Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jai Hind

Hello Friends,


A Triumph of 63 years of Independence. Wherever we are in the world, putting aside all those problems and disputes our country is facing today, lets enjoy the patriotic feeling that effervesces on this day. It is definitely a special day for all of us because it binds us all. The affection that our motherland offer cannot disconnect us. No matter how many times you hear it, our slogan "VandeMataram" still brings goosebumps to many of us and our "JanaGanaMana" makes us stand up in respect where ever we are.
If the 63rd Independence day could give us an exciting and extremely patriotic feel, imagine how it was during 1st Independence day. No doubt the overwhelming joy must  have brightened the sky like the Sun has come back to shine for us again in the midnight hour.
Years of slavery, tireless struggle, innumerable sacrifices, historic movements, several national leaders give a glimpse of this day's prominence. There cannot be any better occasion than this, to bow down our heads to pay our tributes to our national heroes.
Ancient culture, remarkable history, pioneering inventions all science & technology fields, brave and eminent rulers, abundance of resources, and affectionate people are the pillars of India.
Today we are proud of our Nation's ancient culture which has got immense respect among all the countries. We dwell on this pride but its high time that we should keep up this pride. We know it is slipping out of our hands, we need not be superstitious and stringent to stop this, but we can be cautious.
Here is a video which passes the message to respect our culture.
Thousands of years of history, and the exuberant proofs are those historical sites which are still standing high. Here is a video which reminds our responsibility to preserve our historic sites.
Preserving history and culture will indubitably bring accolades to our Nation in future years also.
I think the makers of these videos should be commended for executing such a wonderful message. And last but not the least, here is another video "Incredible India"

May our nation prosper in the right direction. 

Jai Hind



  1. Very gud post and videos
    Jai Hind

  2. Wish you happy independence day...Jai Hind..