Monday, February 1, 2010



M-Flu is another kind of influenza which has become the most contagious disease these days. This is a special case of its kind, which doesn't affect a single person but a group and the affect doesn't fade for long. This pandemic kept on increasing alarmingly in the past decade. There are no vaccinations available till date, in spite of constant efforts from some sections of the society. Unfortunately, this virus most generally affects the brain cells of the youngsters’ age ranging between 3to 23. Media has become the best host for this kind of virus.

Frequently asked Questions

Where did this originate?
Obviously from Movies.
When did this originate?
The day when the 1st talkie was launched, lots of people were affected, and they started naming themselves as buffs, fans and fanatics.
How did this transmit?
Mouth publicity, newspapers, radio, TV and now internet.
Why there were no vaccinations available till date?
Initially, this affect was not serious and so it was considered minimal.
Are there any efforts being made to find a cure?
Yes, as mentioned already methods of cure have been constantly researched.
Is there any prevention?
Yes certainly there is, keeping the kids away from the IDIOT BOX. Though it may not completely eliminate the chances, it might definitely reduce the scope.
Why there is no strong opposition in spite of so many people being infected?
As in the case of every other disease, this also has stages, and can only be detected after constant diagnosis and that too in most cases, it can only be detected in advance stages.

Bugged of the recent filmy flaunts I came up with this post. I enjoy movies but am not too crazy about movies. Recently I was watching a show where the general knowledge questions only included movie related stuff. Even more surprising was, the kids who attended the show were only able to recognize the film stars, cricketers to some extent and not the national leaders at all. While frivolousness towards history, current affairs, science, technology, nature, arts etc are some of the reasons behind this situation, the over influence of our movies n stars are other reasons. The best example I can quote here is the recent release of “Mile Sur” which clearly depicted that it was more of Bollywood unity anthem than being a national integration song.

And in recent days everything is sensationalized when it comes to the news related to the film industry. Each and every move is tracked and gossiped. Creating news out of a tweet, blog, or a status message has become the new trend. I am surprised why we should only focus on film stars while we have so many other achievers. Why don’t we choose them to promote a product or address a charitable trust? It quite annoying to me to watch them so many times…n beware filmy walo, one days u will lose your prominence and attention because of this over exposure.

Okay ..Okay ..I know I began calling this affect as a disease and ended up indulging myself into this. This is what I call one of the symptoms of M-Flu.
Beware of this, its contagious!!!