Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Divide & Rule

So much has been said and written about A.P state bifurcation and now the doomsday has finally arrived. To bluntly put it, this decision is nothing but a most selfish political motive of the Congress party. The demand for a separate state has been lingering for several years; however, Congress had always paid a deaf ear to the demands. This evidently shows that at the verge of 2014 elections, the party seems to have planned to grab the attention and interest of all the regions. Congress party seems to be hugely inspired by the British ruling motto “Divide and Rule”. Because, the party is too insecure about its future in the coming elections. Even if they would explain this decision is to respect and response to the demand by the people of Telangana region, it is nothing but a gimmick to cover up. Had they had this interest and seriousness from the beginning, the division decision could have arrived much earlier. For so many years, they procrastinated by giving reasons for not being able to act immediately on this issue even after the riots and violent protests taking place across the T-region. They went on giving monotonous excuses that there has to be a consensus between the people of all regions and a decision that will not affect any region in future is to be taken which can happen only after careful and insightful considerations. Although the committees ordered for this particular task have suggested several different prospectives, the Congress party seems to stick to its own selfish political aspirations. If it was to follow suggestions by experts or by its own committee, this decision would not have been so late. Because, the decision is not something very new or different from what was been discussed and analyzed even by the most common man groups. May be the Congress feared, had they kept dragging the same indecisive answers till 2014, the T-region people may go in favor of another feudal party TRS (party men and policies behave and appear as feudalists). Now that they have announced what has been in demand for years, their political career might enjoy a long mileage in T-region. And, the MLAs and MPs who have been doing the ‘Jumping Japang’ feats will now shamelessly jump back to Congress…as they know that TRS’s future is going to be a dilemma. The TRS will of course have to struggle and make its mark either by finding another issue which can possibly trigger hatred/violence/emotions, or otherwise make negotiations to seek a refugee shelter under Congress. Just like a recent merge by another much hyped and talked party led by Mr. Chiranjeevi, TRS may also beat the mud very soon. But the TRS leaders have made the maximum out of the T-movement which would otherwise take ages for any normal political leader. If not for a political life, they could collectively start real estate dealings in a more authoritative tone. And in worst case, if TRS manages to win, it has been evident that the TRS leader KCR is fan of the Nizams (as stated by him that “Nizams were better than the people of Andhra”) and his ruling style might be inspired by theirs if given power. Have a feast T-people.
When it comes to the other two regions, Rayalaseema seems to be given least priority in voicing their opinion. The first of two reasons being that there are only 4 districts under this region and the second is the absence of a powerful leader like YSR. Although his son Jaganmohan Reddy forced his way to continue dynasty politics, his attempts will be highly unlikely to materialize given the fact that he had been accused and imprisoned for possessing illegal assets worth 100s of crores. But, his mother and sister seem to be putting in their best efforts to popularize their new flag and win the elections by hook or crook. However, the surveys are not in great favor of this new sympathy party, definitely not as much as they expected it to be. Even though they manage to win more seats, the party’s sole agenda seems to be nothing but coming to power. What or who or how or when are questions that can’t be posed to this party people as in nobody knows answers to any question. The only decision maker and breaker is none other than Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy. Chances are that he might be ineligible to contest even if he manages to get out of the imprisonment as per the new Supreme Court ruling that any person convicted and imprisoned for 2 or more years will be ineligible to contest any election in the country. If this rule is passed, this party will fade out in no time as he is only reason for it to continue. So, chances of voicing out for rights of Rayalaseema region might be almost zero. Even though Mr. Naidu belongs to Rayalaseema region, he cannot be crusading in one region’s favor as his party is quite strong in coastal A.P region too. Just like other parties, Mr. Naidu has also been flipping cards when it comes to bifurcating T-region. His primary reasons for not strongly adhering to a decision could be the big-time investors and industrialists who have made Hyderabad as their prime business center and who have potentially been funding his party for ages. If he completely leans towards T-region’s bifurcation, he would definitely be in trouble waters in other two regions. As a man known for his visionary administration, he might definitely be against the bifurcation personally if not politically and publicly.
Coming to the Andhra region, it has been unanimously voicing for United AP. Nobody in this region except for the real estate agents would want a separate state. The repercussions are clearly understood by most people here…as they might have to be the victims of the direct implications. Both Congress and TDP hold neck to neck competition in this region… recently joined by YSR party, in few locations. Although the current situation seems volatile, the region may not carry any serious protests. All in all not even a single party is truly dedicated or serious with the intentions behind seeking a separate region except for the selfish political motives.
If development issues were the only concerns behind seeking a new state, would a separate state bring in the development that was not been brought in over several years?? When huge chunks of funds under the name of development packages were allotted, what happened to the development?? Was it all used up by one region alone?? Were these politicians who have to be instrumental in ensuring that those funds reach the appropriate region not alive then? Would they not be continuing in future because they failed to be productive?? That remains an unanswered question even to the staunchest supporters of a separate T-state. Be it unified or bifurcated, the state cannot see any sort of development as long as the power rests in the hands of a bunch of selfish and gruesome politicians who cannot even think of any developmental issues even in their wildest dreams. If this separation was only because the people of T-state were craving for carving out their own region, what about the interests of other states wherein certain regions have been sloganizing for a separate state?? Why are people of T-region alone so privileged to be obliged for their demands?? So after Telangana, will the Congress continue playing the splits game for rest of those regions under demand as well?? All these are questions and perhaps even more will be posed by people from the ‘common sense’ region. Although these questions might never be answered in all honesty, the Congress should start to retrospect as in why only political motives should be in the forefront when it comes to decision making. Being such a historic party and holding good stead in most states for many years, it could have concentrated on the developmental issues before heading for a spineless decision. Well, Congress is not alone in this category; all other parties too share a huge chunk. In the name of serving people, politicians have sabotaged the country’s fortune.  No decision is democratic, in one of the so called largest democracy; our democracy is just large in terms of numbers but not in substance.  God save India!!!



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