Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wipe the weeps

Offlate, I have been too apprehensive to peep into the news pages (India), everyday there is at least one worst incident against women., be it stabbing, raping or harassing. Recent survey indicates that, India has occupied 4rth place among the most unsafe places for women in the world. 
Women goddesses are worshipped in this land, what sort of message is spreading to those inhuman rascals who massacre the safety of women. Delhi, being the capital city has got the worst reputation in this aspect. Why has the rate of violence against women alarmingly increased in the past decade. I can list a 1000 incidents which were very violent to the core. Who had to be blamed? The men who did those atrocities? or the laws which were not stringent against such criminals? or the parents of men who pamper and support their grown up sons for every single stupid thing they do or those women who let these idiot men into their lives n set things loose for them. Every single person in this loop is responsible according to me. 
I have a best example to quote here: My ex-classmate had slit a girl's neck for a silly reason in 2008. He admitted his crime to the media with least regret and it appeared as if he was proud to have committed such grave sin and shamelessly flashed his face to the media. I have been noticing that guy since my second year of college. I always had an awful impression on him, he seemed immoral and lacked basic manners. A girl I know, befriended him without actually understanding his flip side. After a while, she joined our group. I never really got a chance to speak to her about this guy as it seemed a personal affair. But the good God saved her n soon she got to understand his flip side. I still remember she saying that the guy's father admitted his weirdness, and asked the girl to take another chance before quitting. She was too fed up by then that she clearly replied that she was no way tolerant of his indecent behaviour and cannot continue any kind of contact. From them the relation was split. Whenever I got to see this guy, he always seemed very hysteric and crazy. Eventually, he was not promoted to the consequent years. And when I got to to know that he slit a girl's neck because she backed off from the relation, I was not shocked. For the kind of attitude and behaviour he had, he was obviously prone to crimes or drugs very easily. I was only relieved that my friend realized this as early as possible. 
Now, whom should we blame??? the guy who was a maniac or his father who was not able to change his son's mentally strange behaviour or the girl who rejected him? Do we just call it the girl's destiny to loose her valuable life just because she repented her decision? I would actually blame it on his parents, especially his father before anybody. The father who understood that his son's weird conduct, he should have taken necessary measures to control it. 
We have to understand, in fragile social conditions prevailing today, it is not uncommon or a strange scenario to see a psychiatrist. In fact, it is quite benefiting, to act before its too late. When the parent notices a weird/inappropriate difference in their son's or daughters's behavior, it is better to talk them n take them to a counselling session putting the stupid inhibitions aside.  
When parents have such responsibility, the institutions/organisation where we spend most of the time are also responsible. Rather than focusing only on academics/work, it is quite important to arrange counselling sessions to help deal with personal issues. Electronic media highlights the criminal and narrates the crime but never put efforts to reduce this sort of crimes. Respecting women exists everywhere on the walls, buses, trains, public places, posters, and fliers but least imbibed in the individuals. I wouldn't want to say crime is always the men's deal and women are no way responsible. There are cases where women provoke the crime but often go unnoticed. If this continues, I am afraid that women will have to stop stepping out of their homes. Where a country prides itself in its rich culture and heritage, it is a minimum requirement that its women are safe. It is believed in our culture, that a woman's tears ruin the home/nation. Wipe the weeps before it floods the nation.


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