Thursday, December 9, 2010

Green Hyderabad

Dear Readers,

For those people who love Hyderabad City would definitely want to see a Greener Hyderabad but ‘Green Hyderabad’ remains a fantasized dream for many of us. Especially. the people who live in there and people who have been there know why it remains a fantasy. The air that Hyderabadis breathe, the water they consume, and the surroundings they live in, are all polluted to the core. When you observe the pollution levels, Hyderabad beats all other cities in the country. 
Environmental hazards are almost completely ignored both by the public and governing bodies. Very few consider this issue and amongst those are the Apeejay Surendra group who took a green initiative for their new Hotel  in Hyderabad, that has been awarded LEED Gold certification.
What is LEED? To those who aren't aware of what LEED is a green building certifying system developed by United States Green Building council and Gold is one level of certification among the four levels.
Now to those who aren't familiar of what a Green building is: ( I guess most of you might know this) energy conserving structure which is environmentally responsible. In simple terms, when you build a house, consider the water and energy conservation, occupant health and waste reduction. There you go; you are in path of LEED certification. 
If it is so simple, why won't everybody resort to this? Of course its looks simple, but achieving it is not that easy as you think. To implement this, the awareness among the common public is very important. The cost of construction is bit more expensive as you need a certified person to guide you through this. But, there are advantages of these additional costs as it reduces the future maintenance costs on the structure. So my dear readers please do add this to your dream house essentials list. 
Alright as you all know, its a fact that people hardly practise green building process in Hyderabad. As mentioned above, there is ray of hope in the form a Hotel called PARK which is India's first LEED Gold certified building.  Isn't it amazing to see a structure with great energy conservation and least waste reduction. It is definitely an inspiration to the new green ventures in a city like Hyderabad. Way to go...Isn’t it? And it has also been nominated to the NDTV Greenies awards.
Here is the small glimpse of the wonderful structure. Check it out when you get a chance and let’s promote the place which cares to consider the environment.


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