Monday, September 13, 2010

Action Plan

Hello dear friends,

As I have mentioned in my previous post that it is going to goes the next version.

Well I have ended the post suggesting the mantra "Let us do our part" but how???... if the middle class has forgotten that they too have a vocal cord and started accepting everything that happens to them. If our ladies at home are so much interested in soap operas, and winning crazy amounts in reality game shows, why don't they take part in serious reality? And our gents are busy earning to pay the bills and moan once in a month about the price hikes. Because we take things for granted they keep happening to us again and again.

I have jotted down few things that we can do before expecting the crooked political system to change.

ü  Being responsible in using public property. Protesters,stop vandalising the public property; any act that damages the public property bounces back to us in form of a price hike.
ü  Being responsible in using our resources and premises. To clean off the irresponsible trash, we will again have to pay huge taxes. Needless to mention, the effects are rising pollution levels for which we will be blamed by our own children and grand children.
ü  Not surprisingly, 90% of us are corrupted in one way or the other. We are all so much deeply drained in it that it has become almost impossible to get out of it. I know our elders have moved on with it all these years, but youngsters can initiate the steps. Let us try our best to avoid the corrupt ways and sources.
ü  If we get to see the busiest towns in the country, the worst traffic offences are committed with no fear of law and not to forget the other innumerable criminal offences. Why don't we abide by the rules, at least few? I don’t think it is hard.
ü  And not to forget the NRIs, we also have a responsibility towards our country; important thing to be concentrated is economical disparities. Since a lot of NRIs earn decent amounts, it is not tough to send a donation to the people who need it.
ü  NRI Entrepreneurs can make headway to provide employment for the unemployed in the country and I guess these steps have already been taken. Wish more of these come up.
Friends, our little ones can also bring a positive change. Let us educate them, guide them to make them as responsible citizens since they are easy to mould and pure to preach. And before we get the blame from them, ‘let us do our part’.




  1. NIce write!

    A Small Suggession:

    If possible please change the background image..... The presents one kills the beauty of reading...


  2. Thanks for the comment and yes I take ur suggestion :)