Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Doomsday Conspiracy


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This post is about the day before 9/11. No, I was not in America then.  Although many of them when asked 'Tell me your Dreams' mentioned their American dream...I never had any intentions to go to American then. So how I am related to this? 

My answer is...I was in my 1st year of Bachelor's degree then. Not the degree that I hold now. Therez another little story which I would reserve for a later time, but for now the 1st year mentioned did not really end as an year. It only began. Confusing isn't. Let it be. Coming to the actual topic, you know how we bunk classes and spend time under trees and cafeterias chatting all sort of gossips and nonsense some times. And rarely even girls do have nothing to chat. I know this comes as a great surprise for men out there but this is true. And so happened with us. We ran out of the blabber and so we ran behind the books. Don't panic for the strange behavior, books I meant were novels. By then Harry Potter had not made his advent into the Indian book lovers the craze was all for Sydney Sheldon. His books were the secret treasures of what we were restricted to watch or talk outside boldly. Now even the kids do not hesitate to utter many words that we never dared to spell. Apart from the over 18 content that Sheldon's novel had, they had the most interesting and thrilling content which kept the readers on the edge of their seats. This gripping narration is what made me glued to his books for days n days. So how does his novel relate to the 9/11?

Here it goes...We bunked the classes and due to scarcity of topics to chat, one of us started reading the Sheldon's famous novel "The Doomsday Conspiracy". To prove that girls do have intelligent and profound conversations, I have to tell you that reading of the novel subsequently brooded into an intelligent coffee table discussion about the Pearl Harbour. Well, if you ask me how did this transition(Sheldon to Pearl Harbour) happened?, you only will understand if you are familiar with such conversations.

This Sheldon's Novel was all about the male protagonist chasing a secret and being chased by the secret in the later half. But our discussion drifted to the Sands of time back to the Pearl Harbour Attack. Only couple of us have an idea of what Pearl Harbor attack was and so we shared with the rest...."It all seemed like the Sky is Falling with hundreds of comets hitting the planet at once in Hawaii on Dec7, 1941. While the Other side of the Midnight (Japan) remained calm, the harbor burned down. These Memories of Midnight chased Japan Morning, Noon and Night. Following day, the powerful nation unleashed its Naked face and declared If Tomorrow comes there will be a war waged against Japan. While the powerful nation remained the Master of the Game, other countries supported the Bloodline and turned this into World War II eventually. This discussion followed by our own individual doubts about the world's powerful nation's defense system. Whether America's intelligence and defense system failed to predict the attack or was it not strong enough. Whether any group or nation would ever dare to attack such powerful nation. If so, how intelligent would they have to conspire and how will they ever enter the nation with a plan like this in mind. So many questions made their way in to the discussion. We concluded finally when the bells started ringing in our bellies. The conclusion was having had a very strong and robust defense system, it is almost impossible for any one to sketch some Best Laid Plans against America.

The very next morning there was the heartbreaking 9/11 news all over. We were shocked to know the news than anyone. The fact that our discussions were so coincidental shocked us even more. This resulted to the superstition that reading of that book and discussions brooded after that, followed by a fatal news of 9/11 eventually led to the doom of The Doomsday Conspiracy book from our  book list.
No Nation wants to wake up to watch such fatal news. Sympathy and Prayers to the victims of 9/11.

Let there be peace and harmony!



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