Saturday, August 21, 2010

Food for Thought

Hello Friends,

The month of August has brought the scams, scandals, robberies, floods, and endless blame games out in the news in our country.

Giving a glance at those, I have a series of questions in my mind,

?          Why do we need the Common Wealth games to be held in our country with so much expenditure   
 and with more than half of it feeding the huge ever hungry bellies of those scammers?

?         Does the Army need to work for free for CWG games while the scammers enjoy unceasingly flooding money in to their accounts? 

?          Do our super rich, swiss bank account holder MPs need a 3 fold pay hikes while flood hit areas in Leh have hardly seen any rehabilitation measures?

?         A media channel questioned that don't the MPs need a performance check before asking for a hike? 

?         Why does a political party shamelessly rescues an illegitimate miner? 

?         Should the common man suffer the effect of gas leak for ages while the culprits enjoy a peaceful retired life? Why don't we speak up for our fellow state sufferers and say no to the product "Dove" while the other nation almost shook their government to hugely penalise the responsible Gas Tycoon and devastated their business empire through campaigns?

?         Why is that the common man's purse is never cared? Why a three time successful dacoity in the Bihar Train had never seen any flag down? 

?         How energetic are those crazy politicians taking part in the endless tireless blame games? The Common Wealth games should be held between these most competitive politicians who had shamelessly looted away the common man's wealth in turns. 

When common people like us come to know about this news, how do we react? Either we hop up on a discussion about what should/could be done, or argue about whose responsibility is this, or give it up saying that why should we break our head, or simply shrug off that there is no use talking about it and some of us never bother at all. And of course some of us write a post like me discussing reasons/causes/effects.

But why should we be so thick skinned? Why can't there be any actions plans to protect ourselves? Hopefully a long term action plan, also something that involves all of us.

For decades, we have remained sober and silent on all those atrocities towards us. Though some of us take an initiative to react against those atrocities, they back off when they see that no justice being done. The media which should speak for the public has turned into a major business industry losing all basic ethics of the so called fourth estate.

There should be something else that we can do for our own betterment. We can't let all those bad things happen to us. If we think that since we are not directly affected we need not give it a thought, then our lives would never see a change. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class pay off the prices.

Alright let me not start the preach-teach thing here and contribute my presence to the helpless mob. All I wanted to say is, people who at least feel there is ray of hope to change our country's future in a positive way can start on implementing smaller methods which can slowly but steadily influence a large number of people. In short, I would say "let us do our part". 

To be contd...



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