Friday, August 13, 2010



I have been writing a post and it is endlessly going on without arriving the final point. But I tried to tint my hands with some painting experiments in recent days. 
I am not a great painter but some of my paintings make me happy and satisfied. I thought I would be an ugly painter before I started. I guess the beautiful colours never disappoint no matter how much mess I made with them. 
Here I am sharing few paintings. Take a look and let me your thoughts.
Lord Ganesha - for a good start but did this after couple other trails

I feel this looks even more better on a wall rather than on a canvas..I know the black border sucks ;)
Poppy first trail with the colours

Dancing away ..choose a sea n sky theme for the background

Rose is a rose is a rose with an experimental spotted background
I thought this was the best expect for its tail feathers,(I couldn't give the proper look) but I love this the most.

While I finish writing my other post enjoy these.



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