Thursday, July 28, 2011

GOD in a Man (Reposted)

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It looks like the debate about the dignity and integrity of Sri SatyaSaiBaba never ends. So it made me revive my earlier post and repost it. The treasure that has seen the light from swami’s yajur mandir has become the central topic of discussion. I want to make it clear that, there are so called god-men and god-women who exploit people monetarily, physically and sometimes mentally in the name of religion or spirituality. But as far as I know the devotees of Baba never complained of being exploited in any of the above ways or at least never moaned about spending money on their trips to Puttaparthi, which takes him out of the clan of fake commercial god men. When the question of the wealth comes, it would be appropriate to streamline those funds for further development and maintenance of Baba’s established organisations.

After the demise of Sri SatyaSaiBaba, there were many discussions about Gods,Demigods n God men. Some said he was God indeed and some said he was a God-man and many other names were also attributed to him after his death.  I was never his devotee when he was alive nor did I hate him for any damn reason or news. I knew people who followed him, worshiped him and adored him. I never tried to weigh his good n bad. I am neutral. It surprises me when people say and treat him like any other money looter in our society. We vote the corrupt politicians again and again, n ignore the scammers even if they directly loot the tax payers money. Why would we blame some one, to whom we never gave a penny? I would personally see him as a Robinhood. Take from the rich and give it to the poor. This is what he did in so called spiritual terms. Not all the rich love to donate their wealth to poor and needy. God man like Sri SatyaSaiBaba are believed to bless them with boons and so they stand in queues to touch his feet and donate money to his trust. The media says he gives out costly gifts to the rich n celebrities and distribute some vibhuti to ordinary devotees. Come on its sheer common sense people, the rich give so much so they do deserve those little gold chains n watches. But point to be noted is that, the hospitals, schools, university, and other orphan homes run by his trust are not for the rich folk. The people who receive these services are more from poorer classes and people in desperate need. So this should at least pacify those who say he is a cheater/looter. I visited one of the orphanage/old age home maintained by his trust recently during my India visit. I was very impressed by the services offered to the people there, discipline maintained there and the way they accept the donations was also very organised. And I have heard from people who visited the prashanthi nilayam in puttaparthi that it was an extremely pleasant and peaceful stay. Nobody complained of commercial attitude, even if they are not the devotees. If our well known temples have become completely commercialized, dont you think this is a much better place? Another interesting rather surprising observation I made was, our celebs who tweeted RIP Sri SatyaSaiBaba. They stated him as a God-man or Demi God or God and still add RIP? Please wake up people, if he is an eternal being, he is obviously in peace all the time. No matter alive or dead. Only ordinary mortals need wishes and prayers to rest in peace. Change your text celebs :D. Anyways I would only like to say, we may not adore him or worship him but let us not defame him anymore. Let us pay our tributes to the Godliness in this man.


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