Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gossip Gals

Hello People, 

One can’t deny the fact that gals and gossips are inseparables. If guys wonder what gals have to talk so much amongst themselves, the answer is the gossips.  But in recent days, the exclusivity for gals has faded out and gossip has become universal. From kids to vets, everybody have this curiosity. Especially when it comes to a gossip about a successful person or a celebrity, it becomes even more interesting.

Our mums n aunts have all taken part in this, n the legacy is being continued to generations after. The style changes, but actual gossip never does. We, gals are hypocrites in this issue, as we can never admit that if our random chatter is actually called gossiping. For that matter, guys are not even aware that their random talks also fall into the gossip family. As long as the babble is between a small circle and is all random, there are certainly no ripple effects of this. All is fair if it ends then and there. But as the size of the circle grows and babble becomes intentional, it doesn’t need a satellite’s help to transmit the news to the person who was gossiped about.  When this happens, most obvious reaction would be cold wars since all these are unproven.

Fun time gossip does stop at a point n is forgotten by the next day. Intentional gossip keeps making rounds and hits the nose until it bleeds. I would term intentional gossipers as gossip mongers who certainly need a feed as often as their daily meal. These mongers exist almost everywhere in the world and they are faster than light in spreading a rumour without the help of any technology. No matter whatever it ruins, they are happy to dwell on the remains. Well, if by reading between the lines you have sensed something fishy, yes I am coming there. We might have heard many stories about some senseless and clueless ramble causing chaos in a family or friends. Many soaps and films have reflected this on the screen.  And some of you might have come across this in reality too. This mostly happens when somebody is either jealous of you or dislikes you for some reason and start spreading a rumour about you/your family/your friend and is the case when the monger knows who you are. What if the monger has never knew who you are?

Let me quote an example of such dangerous gossip mongers in social living. I cannot hint you how to recognise this evil mouthed mongers except for one prominent quality, as most of them are masked with a sweet smile and innocent face.  

The following lines could be a riddle of words, bear with it please....There was an incident where a gal Xeni has befriended another gal Yuma. Yuma has a rival Abia and since her rivalry was all fresh and new, she couldn’t stop blabbering nonsense about Abia. Xeni had no clue about Abia as she had never seen her and never known her. But she enjoyed bitching about an unknown person. Xeni has got a boyfriend who was more of toy-friend which runs with a key. The toyf-riend has circle of senior man-friends who let their woman to live freely within a world called home. Man-friends have an extended circle of guy-friends. The guy-friends have an extended circle of friends who were gals. Man-friends envied guy-friends because they had friends who were all new gen gals. Yuma’s rival Abia was amongst those friends. One of the man-friend Oron has a wife Zia. As obvious as it is for a man like him, he bragged his virtues comparing the guy-friends he had. Zia was in awe and full of praise of Oron and flaunted her man’s bragging as a brand amongst the gang of similar desperate wives. The toy-friend and his key Xeni happened to meet Oron and his wife Zia. They discussed the hot topic of the season which was one the guy-friends named Ido’s marriage with his so called long time gal-friend Rene. Xeni had opened the can of worms at that point. Xeni n Zia jelled well as both of them are true gossip mongers and Xeni shared her friend Yuma’s agony against ‘Abia’ who was among Ido’s friends group.  Toy-friend praised man-friends worth so as to please him for future favours. Praising him simply means demeaning the guy-friends. Xeni and her toy-friend successfully lifted curtains for the big picture to kickoff. 
As scheduled, guy-friend Ido got married. He ignored his friends group and followed the path of the senior man-friends sincerely, and allowed his woman to enjoy the four walled freedom. Also Ido never denied any comments that were passed by the man-friends about his ex-friends group...instead he enjoyed them as compliments to him. Because of this extreme loyalty, as per rule of thumb, Ido was promoted as man-friend. One fine evening all gathered to celebrate his success. As per the custom they followed, wives had to be bartenders whilst the man-friends enjoyed their drinks. On the same occasion, Rene has been admitted as a new-sheep member in the flock of desperate house wives. However she had no great welcome as Ido. Instead she was bombarded with flaunting.  When she tried to roll her dice, she failed miserably as Zia revealed some unknown, unproven news about Ido and introduced Ido’s group of friends which was all a bizarre to the newlywed woman. Although Zia herself never knew the characters she introduced, she managed to tarnish the face of friendship that Ido had. Zia & Co had almost put Ido down so that their men seemed more virtuous and courteous. The introduction was rather cheesy that she couldn’t resist, but rush back home to bomb this news at Ido. Ido had no clue where she had got to know his past. On further interrogation he got to know the source but he was helpless as Zia was his senior man-friend’s leading lady. Neither could he take this to his man-friend nor to friends. Instead he could show his manpower against a sleek-weak wife. Meanwhile, the regular dosage of unknown facts from Zia have immensely affected the Rene’s mental health and dragged her to mess with Ido. While this seemed most entertaining motion picture ever to Oran and his wife Zia, Ido and his wife Rene struggled to survive under same roof. Finally Abia was approached to interfere and set things straight which she eventually did and pricked the bubble. Also she reminded 1do’s wife to beware of gossip mongers like Zia and Xeni.  
Now you can understand how mindless, idle mongers like Xeni and Zia can collectively spoil a relation with their absolute nonsense contribution. Aren’t these bwitches(b silent) dangerous? And aren’t people like Ido’s wife foolish enough to believe such? And aren’t males like man-friend’s group even more worse who were stuck back in the stone age?

So dear friends, all sweet mouthed and innocent faced people are not the same in reality. And do not go by baseless rumours. Have a health gossiping, indeed :P



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