Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shopping Party


This post is exclusive to all those compulsive and impulsive shopaholics.

September 8th was the super fun night for many of the shopaholics around the world. Especially for those based in London & New York. Vogue's fashion night out was the reason behind this fun. I can't hold myself without sharing this super fun time that I had. 
It was completely a surprise for me as I was prepared to get back after 7pm which is the usual time the stores on the famous Regent Street, London say goodnight. But, on that day there were no closing announcements. I was wondering if I was so lost in shopping that I did not care to listen the announcements. Its always more exciting to do the last minute shopping. And so, I was literally speed walking to get a last minute glance on next outlet.

It was little surprising to see so many shoppers in one of my favourite brand (Tommy) stores. They were giving out vouchers at the doorstep which brought out a big wow expression from shoppers there and of course from me too. Coz, the voucher meant I need not rush in and rush out but enjoy my shopping with another couple of hours time in hand and get a discount of xtra 20% and a free goodie bag and a 10% voucher for next purchase. Since I haven't read whats on tonight in London before I stepped out, that was certainly a pleasant surprise. But being treated in a special way was absolutely a delight. Rarely I come across these treats and though there are, they all are mostly simple and sometimes silly treats that you dont even care to stop by to be treated. This time it was new to me as I was greeted with a flute of champagne and sneak-peak of Winter Catalogue Fashion photo shoot. The hawwwt models were camouflaged with the newly launched winter collection. Tough luck to the guys ;) So was this all about the evening??? the night out mania continued  through other top brands. The sales person shared a good news that this night out fun is gonna be there for other brands too. So, next pit stop was at the my most favourite and one of its kind brand (Anthropologie). Welcoming with similar treat and discounts there was also a peekaboo vintage collection. The Victorian era styled collection display was real eye candy yet the prices were not. You know none of us do expect a 2 digit price tag for such collection. :) The night out journey continued till late night with each of the brands giving a super welcome with party drinks and rock music. There were also free make overs from the top stylists and carnival atmosphere all over.                                                      
Newspapers wrote that it was the one of biggest fashion event of the year.This was the 3rd Fashion night out hosted by Vogue in 3 years. Call it a shopathon or a shopping party, almost every shop looked like a pub and shoppers seemed all excited screaming 'Lets go Party tonight'!. All thanks to Vogue for the unplanned yet amazing night. 
This reminds me of the vintage picture from French Vogue's 1950s magazine cover that I collected. The irony here is the model is fully clad in this picture unlike the present Vogue covers ;) Have a look.



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