr.Vijay Mallya draws huge inspiration from the Billionaire 'virgin ' Richard Branson. And now his heir Sid has also started seeking some inspiration lessons from the BBC's reality shows I guess, hence he boarded the hosting wagon. Perhaps, Mr.Sid, if you were trying to ape Lord Sugar, he had put in some money over the voice overs for hosting his apprentice. You could have done to avoid defaming yourself. Of course, I understand, why would any guy want to lose a chance to drool at those girls who hardly sport any piece of cloth other than the 2 pieces through out. But, you still have a chance off the record. Sorry Sid, you sucked through out.
The contestants were supposed to walk on the ramp with a bikini obviously for the very first round and introduce themselves to Lisa and Official drooler Sid. Like actor Amrish Puri's famous line "Mugambo Kush Huwa", the contestants had to pacify Sid's catchy line..'impress me'. So its all about impressing him. After all, he funds the show, quite natural that he expects some obliging acts. And apart from drooling, he also warns, that 'he is going to be very mean'(who said you are not dude)
One of the contestant hails from a village, had brought her poor story on board receiving no signs of sympathy at least for the camera's sake from the judges. As I said, the  girls were so desperate, this contestant added some drama to her desperation saying that her village born parents will be so happy to see her shed the clothes. Yeah...Sure sign of development in the villages.
Another contestant had a humble story which she rendered in Hindi .I guess the editor was so insane to Lisa that he didn't chop her mean expression off in the processing suite. As soon as she started speaking in Hindi,  Lisa frowned giving a mean expression. Okay hot babe, we know you are not a complete desi, but that sleaziness was not needed from you. And the new host on the block...Sid, said he doesn't care about her language but only her body. How wacky are you dude. You better get some hosting lessons or limit your appearance on the show. That could be the saving grace for you and for viewers as well.
Another girl walked in and said she was from Serbia, and she admits that she also doesn't know to speak in English. Suddenly our super hosts realised the "Incredible Indian's duty" 'Athididevobhava' and gave so much warmth to the outsider. While the poor hindi speaking girl got some weird frowning expressions, the Serbian managed to get some good smiles. The super model was probably never trained to share some warmth for her contestants.
Okay moving on to the next round, I expected too much out of the round..., I thought at least for the second round, the girls would be allowed to cover some skin. Okay I understand airlines left a huge debt, but I don't think buying some clothes for skimpy clad girls will not ruin your bail out plans Sid. Then came the commercial break reminding me that this is the Kingfisher calendar hunt. What did I do, turned off the TV to get some piece of mind. I understood, a couple of crappy hosts can change the face of even the most expensive productions too. Wake up Sid, you don't fit the bill although you are the billionaire brat.
Lesson I learnt, its better to plug in an ipod rather than watching a late night show like this!!!.



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